Saturday, October 20, 2012

Starbolts #171: Reality Bites

This week's comic had a very interesting beginning. At first, I was going to simply intersperse regular Jenna and alternate Jenna action. Then, I decided that would be too confusing for people. So, I decided to just stick to the action in the Dark Starbolts' home reality. That's where all of Earth's heroes are. Some have been captured. Some haven't.

I also thought it'd be neat to pay homage to one of the most classic X-Men covers of all time. Panel 2 is a direct reference to Uncanny X-Men #141's cover. The story is cool too and initially I was going to call it "Days of Future...Whatever" or something. However, the 'Bolts aren't in a dystopian future. They're just in a reality where everyone thinks the metahumans are ALL bad. The costumes haven't changed for Ethereal and Dragonfire because there wasn't any real need to change 'em. Besides, they both look cool.

Next time I am going to post a video where I talk about the wedding of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Should be good. So, stick around for that.

P.S. Felt so good to be writing normal Marcus again instead of having to type in one unbroken sentence.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Starbolts #170: Saint Anne Landing

 Huh. Evil smells like wet hot dogs. I'll have to remember that. Personally, I thought evil smelled like goat cheese. Oh, well. Hail, everyone! After a little break, I am back with a new comic and this week M'anta calls out Jenna! This is going to be all kinds of awesome! Initially, I was going to do a closeup on M'anta in the last panel. However, I couldn't figure out a way to make it look good. I have a template. It'd be better suited for a smaller image.

In other news, I've been reading the Spider-Man alien costume saga again and the wedding comics to prepare myself for the video. I'm finding Spidey to be really different from what we're used to seeing him nowadays. Sure, it has a lot to do with how comics are written by different writers and such. It's just really telling how the older Spidey handles problems compared to nowadays.

Back to the comic, I'm planning a huge battle between Jenna and M'anta, obviously. It's going to be big and I promise I won't spoil anything. I will say that things may not go as M'anta planned. Mwahahaha. Yeah, right. I'm not that cruel. I?

Another thing I wanted to mention is my friend Justin's project. You know Justin as JewWario of and other places. His Famikamen Rider project has already reached the 10K mark and I'm really excited for the project. He is now looking for manga artists for his Famikamen Rider series. If you can draw in the manga style, drop him a line at

The world needs heroes and the Famikamen Rider isn't just the one we need. It's the one we deserve. Or...something like that. Cheers!