Saturday, November 17, 2012

Starbolts #174: Love and Loss

When I hear Ethan Knight speak in my head, I'm picturing him sounding like Film Brain or Welshy. They both have voices that would fit well with the mystical nature of this character. He is an ancient mage who is blessed and cursed with immortality. He has seen much in his life and originally I was going to have him talk about how he knew the 'Bolts from when they were kids. But, nah. No need. It's going to become apparent that the 'Bolts and Ethan go way back.

As for Crimson Justice? Jeez, that guy can ruin a mood, can't he? Well, he is a Setleth and they can be VERY annoying. It sucks that there'll have to be a willing sacrifice to save Jenna. The question is, true believer, who will it be? Time will tell! We're on the road to Starbolts #200 starting now and who knows what surprises await us!

 For now, I am planning on doing the Thunderbolts review soon. So, keep a look out for that. I've also picked out my Marvel Now book to cover. Oh, Marvel Now. So much to say. So little time.

See ya next time!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Starbolts #173: Lightning Strikes

 Hail! This week's comic was originally going to be a little darker with Manta going crazy and electrocuting all of the things. I decided to tone it down some because he knows it isn't his Jenna that died. The real Jenna's alive and is stuck in some reality. Now Mateo is back and we'll see how they can get everyone back on a more mass scale. Who knows how that's going to happen! Well, I do. But, it's fun to tease readers. =)

In other news, work will begin soon on the Thunderbolts #1 review. After that, I decided to change some things around. I don't really have a fixed schedule like some of my friends do. But, it seems to me that Marvel Now is becoming a new thing and I'll have to cover one of the comics that comes out during Marvel Now. I was going to review Captain America: The Winter Soldier arc for the comic from this decade. I think I'll be covering a Marvel Now book and something else for this century. Enjoy the comic and I'll see ya next time!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Starbolts #172: Lovers Quarrel

 Hail! A few days without power can't keep away the weekly comic production. Let me tell you, it was quite annoying to not be able to work on it. Still, I hope more people in the Northeast are getting their electricity back. New York and the other mid-atlantic states got hammered by the storm and I really hope things return to normal for them soon. Now, what do we have this week? WELL...this week we have Manta facing the alternate Jenna. Unfortunately, Demonstorm got in the way and now has Manta by the throat. Things are not looking good for our hero. I wonder what this will mean for the real Jenna? Will she be able to return once the others come back? Is she doomed to live out the rest of her days in that dark reality? Whatever the case is, next week, Manta is not going to be happy. I have plans. Let's just say that it isn't wise to kill someone, let alone an alternate version of your wife in front of him. Can you say...."ZAAP!"? In Comic Showcase news, I'm glad I got positive feedback on the Spider-Man wedding video. It was fun to make. I initially intended to do a Ferris Bueller style ending to the video. But, eh...I ran out of time. It happens. Next vid will be full of '90s goodness. Yes. An ACTUAL Good '90s comic. Shocking, right? See ya next time!