Saturday, February 22, 2014

Starbolts #224: Our Gods at War


Robkas, Robkas, Robkas. You have been a bad little amphibious monkey haven't you? You back the wrong horse, incur the wrath of the Gods and now you've hurt Mateo just after sexy times. I don't see anyone rooting for this obvious ass. He has no redeemable qualities save for the fact that he didn't take advantage of the situation after Mateo was shot. I couldn't write that. Besides, Aquita would have blasted him through the wall with her sonic scream.

I think next week we may see a new sprite design for Mateo. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. The sprite is one of the last designs I have held over from before JewWario gave me the sprite template. I held off on making one because the wings make things hard. But, I do have them separate and I may change him and Pal'idin since both use the same body shape. Doing them side by side would be easier, I think.

Of course, I may have to redo Mateo's outro as well. We'll see. Videos are going up at an even clip. This weekend will see the launch of me talking about the characters in the New Warriors again. Fun will be had at this channel:

Speaking of the New Warriors, I did get the first issue of the fifth volume and I believe that will be the first video I'll do when I get back in March. We'll see. For now, we've got Robkas and his zany antics.

Oh and giant green sea monsters that turn into goddesses. Don't forget those. Damn, that was fun to draw. =)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Starbolts #223: Double Date


I know it's the day AFTER Vakentune's Day. But, here's a Valentine's Day comic. One of these years Valentine's Day will come on a Saturday and then you'll be amazed. AMAZED, I tell you!  Or maybe not. I don't know. I did this comic to show both Aquita and Mateo being a little antsy about Robkas being on the loose and a bit of Robkas's past with her to show WHY he's infatuated with the Princess. As for the promise? Well, it doesn't really count if she dates someone off world and he had been missing and presumed dead for years. Hell, the state has deemed him persona non grata if you go by the panels at the Xemplara Academy. He's an outcast. His own people do not want anything to do with him after the incident from 100 or so comics ago.

I also showed off some new designs for Xazes and Delclina this week. Xazes, I wanted to show him in more heroic garb. He's the God of Justice is he not? He needs something to show that he is a mighty warrior. His father, Delclina gets a more windy/sky like appearance since he is the God of the Sky. I was also going to have a giant sprite of Aquita overlaying on the panel every time Robkas gets cursed or something. But, that may detract from the original arts.

But, yeah, this week's comic shows that even though the future's uncertain, they will meet the challenge head on. It's kind of what they do as heroes and as lovers. I was going o have Manta and Jenna in this. But, they don't have as big a stake in it as Mateo and Aquita, do. For those two, the Robkas thing is personal. He's like an obsessive ex with superpowers.

The question is...where was he dragged off to? Find out next week!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Starbolts #222: Clash of the Titans


Looks like the Starbolts er...Xemplara have their hands full with the avatars. That is until Robkas came and teleported them away. It isn't over, though. Not by a long shot. I'm still going to do a Valentine's Day comic next week. But, I have a feeling Robkas may show up to stir the pot up a little. Heh. He's always got a plan.Of course, they never work out. Next week will be Starbolts #223: Double Date. We'll see what happens when Robkas interrupts a pleasant evening. Heh...

In other news, I am about to reupload my New Warriors retrospective up on Youtube. It has been a long time coming and FINALLY I'll have caught up on everything. All my videos will be back online and I'll be posting new ones shortly thereafter. I hope I'm not rusty as it has been a while. Eh, I should be fine. You never really forget. Making a video's like riding a bicycle. If that bicycle was Vegas 12...

Until next time, everyone!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Starbolts #221: The Aquan Rider

 I had a few plans when I was going to work on this comic. Originally, I was going to make it a Kamen Rider spoof and show it to JewWario.

As far as characters go, yes, Danar is a jerk. Aquita had NO time to change into her uniform and yet he berates her for showing up in the office in a bikini. At least she's dried off. I can imagine salt water stains would be hell to get out of that purple carpet.

Edit on 4/15/18: With regards to the information that has come to light regarding Justin "JewWario" Carmical, views about him have been changed. His dedication should not be construed as an endorsement of his illicit behavior. This comic remains in place for historical purposes. Had I known the facts before this comic was produced, there would certainly have been no dedication. All references to him have been removed.