Saturday, May 14, 2022

Starbolts #581: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun




    There is a lot going on this week! First we learn that it'll take more than just sexy times to cure Marcus of his Demonstorm infestation. Marcus and Crystal will have to partake in a mystical bonding ritual which should solve his problems. It'll also bring the two closer together in terms of their relationship. It'll be well worth it. Crystal just needs some training and she'll be back in two shakes to help Marcus with his problem.

    Marcus should be well taken care of with Mateo, Aquita and Sirak helping him out. He just got another boost of oxytocin. I think he should be okay for now. But, he can't keep this up forever. Crystal will have to act fast if she is to save Marcus. And you know that woman is driven to save her boyfriend. Whatever it takes. 

    Now we come to Tanis shaking the box Demonstorm's stored in. I have to say it is cathartic. The whole scene is also a way for Medea to bond with her son. I feel like Medea was never really given a chance to bond with Tanis because of how his father treated him. Technically speaking he's only a few years old even though he has the appearance of a young adult. Demonstorm and Braun artificially aged him after all. Tanis finally has the chance to vent out his frustration. I think there's a chance for both victims of Demonstorm to bond now that the tyrant is out of their lives. We'll see on that front.

    It is nice to see Medea and Cece being catty with one another. They are two sides of the same coin and I think Cece might be taken aback by Medea's strategies. Medea wants to atone for all of Demonstorm's misdeeds and I think Cece will understand that in time.

So much stuff happened this week and we got more in store for next week!

See ya next time!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Starbolts #580: The Danger Zone




    This is the week we learn more about Medea and I think it makes the Starbolts' old villain a great deal more sympathetic. Think about it. She was forced into a loveless marriage by a man who probably killed her sisters, her fellow void witches. She half-hardheartedly took part in various conquests. She never set out to be evil. So, she was forced into all those things by a man who would rather conquer a planet than be focused on other pursuits. It's really no wonder she acts the way she does. I get the feeling she'll stay in that gray area. We shall see.

    So far she's opened up her backstory to Crystal and I think that might score points with her. In fact, now that she knows that she also talked to her spells, she might feel a bit differently. 

    Time is really of the essence now that Demonstorm's voice is getting a wee bit louder in Marcus's head. Will sex really be the cure-all here? I'm thinking "No." There's going to be something more to it than that. Just sit tight. Medea has a plan!

    I hope everyone's been liking the '80s song titles. It's building up to something. I mean Marcus and Crystal's song IS an '80s song, soo....I think you can guess where I'm going with this.


Saturday, April 30, 2022

Starbolts #579: Livin' on a Prayer




    If you're wondering if Medea is always on, the answer is clearly, unquestionably, undoubtedly, definitely yes. Medea is always "on". The woman clearly has issues and we'll be exploring why in the next comic. The Starbolts often referred to her as their "Rita Repulsa" from Power Rangers. However, there's more to her than meets the eye. Is she more than just a very sultry void witch? Yes. Of course she is. I wouldn't write a character like this unless there was a valid reason for her behavior. You might want to get tissues, though. You aren't prepared for the feels that are coming soon.

    At least she seems to be making amends for her past misdeeds. She offered to help Marcus with no strings attached. She changed Tanis back to normal after being transformed into a humanoid bug-man in Starbolts #195.  The witch has been performing some extraordinary acts of kindness as of late. Trust me when I say that the Starbolts are a bit cautious and probably will keep her at arm's length.

    Still, how awkward was it to have a former villain embrace Crystal RIGHT after commenting on her appearance. She sensed she was a void witch. But, that doesn't make her comments or actions okay. I foresee her butting heads with Cece when she comes to Earth. Cece is a more reserved void witch. Medea is not. There's gonna be some drama coming with those two. At least she's willing to help Marcus. However, there may be a method to her madness.

Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Starbolts #578: The Power of Love




    Crystal is clearly a woman on a mission and throughout the writing process and creation of this comic, I had Huey Lewis's "The Power of Love" in my head. The lyrics that pop out the most definitely relate to this week's comic are:

"It's strong and it's sudden and it can be cruel sometimes. But, it might just save your life!" 

     I think that aptly describes what's going in this week's comic. Marcus is in trouble and the only way to keep Demonstorm at bay is the power of love. I know it's corny as hell. But, work with me here. Demonstorm is a being who is incapable of love, right? He doesn't understand it and has never felt it. He sees it as a weakness. So, the love Marcus has for his friends and his girlfriend, Crystal, keep him going. It's the only thing keeping him from having Demonstorm take over his mind and body.

    Demonstorm is still trying to play on Marcus's fears and the team is doing their best to keep the speedster's hope's up. Here's hoping it works! Without the kissing!

    Next comic will see the return of Medea. What has she been up to since the last time Tanis visited? We shall see! See ya next time!


Saturday, April 16, 2022

Starbolts #577: Take on Me




    Crystal seems to be very confident this week. Her plan is not without merit of course. It remains to be seen if Medea will indeed help the Starbolts. Stan seems to think she will. He's been doing everything in his power to help his student free himself from Demonstorm's control. Stan even enlisted the aid of Cece and unfortunately that doesn't seem to be enough at the moment. Hopefully, she can save the day. We shall find out soon enough.

    Marcus's love for Crystal seems to be the only thing keeping Demonstorm at bay. Crystal's gonna have to ensure his defenses are up by any means necessary. She's been pretty darn confident lately. Hopefully, she doesn't come across as overconfident. There's something to be said for her willingness to do whatever it takes for her love. She knows he would do the same for her. 

    Firaxil and Sara are taking a quick vacation away from the drama on Earth. Think of it as a well deserved mini vacation. They'll be back sooner than you might think. Keep an eye out!

    For now it's back to Demonsk for Tanis and Crystal. What will they find? Will Medea be willing to help? They last saw her back in Starbolts #523. That was very...interesting comic. Here's hoping she doesn't have a "grown-up headache" this time.

See ya next week!

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Starbolts #576: Shadows of the Night




    There's a lot to unpack this week so let's get started. I'm trying something new with this body possession thing. There's a cliche where someone is possessed and he or she doesn't tell anyone right away. Marcus isn't that person. Marcus WANTS Demonstorm out of his body as soon as possible. He isn't too keen on having him around and you can bet that he will make his stay in Marcus's brain as unpleasant as possible. How? By doing the exact opposite of what Demonstorm tells him to do. Thankfully, the lord of Demonsk doesn't have access to Marcus's higher brain functions, yet. All he can do is watch and whisper lies in his ear. It would take time for the possession to fully take hold. So, the Starbolts are on a race to stop him from completely taking over their friends' body. 

    Crystal is prepared to do whatever it takes to get her boyfriend back. What this means is up in the air. What will she intend to do? Well, the answer will come in the next few comics. I won't spoil anything. But, now Crystal is confident and Marcus wants Demonstorm gone.Crystal is right. She's been through hell to get to this point and you know she's going to fight like hell to get him back. He called her unpredictable. He hasn't seen anything, yet!

    I picked Pat Benatar's "Shadows of the Night" as a title because it seemed appropriate to what's happening with Speedy. Take her hand, Marcus. You'll be alright! Demonstorm is clearly the shadow of the night here. He has no concept of "love" in his heart. He's going to learn that he definitely picked the wrong Starbolt to possess!!

See you next time!

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Starbolts #575: Need for Speed




    There's a lot of stuff to unpack in this week's comic isn't there? Let's go into details, shall we? Yes! Let's!

    First up we have Takashi and Kaori. Takashi seems to be okay after his ordeal. He's at peace with his relationship with his adoptive sister and she is, too. It's going to take time to shake off what he went through. I have no idea what he was tinkering with. I just figured I'd put a giant robot head on the table. It's just a very random thing. =D

    Next we have Firaxil and Sara talking about her clones; Sola, Velocity and Psyche. I think Firaxil wants closure in regards to Velocity and Psyche since they died in his arms. Sola might be another story. I suppose they'll be picking up the conversation when they get to New Inobus. They'll be going there for a quick vacation in order to take in everything that's happened to them so far. From learning she was a Whitefox to becoming a void witch, Sara has gone through so much in a short time. She needs to breathe!

    Poor Marcus has a lot to deal with with Demonstorm running through his head. Here's hoping that is resolved soon. I'm gonna have to do a huge romantic payoff for him and Crystal once this is over. It'll be a long road. But, I am sure they'll be fine!

    For an unexpected twist, we have Cece and the Dastara's butler, Walter. That's a bit of a surprise coupling coming out of left field. The way I see it Walter met Cece and she appeared to be a very pretty young woman. He had a crush and Walter being the gentleman he is felt it was improper to proceed since he was a bit older than she appeared. Well, now the tables have turned a bit as SHE is considerably older than him. It's definitely a strange tale.  We may see more of that relationship down the road.

    For now, though, the Starbolts have a friend to fix. Four people went into that room and only one got messed up in the head. Here's hoping they can fix the team's heart!

See ya next time!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Starbolts #574: Night Terrors




    The Starbolts may have defeated Demonstorm but it looks like this latest adventure left an impact on the team's heart, Marcus. What are they going to do about Demonstorm influencing their friends' thoughts? How will they find out. It looks like he wasn't as defeated as they thought he was. They're going to have to do something. What are his plans for Marcus? Has Takashi also been affected? These are all great questions and the answers will all be revealed in time. Stay tuned! This Demonstorm arc isn't quite finished, yet!

    Crystal did her best to be the supporting girlfriend she always is. Marcus always helped her and she likes to pay it forward. Chances are she will do whatever it takes to get her boyfriend back to normal. But, what will she do to get it done? How is Demonstorm playing with Marcus's fears?  

    At least M'anta seems to be on the mend. He's in good hands with his doting wife, Jenna. The tank he's in has more stuff on the site that I didn't get a chance to show. There's a bed and a monitor for his vitals. Why wasn't he sleeping in it? Not sure. Maybe it wasn't comfortable?  And like the floor is? I dunno if it's as solid as you might think. I'll have to iron out the details of this "healing tank" M'anta is in. I don't know why but I really like how the stairs came out. I also imagine a little platform and that's how she slid in. I probably should have included a ladder or something.  Not only is Jenna wearing a special breathing apparatus designed by her father, Richard. She is also wearing special contact lenses which allow her to see underwater quite comfortably. Pretty cool, right?

      Demonstorm's influence is still being felt despite his defeat. Let's hope the team can help Marcus!

 See ya next time!

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Starbolts #573: The Final Fate of Demonstorm




   Ding dong Demonstorm is gone! FINALLY after all this time and all these adventures Demonstorm has finally been vanquished! Or has he? He's trapped inside of a box which is a doorway to a pocket universe. In that pocket universe, Centurion powers do not work. Is there a way out? That remains to be seen. This may or may not be the end of Demonstorm. After all he did come back after being stabbed by M'anta way back in Starbolts #200. Wow. That really was a long, long time ago! Time flies when you're having fun!

    This final  confrontation  with Demonstorm also sees Tanis redeeming himself in the wake of his actions since his return. Will he be reinstated as a Starbolt? Possibly. Right now he's still got his own issues to work out.

    Speaking of issues, there will be a few comics focusing on the fallout of the adventure the Starbolts had in the impossible palace. Are they okay after their ordeal? Some may be in worse shape than others. We'll see. Right now the Starbolts should revel in their amazing victory. However, there is always a chance he might return. You can't keep a good villain down!

See ya next time! 

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Starbolts #572: The Coming of Centurion Omega




    What can I say about this week's comic? How about "Yikes!" Or "Oh, no. What are they going to do now?!" Well, fear not my friends because Tanis is on the way to save the day! The next comic looks like it's going to be his chance to shine and redeem himself in the eyes of the Starbolts and perhaps even himself. Will he step up and confront his father?

    Speaking of Demonstorm, I think it can be safe to assume he may have reached the second form in this boss battle. Let's hope the Starbolts can defeat him! 

    Meanwhile, what is up with Marcus? He's been kind of cold toward his girlfriend ever since he snapped out of Demonstorm's vision. Did something happen to him? Time will tell because we are definitely going to tackle that issue in the the next few comics. Stay tuned for that. I won't spoil anything. But, we shall see what's going on in the speedster's brain very soon.

    As for M'anta, I think he'll be fine once he has a dip in a pool or something. He was already dehydrated from flying over the lava pit. Fighting Demonstorm just worsened his condition. We shall see if he'll be fighting fit in no time. 

    See ya next week and we'll see if Tanis can finally stop his father before anyone else falls!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Starbolts #571: The Secret of Demonstorm




    Wow! It looks like the boss battle is about to heat up! We've got a crazy reveal for Demonstorm. It appears that he definitely has the Centurion force at his command. The question is what is he going to do with it? Well, he's going to have a fighting mad Inobe to deal with before he can do anything. His Centurion abilities combined with his primal magic make him more dangerous than ever. What if he were to access the third magic form known as void magic? Yikes. he'd be unstoppable!

    At least he had access to void magic for a time. If you recall, Ethan Knight said that Medea's books were based on void magic. This meant that Medea herself was a void witch. I doubt she was going to say that out loud. One of her books is now in Cece's possession. Perhaps she can find a way to undo all of these problems with the heart of Illibrata and everything. We can only hope because I don't think Demonstorm's former wife is in any position to be helping ANYONE right now!!

    Firaxil is temporarily in his "Hulk" form. This is going to be an amazing battle! He promised himself that he'd never let Sara see this form. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Tune in next time to see how the fight goes and trust me it is going to be AMAZING!

See ya next time!

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Starbolts #570: A Captive Audience




    Demonstorm does not know how to read the room does he? Well, since he is a tyrant and everything he doesn't adhere to societal norms like caring for peoples' feelings. He's ruthless and just flat out doesn't care about other people. He really does believe that killing the council before they actually DID anything was a good plan. There may be some debate about it of course. However, his strategy going forward was just plan wrong.

    Poor Tanis had the best reaction we could hope for. He's justifiably freaking out over his father's return. Will the two confront each other? Time will tell. Right now it looks like the Starbolts are trapped in a box and their fearless leader is in for the fight of his life. Will it be their final battle? That remains to be seen.

    Demonstorm and Manta clearly have different philosophies. Where one is kind and just, the other is cruel and malicious. Does he have a point? That's up for debate. Right now we're about to have a world class rumble! Stay tuned!

See ya next time!

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Starbolts #569: The Doors to Demonstorm




    The Starbolts have finally come face to face with Demonstorm! However, they are all rightfully confused because the last time they saw him he looked completely different. They'll be asking all sorts of questions next week. The first being "How are YOU Demonstorm?" Expect some shocked faces in Ops, too. Remember Tanis has been watching everything and you can bet he's going to have something to say about his father's resurrection. The last time he saw his "father" he said his name was Rudo. He is gonna be confused. That seems to be Tanis's lot in life.

    As for the others, am I the only one a little creeped out by Demonstorm's sudden interest in not just being a hero but his interest in the ladies on the team? That just made my skin crawl a bit. So gross, right?

    Now the team has gathered together and it's time to see what their old "friend" is up to. He murdered most of a town to get their attention. I doubt they'll be quick to forgive Demonstorm for his actions. There will be no redemption. As if that was even possible!

See ya next time!

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Starbolts #568: Real Talk




    Wow. Demonstorm is in deep trouble. He managed to anger an "S" level Starbolt. If Manta has trouble facing the mad tyrant, you can bet Firaxil will be on hand to help finish the job. Our Inobe friend is NOT happy with the vision he saw and nor should he be. Firaxil seeing his wife dying and knowing the sex of the baby is what made him realize the vision he saw was false. Hopefully, after a talk with Sara he will be on the mend. Demonstorm is going to learn the hard way that Firaxil is no longer the Starbolt he used to be.

    Of course he isn't the only Starbolt put through the wringer. Marcus may have had half of his problems resolved by a talk with his best friend. However, the other half of his soul needs mending and we'll be covering that in the 570s. There's still a lingering issue with Crystal that needs to be dealt with. Poor guy. There will be ramifications for him to be sure. I know Crystal will be on hand to mend his broken heart. 

    Speedsters tend to be the heart of the team. Look at the Flash in the Justice League. Not so much the Avenger known as Quicksilver. That guy is a bit of a jerk. Flash on the other hand, though a jokster, is the heart. If he dies, the Justice League quickly becomes the Justice Lords or some other dark reality is formed. That's what Sam and I were getting at with this scene. He's the bright light amidst all the crazy the Starbolts deal with day in and day out.

    Then we come to Takashi. He harbored feelings for Kaori and Demonstorm preyed on them. He was a lot easier to mend than the other guys. Crystal gave him some good advice. I think he'll be just fine given some time. They all will. For now they need to find Demonstorm and end this madness.

See ya next time!

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Starbolts #567: The Incredible Growing Palace




    Uhh, Demonstorm? I don't think Stan and Andrea Whitefox put their students in THAT much danger when they were training them. Yes, there were some death-defying situations. But, they didn't involve pits of lava and crashing walls. That kind of thing just wasn't done. If anything, their training regiment was catered to their own skill sets. Sure they had challenges similar to these but I don't think the mashers moved THAT fast! Clearly Demonstorm here is insane. Wait until the Starbolts finally confront him. It's gonna be a doozie. First they won't recognize him. Second they'll ask "What the hell?"

    This week's comic showcased all four members of M'anta's team. M'anta is understandably frustrated and annoyed with everything since he thought Demonstorm was gone. Jenna got to showcase her new armor. Jack blasted a hole in a wall. Norad can still use some old tricks despite being in a new body. Pretty useful don't you think? I think M'anta will be okay given some time. He apologized for his outburst right away and that's good. But, he's still determined to stop Demonstorm. I think that dunk in a fish tank will be well deserved!

    I know I said I was going to include the reasoning why Firaxil did what he did last week. We will get to it. I guess I got a bit carried away this week with the pit of lava and the smashing walls. We will get to it next comic. I promise.

    So, while everyone is fighting for their lives, Demonstorm is getting a cup of tea. I got nothing. The man is clearly not playing with a full deck. 

See ya next time!

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Starbolts #566: Shattered Glass




    This week we visit the greatest fears of Crystal, Takashi and Firaxil. Crystal didn't have any trouble seeing through the illusion. She had her fill with Zarantha poking around her brain many, many comics ago. It all came to a head back in Starbolts #373. Since then Crystal has been training with Aquita to block out mental tampering. It's always good to have a telepath on standby just in case things go south. She's going to have to help Marcus now that he's free of his illusion. I think she'd be up to the task.

    As far as Takashi goes, he may have had a thing for Kaori. That kind of went by the wayside as they were both adopted and raised by the same man, Ganetsu. Does he still harbor those feelings for Kaori? It remains to be seen. For now they just love each other like a brother and sister would even though there is no blood between them. And I would think he'd be happy for Kaori since she found love with Selena. Demonstorm was just trying to mess with his head.

    Now we come to Firaxil. He wasn't having any part of this illusion was he? We'll find out why next time. He was not particularly thrilled seeing his home wrecked and his wife near death. But, something made him realize it was just an illusion. We'll see why soon enough. 

    Our heroes have a serious beef with Demonstorm. They're mad and he'd better watch out for these four Starbolts.

See ya next time!


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Starbolts #565: The Infinite Palace




    The Starbolts have arrived in town and are ready to face Demonstorm. One group has already succumbed to one of his tricks. How will Marcus and the others escape from their own fears? Hard to say. But, you can bet Crystal is not happy with having her mind messed with. Marcus certainly isn't. He doesn't take kindly to having his mind messed with, either and is going to fight every step of the way. Demonstorm's illusion is already starting to crack and that's a good thing. On the outside he may be a joker. But, he's actually very smart and is a hero. Demonstorm underestimates him and that may be the key to his own undoing.

    I do like that we have a "Scooby Doo" reference with Crystal's group. Crystal would clearly be Daphne. Marcus is Shaggy. Firaxil is Fred. That just leaves Sara as Velma. There are probably stories out there on the Internet where Shaggy ends up with Daphne and Fred ends up with Velma. You never know and I'm not going to look for them!

   It's probably best to just leave those aside. Next week we'll be seeing more fears and what M'anta's team is up to. As for Demonstorm himself, he is there. He just likes to play tricks on our heroes.

See ya next time!


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Starbolts #564: Demonstorm Lives!



     Well, now. Demonstorm is back and he still has his twisted idea of what a hero should be. If you remember from the Starbolts "tournament" comics which ran from Starbolts #153 to Starbolts #200, Demonstorm had this crazy idea that he should be the hero. The thing is though at heart he is an evil, evil tyrant with none of the morality which makes a person a hero. He goes about it all wrong and now thousands are dead because of his misguided beliefs. Charming, isn't he?

    M'anta expressed some guilt of course when killing Lord Demonstorm. He has a heart. Of course he would feel guilty over taking a life even if it's his enemy. Now that he's back, he feels less guilty. This may be a problem. We'll see what happens when he confronts him once again.

    Crystal is right, though. Evil comes in many forms. Tanis doesn't have the monopoly of sucky "father" figures. The "men" who raised Sara and Crystal were far, far removed from their actual birth father, Stan. The girls wish they were raised by him and their mother. They don't wish what they went through on anyone. I think Tanis understands that now. We're going to see how this all will play out very soon.

    This is also the second time Jack has his grandfather's shield. Is he trying to be the next Iron Eagle? We'll see. First things first. The Starbolts have an interdimensional tyrant to stop! Good luck, team! You're gonna need it!

See ya next time!

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Starbolts #563: Next Steps


    A new year has begun for our heroes and it has started with a bang! It certainly didn't take long for the danglers Medea talked about last time to turn up did it? Keep in mind that these are two pretty big danglers. There are others I talked about in the comic and you can be sure they'll be dealt with in the coming year. For now let's take a look at this comic.

    Crystal is ready to hit the ground running in her training. She has never been more focused in her life now that she knows who and what she is. She knows that with her great confidence, comes great responsibility. She just wants to be able to use it the right way. And she will. Her boyfriend, Marcus, of course will support her and help as always. It's just another hurdle for her to face and she will meet it head on!

    Sara is taking a more pragmatic approach as always. She'll be catching up to her sister in no time. She just needs time to carefully analyze the situation. It's funny how both twins are identical in terms of physical appearance (minus the hair and eyes) but they take different approaches to everything. For the longest time, Crystal didn't know who she really was and she wants to explore everything. Sara does, too. But, she is taking the more analytical approach. They are twins. Just sometimes they don't always do the identical thing.

    Now there's Tanis. The book he gave Cece is going to help Angela with her problem. That will get resolved, too. Poor kid, though. He's reacting to the Starbolts craziness and is wondering what is going on. He SHOULD be used to this kind of thing. Problem is he never really embraced things.

    I kind of wish I could have done a comic involving Marcus vs the tracksuit gang. That would have been funny! But, perhaps we'll see them another day. 

    The scene has been set for a new year full of Starbolts adventure. The players are ready. The orchestra is engaged. Now let's see if they can dance.

See ya next time!