Sunday, September 4, 2022

Starbolts #597: Rock of Ages




    Well, Granite's back and he certainly make an impact on his friends, Valentine and Simon. What could he possibly want with Val? And why can't people just leave those two alone?! Seriously. Those two just want to be left alone and are constantly harassed by fellow former members of the Legion. At this point I think they need a restraining order on any and all metahumans, magic users and anyone else who tries to get in the way of them wanting to live happily ever after!

    Granite seems to want to rebuild the Legion. He also seems to have a fair bit more of his marbles than the last time we saw him back in Starbolts #350. I remember those comics. That was when the Legion took over the Watchtower and Syntax took control of the station's A.I. Good times! 

    Speaking of Syntax, it seems Holly has feelings for her former comrades, Simon and Val. That's interesting considering Syntax used those two when the bot went all "Cybermen" on London in Starbolts #208. Wow. Those comics were so long ago and here we are approaching Starbolts #600 in just a few weeks! This should be wrapped up by then. What could Granite want? Find out next time

See ya then!

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