Saturday, April 29, 2023

Starbolts #629: The New Terror of the Deep



    Kyodon has arrived on Earth and she is not happy! We last saw the giant fire breathing space turtle way back in Starbolts #290. It took Angela and her then limitless cosmic power to quell the beast's rampage back then. Now? I think it's gonna take more than just a little convincing for her to stop now that she's on a different planet. She didn't take kindly to being abducted and her wrath will be quite tremendous as Jaro explained.

    Speaking of Jaro, can you believe how smarmy this guy is? The dude is trying to get somewhere with the boss of a terrorist organization. But, is it really a crush or an attempt to curry her favor? Probably the latter. I don't see Jaro really having any feelings for Elisabeth. Still, it is kinda smarmy isn't it?

    Either way, the baddies are back on Earth and you might be wondering why they didn't kidnap Yeena when they had the chance. She was an Agent and a Starbolts parent. I guess they don't really see her as an Agent and decided to not take her. That will be a grave mistake as we'll see soon enough!!

    It's also a good thing Richie escaped with the kids and everyone when he could. I can't imagine Sara's wrath if something happened to Dendra. Well, actually I can. Can you say "Dark Phoenix"? Looks like things are heating up and the snake just doesn't care who he hurts at this point. 

Prepare for Kyodon's wrath next week, though. It should be a good one! 

See ya next time!

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Starbolts #628: Different Perspectives

 Trigger warning: This week's comic includes a scene involving the sexual abuse of a minor and grooming tactics. If you or anyone you know has been sexually abused, please seek help.



    This week's comic has a trigger warning because once again Cody is in it. I don't think I'll be able to ever do a comic with him in it that doesn't have a trigger warning up top. At least this week we've found out a few new things about him. The first and most obvious thing is that he was hired by Ruby to be Crystal's "bodyguard". Well, the "bodyguard" got a little too close to his charge and things happened. Our heroine was clearly impacted by these events and we know that eventually she was saved by Marcus and joined the Starbolts. She eventually fell in love with Marcus and the rest is history. Still, it's hard to see/read these stories with Cody. But, this bit of the tale had to be told because of what'll happen when Crystal inevitably confronts Ruby. He was hired by Terra Nova and he decided to take advantage of the situation. Once Crystal finds out about all this (And she will) you can bet that heads will roll.

    As you can tell by Ruby's conversation with Elisabeth, she felt perfectly justified by her actions. Ruby was and still is consumed with jealousy since she has a bitter rivalry with Andrea. It's probably a one sided rivalry. But, it's a rivalry nonetheless. Ruby was supposed to train her to fight Andrea. Things didn't go as planned and Crystal thankfully escaped. Though, she did come out with some scars.

    I also have a bit of a scenario of what happened after the tryst. Crystal ran from Cody's apartment with her ripped dress and tried to run away from everything. She did NOT enjoy her time with that man at all. She tried to run away and was caught by Ruby's henchmen who dragged her back to her house kicking and screaming. In the heat of the moment, she forgot about Firaxil (then known as Dennis) and just needed to run from everything. After that moment, things went downhill until she was rescued and I don't think I'll be writing about those moments. It depends, I guess. I really don't like revisiting Cody.

    At least Crystal is on the mend these days. She's planning on using Jeb as the "guest of honor" at the Terra Nova "funeral". As you can imagine, it won't be a pretty. It will be cathartic, though given all the things she went through under their "care". 

    I do like how the two flashbacks mesh together this week. They're in the same time period but a different perspective. Hence the title. But, while Ruby felt perfectly justified by her actions, Crystal bore the brunt of the decisions. Things are going to explode soon and we'll see some intense fireworks!

See ya next time!

Oh, and it should be noted that Cody died in Starbolts #504 and is now roasting in the bad place for all eternity as seen in Starbolts #506.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

Starbolts #627: The Worst Inobe



     I figured a bit of levity was in order this week after a few comics where tragedy seemed to follow our heroes. Enter two criminal Inobe whose shapeshifting abilities have been severely limited as punishment for their crimes. Don't get me wrong. They're still dangerous and one Inobe on a starship can cause a lot of damage. However, these two have inhibitors implanted in their bodies that deny them the ability to change form or limit the form they can take. They turned into pink blobs when they beamed on board and that was the last time they were able to transform. Alton and Yelva didn't think things through, did they?

    Meanwhile, it looks like Cobra is on his way to Earth and has challenged the Watchtower to a battle. He can try to fight them. But, we know that he'll fail miserably. Or will he? There will be plenty of action next week. So, stay tuned! And hey is that Pegasus and Yeena with him? Hmmm....I wonder what they're up to.

 I do like the brief character bit I put in for M'anta and Jenna. As a telepath, you can imagine the thoughts of his teammates are filling his mind and are distracting him a little. He needs to focus so that his team can win the day. Let's hope he can maintain focus.....and not turn into an amorphous pink blob.

See ya next time!!

Saturday, April 8, 2023

Starbolts #626: The Strike of the Cobra



  Wow! Elisabeth plans on unleashing Kyodon on the people of Earth? That's not good. That's something a next level supervillain would do. In fact, that's what the dark avatars did to Aquarius a long time ago. We last saw Kyodon way back in Starbolts #290 and she was under the control of Jaro himself. What could she possibly want with that creature? Well, Terra Nova does mean "New Earth", right? Perhaps she really does want the organization to finally live up to its name and go out with a bang.

    Speaking of bangs it looks like the Xazes had its fair share of bangs and now they have two intruders on board in the form of amorphous purple blobs. They won't stay that shape for long. They're Inobe and they can change their shape into anything. They may be better shapeshifters than our pal, Firaxil. However, they will be no match for a Centurion! Look to see some more action next time!

    Jack trying to appeal to his friend was definitely in vain. So much for talking him out of the madness. More madness is bound to come now that the avatars are free and they plan on unleashing a giant space turtle on Earth. This doesn't bode well for our heroes.

Stay tuned!!

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Starbolts #625: Playing Cat and Mouse



    It's very rare that I actually get a chance to post a comic on April 1st. I think the closest I ever came to an actual April Fool's Day comic was way back in Starbolts #101. I usually don't do joke comics very often because it would ruin the flow of the current storyline. That and it's probably best to save them for special occasions like Christmas, Halloween and New Year's. 

    For this week, I wanted to get right into the aftermath of last week's comic which saw the death of Starbolt ally, Pal'idin. It seems that our friend, Pal, had a son who was also named Pal'idin. We'll be seeing him in the future. Will he be joining up with the Starbolts and take his father's place at their side? Probably. The Pal'idin sprites are just too awesome to retire. ;) I kid. I think having a child of Pal'idin joining the Starbolts continues the theme of the comic.

    The theme of the comic has always been about the next generation of heroes making their place in the universe. Obviously danger comes from all sides and now we have Terra Nova threatening to sick the dark avatars on our heroes again. What could they hope to gain by releasing four Aquans powered by the gods? Oh, a lot of damage can be done and Elisabeth knows it. The real fun will begin.

    As far as Pal'idin goes, the Starbolts were right to take their deceased friend with them since the Dovianni are still sketchy about space travel. How else would the body have been given to his people?

    Now we turn to the Agents. It's clear that they're trying to do whatever it takes to escape. Luckily help has arrived for Earth's mightiest. Will the Starbolts be able to save the Agents of S.T.A.R. and stop Terra Nova from freeing the dark avatars? You'll find out next week!

See ya then!