Saturday, January 25, 2020

Starbolts #464: All the Pain of Yesterday

Trigger Warning: This week's comic contains references to sexual assault. Viewer discretion is advised.



This week’s comic had a trigger warning for obvious reasons. I revealed that Crystal was almost sexually assaulted just minutes before meeting Marcus. It’s the reason why she was crying on the rock in Starbolts#304’s flashback scene. Normally, I try to keep the comic light from time to time. However, certain things need to be addressed when talking about certain characters. Characters like Sara, Firaxil and Crystal have not had easy lives and I hope that I am conveying that in the best and most tasteful way possible. My friend, Sam, has been very helpful in that regard. The comic doesn’t make light of what happened to any of those characters. But, sadly it is a fact of life for many and I’m trying my best to treat the situations with the utmost care and delicacy. Despite the fact that these characters have fantastic powers and abilities, they are still characters who have gone through the wringer.

There is a bit more to Cody Dillinger’s story that will be revealed in due time. I don’t enjoy writing this character at all.  However, readers will soon see that he got his just desserts. In time, Crystal is going to learn that Cody was more than just a mere farmhand. I don’t want to give anything away. That one time on the rock wasn’t the only time he did something to her. Let’s just leave it at that. More on his backstory and what happened to him soon. 

Sufficed it to say, it took her a long time to recover from that and other things Cody did to her over a three year period. The point is that she did and is now in a much healthier relationship with someone who actually loves her and has a great support system. 

Picking that period of time was a tough choice for Sam and me. We needed to pick a moment in time where Crystal outright rejected Terra Nova, the people who “raised her” and embraced the life of a superhero. The farm she lived on was not really a farm and the community outside of Bowling Green, Kentucky was not really a community. She was basically raised in an environment akin to the “Truman Show”. Only nastier. All of the children except for Firaxil were children of Terra Nova agents and there were agents running around. I’ll be delving into that story soon, too.

As for the others, the Starbolts are going to have a hard time coming to grips with the time periods they have to go to. These include:

1. Crystal rejecting Terra Nova (as discussed.)
2. Sara's death
3. Firaxil and the shuttle leaving New Inobus
4. The life bomb on D.I.S.C.O.R.D. island
5. Jenna burning down her school
6. The death of Sirak J'arrsti
7. The death of Criam J'arrsti
8. The death of Kevin's mother
9. The death of Angela

Those nine events shaped Crystal, Sara, Firaxil, Jack, Jenna, M’anta, Aquita, Shrall, Kevin and Angela into who they are now. Once the Starbolts finally confront The Professor, you can be damn sure that there’ll be hell to pay. Since those Starbolts in particular will be angry, the whole team will be. One thing, though. What are M’anta and Crystal going to do since they won’t be going to these nine time periods? That, readers, we’ll find out next week!
Should also note that the kids are really angry about this. They learned about these events from their parents. MJ almost wanted to reveal himself to his parents. He did feel for them, you have to admit. He’s a good kid.

See you next time!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Starbolts #463: The not too Distant Future


This week we find out what was behind that ominous glow in last week's comic and it turned out to be the arrival of the children of the current Starbolts from the future! Fifteen years in the future to be exact! Let's take a look at who's who:

Sirak Arlandero, the son of Mateo Arlandero and Aquita J'arrsti.
Dendra Odanta, the daughter of Firaxil Odanta and Sara Whitefox.
Marcus Johnson Jr, the son of Marcus Johnson and Crystal Whitefox.
Jacob Whitefox, the son of Jack Whitefox and Anya Petrov.
Angelo Stanton, the son of Kevin Stanton and Angela Arlandero.
Rose J'arrsti, the daughter of M'anta J'arrsti and Jenna Dastara.

As you can see, there are quite a bit of cousins in this team. But, that's fine. The next generation of Starbolts is here to help the older generations take care of the Professor. The Professor was once a cosmic entity who was nice and helped out M'anta once when he was hurting and looking for Jenna in the time stream. What could have caused his heel turn? We'll find out soon enough.

I'm aware that the future Starbolts are all dressed like Power Rangers. That's just a sight gag. They won't be summoning any zords or anything.

Either way, I guess if you're going to have wedding crashers, it might as well be your children from the future! See ya next time!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Starbolts #462: The Whitefox Wedding Itinerary


Superhero weddings never turn out the way you expect them to don't they? Who crashed Sara and Firaxil's wedding? What just happened? We'll find out soon enough. Everything was going smoothly until someone or something arrived! Who could it be? Well, there was a hint in the New Years' Eve comic about some timey wimey things going on. Could Sirak's older self have returned? Maybe. Then again this temporal incursion was a lot brighter and more dynamic than usual. Perhaps he brought some friends with him!

Eagle-eyed readers of this week's comic may have noticed the lack of Southern accent for Crystal and it's really for the best. She had been practicing for years and I think now it has finally sunk in. That and she doesn't want to be reminded of anything related to Kentucky for the rest of her life. Can't say I blame her. The same thing with Sara. They're ditching their accents and moving on. It's a new year (for us anyway).

It's a new year, everyone. The new story has just begun and it's gonna be EPIC! Stay tuned!