Saturday, February 23, 2019

Starbolts #422: Daughters of Liberty (Part 5)


This week’s comic is full of drama isn’t it? Just wanted to say for the record that both womens’ problems aren’t completely solved this week. They still have a long, long way to go. Needless to say both Sara and Crystal have been profoundly changed by the people in their lives never giving up on them. They’re ready to move on from being what Terra Nova wanted them to be. That’s what this whole arc has been about. They’re no longer the daughters of Terra Nova. They’re the daughters of Lady Liberty.

Stan and Andrea Whitefox raised the two from the age of sixteen or so. Check the timeline for details! It was actually Andrea who gave Crystal her middle name. The way I see it is Terra Nova’s birth certificate for her was as cold as you can get. Her parents only gave her a first and last name. There was also a clause in there which made them relinquish all rights to the child after five years. Mary was Andrea’s mother’s name and Crystal had to be adopted right away. So, they needed to create a new birth certificate with “Crystal Mary Whitefox” on it and that’s how she got that full name. Sara on the other hand had to deal with Elisabeth insisting on falsifying records and all that. Both sets of blood parents are charmers aren’t they? Well, both Elisabeth and Clive had better watch out. The Daughters of Liberty are coming!

Fast forward to this week’s comic and we have Crystal looking for comfort and answers. A lot of people in her life screwed her over. She knows her adoptive parents and brother wouldn’t hurt her. She just didn’t feel human during this mess. So, I created a Peter Parker/Mary Jane style scene for the two. Thankfully that couple is back together in the comics because I’d be ranting about that right now. Haha! Sara’s scene is more akin to something Black Widow or even Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) would deal with as she was poked and prodded more than Crystal. In a way Crystal is a bit like Carol Danvers then. I’ve tried to convey that Carol/Jess style relationship in the comic and I hope I succeeded.

We’ll be seeing more of the Daughters of Liberty next week as the mini-arc concludes! See you then!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Starbolts #421: Daughters of Liberty (Part 4)


This was an especially difficult comic to write and sprite. We just found out what "the bad thing" was and that Clive killed his own daughter. Medics were able to bring her back. But, still. The damage was done and Sola was born. We also learned that Crystal spent a considerable amount of time with the Marshalls before returning to Kentucky. The Arronfelds most likely brought her to the Marshalls consistently for the first five years of their lives.

They spent the next ten separated from each other and only find each other again when they were teenagers. How did Crystal forget her friend? That's a question for another time. My co-writer, Sam, suggested that time played a role. However, this was a pretty traumatic event. Could this memory be repressed in Crystal? It's hard to say.

Right now both women are going to need some comfort and that's what next comic is going to be about. The bomb has been dropped and now Sara and Crystal need to put themselves back together again. Here's hoping Marcus and Firaxil are up to the challenge. Spoilers: They are.

See you next time!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Starbolts #420: Daughters of Liberty (Part 3)


Part three of Sara and Crystal's adventure is here and it's a bridge to what's going to happen in the next three comics. As you can see the three are heading toward Sara's childhood home in Belchertown, Massachusetts. Yes, that's a real town with a real colonial history. Check it out. It's right outside of Worcester.

Anyway, it seems that Ellie here may be a meta herself. What will her powers be? Will she be a meta? Time will tell. For now the crew is on their way to Sara's home. Jack wishes he was going. But, I don't think he's going to like what Sara and Crystal are going to find. He won't like what they found so far. That's for sure.

Will Sara and Crystal find Clive? Will they find more than what either of them bargained for? Tune in next time and find out!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Starbolts #419: Daughters of Liberty (Part 2)


This week Sara and Crystal learn that they are more alike and share more of a history than they previously thought possible! If you look at one of the flashback panels you'll see baby Sara and baby Crystal holding hands. Once we get to the present you see the two holding hands again. It's really unfortunate that they had to find out this way. Crystal was basically supposed to be the Jenna of Clive's version of the Starbolts. Funny how that didn't work out.

How did Clive find out about the Starbolts program? The answer to that question will be revealed in time. Looks like the girl I introduced in the New Year's comic is Sara's sister. Her name is Ellie and we'll find out just how she fits into all of this next week.

As for Crystal and Sara? Well, they're both hurting. They're both gonna need support from their real families once they get back to the Watchtower. The girls finding out that they were nothing more than experiments has got to sting. This mini arc has been called "Daughters of Liberty" for a reason and it'll continue being called that for a few more comics to come.

It's gonna get even crazier by the end of the mini arc! Stay tuned!