Episode Guide

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Comic Showcase:

#1. The Top 10 '90s Marvel Characters:   I count down who I think are the best characters to come out of Marvel Comics in the '90s. (2/10/11)

#2. Darkhawk:  Spinning out of my top 10 '90s Marvel characters, I talk about Darkhawk, one of my favorite characters. (8/27/11)

#3. Nova: Abnett and Lanning's awesome run on the human rocket's book is discussed! (10/7/11)

#4. The Flash: The fastest man alive was rebooted along with the rest of the DC universe. Did it fly right out of the gate or did it end up dead last? (11/12/11)

#5. Superman: The man of steel was rebooted in 2011. Despite all the changes, was he still the greatest hero of all? (2/11/12)

#6. Top Five Marvel Crossovers: Everyone loves crossovers! Which ones were the best Marvel had to offer? (3/25/12)

#7. Bat-Hombre: My first negative comic review. It gives me shivers thinking about it. Find out why! (6/16/12)

#8. Marvel Comics #1: The first retrospective begins with the comic that introduced us to the first of many Marvel legends, the Human Torch and Namor, the Sub-Mariner! (7/28/12)

#9. Fantastic Four #1: See how the Marvel Universe began with four intrepid explorers becoming the world's greatest team. (8/25/12)

#10. Giant-Size X-Men #1: The '70s saw an epic revival of Marvel's mighty mutants, the X-Men! (9/22/12)

#11. The Wedding of Spider-Man: Wedding bells rang for Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson in th late '80s! (10/27/12)

#12. Thunderbolts #1: While Marvel's heroes were being drawn by Image artists, a new team of heroes took center stage in the '90s. But, was all really what it seemed? (11/25/12)

#13. Ultimate Spider-Man #1: Presenting the dawn of the Ultimate Universe in the early 21st century! (1/26/13)

#14. Avengers #1:  Earth's Mightiest Heroes have once again come together to fight a foe no single superhero could withstand! (2/23/13)

#15. Amazing Spider-Man #700:  Is this the end of the Amazing Spider-Man? (3/26/13)

#16. Superior Spider-Man #1:  Doctor Octopus is controlling Peter Parker's body! What will he do with it? How will he wreck the wallcrawler's life? (4/27/13)

#17. New Warriors FAQ:  A look into my all-time favorite comic, the New Warriors begins here! Here's what you need to know about Marvel's answer to the Teen Titans! (5/17/13)

#18. New Warriors #1: See how it all began for the heroes of the '90s! (6/29/13)

#19. New Warriors Stories Part 1: The charter members of the New Warriors take center stage! First up are Justice, Namorita and Nova! (7/27/13)

#20. New Warriors Stories Part 2:  The final charter members of the Warriors are discussed. They are: Firestar, Speedball and Night Thrasher! (8/31/13)

#21. New Warriors: Where are they now?: What has happened to the Warriors since the end of their series in 1996? What lays ahead of them? (10/2/13)

#22. New Warriors #1 (2014): A new series for the New Warriors! What challenges await them in this new book? (3/29/14)

#23. Captain Marvel #1: Carol Danvers takes on the mantle of Captain Marvel and shows the world why the women of the Marvel Universe are awesome! (5/4/14)

#24. Amazing Spider-Man #1 (2014): Spidey is back in control of his body! Here's hoping he can fix the mess Doc Ock made! (5/24/14)

#25. Nightcrawler #1:  Back from the dead and in his own title, the swashbuckling mutant and my favorite X-Man returns to take on the baddies! (6/28/14)

#26. Guardians of the Galaxy #1: A ragtag band of spacefaring heroes take on the universe! (7/28/14)

#27. Captain America Comics #1: Who's here to save the day for America? The star-spangled man with a plan! (8/30/14)

#28. Daredevil #1: Introducing the man without fear, Daredevil! (9/28/14)

#29. Spider-Woman #1: Meet Jessica Drew, the mysterious Spider-Woman! (10/30/14)

#30. The Top 10 Awesome Moments of the Secret Wars:  The Secret Wars was an awesome crossover event that has impacted Marvel Comics to this day! Find out what made this event so memorable and one of the best selling comic events of all time! (12/20/14)

#31. X-Men #1 (1991): Marvel's mighty mutants enter the '90s and come out with the best selling comic of all time! (1/31/15)

#32.  Young Avengers #1: Presenting a new team of teenage heroes who are ready to become the next generation of Avengers! (2/28/15)

#33. Ms. Marvel #1: Meet Kamala Khan, a young Muslim-American who suddenly finds herself part of a bigger universe. (3/30/15)

#34. Quantum and Woody #1: An unlikely pair of brothers become a pair of superpowered characters. Do they fight or what's right? Or do they just do whatever they want? (5/14/15)

#35. Secret Wars #1: History repeats itself as once again the Secret Wars erupt in the Marvel universe! This time, the ultimate universe collides with the Marvel Universe. (7/18/15)

#36. Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows #1: Is Marvel testing the waters for a Peter/MJ reunion? Find out in this tiny slice of Battleworld called "The Regency". (8/31/15)

#37. A-Force #1: From the island of Arcadia comes A-Force, an all-female team ready to take on all challengers on Battleworld! (10/12/15)

#38. Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (2015) The Marvel Universe has been restored! What exciting challenges await our favorite ragtag band of heroes? (12/21/15)

#39. Secret Wars #9 (2016) The final fate of the Fantastic Four have been revealed! (1/31/16)

#40: Star Trek: Flesh and Stone  Happy fiftieth anniversary, Star Trek! Let's see what all your doctors do on a harrowing adventure! (4/3/16)

#41: A+A: Archer and Armstrong #1: Once again we go into the Valiant Universe! (5/30/16)

#42: Steve Rogers: Captain America #1: Is the comic as controversial as everyone says it is? (6/22/16)

#43: Superman Rebirth #1: The pre-New 52 Man of Steel returns! (7/31/16)

#44 Spider-Man Spotlight:  Why do I like Spider-Man? (8/28/16)

#45: Iron Man Spotlight:  Tony Stark, makes you feel he's a cool exec with a heart of steel. (10/6/16)

#46: Nova #1 (2016): The original human rocket returns! (1/30/17)

#47 Top Ten X-Men: Who are my favorite children of the atom? (3/29/17)

#48: X-Men Blue #1: The original X-Men are back in action! (5/6/17)

#49: A+A Archer and Armstrong #5: What are Valiant's dynamic duo up to now? (6/30/17)

#50: Star Wars #1: What better way to celebrate the 50th episode than with something I grew up with? (8/5/17)

#51: Len Wein Tribute: Paying tribute to the man who brought us Swamp Thing and Wolverine among others. (11/5/17)

#52: Darkhawk #51: What has the edge on crime been up to all these years? (1/27/18)

#53: Top Ten Avengers: And there came a day.... (4/6/18)

#54: Action Comics #1000: Celebrating eighty years of the man of steel! (7/29/18)

#55: Fantastic Four #1 (2018): The Fantastic Four have returned after what seemed like ages! (10/8/18)

#56: Stan Lee and Me: How did the legendary Stan Lee impact my life? Find out!