Sunday, May 29, 2022

Starbolts #583: Heaven is a Place on Earth




    This week Crystal and Marcus are off on a well deserved vacation. After what he endured at the hands of Demonstorm, can you really blame him? Yeah, he and Crystal are going to need some time away. But, don't worry! They'll both be back for the special 600th comic coming soon. A few other Starbolts will be returning by then as well. It seems like everyone is scattered these days. Angela is in space. Firaxil and Sara are on New Inobus. Now Marcus and Crystal are off to the Arlandero ranch.

     Don't worry. I'm sure there really isn't any disastrous consequences to the bonding ritual. It was a line. And a good one at that. It probably only works for witches or something.

    Meanwhile Medea has fixed not one but TWO Starbolts. This could be her redemption tour through the ranks of the Starbolts. Could she be the one to fix Angela? That remains to be seen. We may be focusing on her as we start on the road to Starbolts #600. We may even check in on our friends here. Yes, I know they said they wanted to be alone. But, hey. Why not, right? 

Stay tuned! More Starbolts goodness is coming your way!

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Starbolts #582: Love is a Battlefield




    This is it! Marcus is finally free of Demonstorm's control and is well on his way to bonding with Crystal.There is going to be some serious celebrations next time for the two of them. So, be on the look out for that. I think it's well deserved and I think everyone reading this week's comic would agree that it was a long time coming. 

    I'm not sure what Marcus is doing with his speed powers. He's not tapping into the speed force as used by The Flash or anything. His powers are from a mutation and not from anything else. So, it remains to be seen if this would be transferred to the real world.

    As far as the scene he experienced, it all occurred in the time it took for him to accept Crystal's bonding gift. I'm reminded of that song by Jim's Big Ego, "The Ballad of Barry Allen". It seems quite appropriate for this week's comic!

    Poor Marcus, though. He was asked about his sex life in front of her father. Talk about awkward. I don't think he was keen on revealing the details in front of ol' Stan. But, between you and me he secretly enjoyed seeing the young man squirm a bit. Of course Stan approves of Marcus. But, it's okay for him to tease his daughter's boyfriend every once in a while. I think he saved face just in time.

    Marcus never met Cody and this week we get to see an inkling of what that confrontation would be like. Our speeding friend is definitely not afraid of that abusive jerk and here he proves it. Cody was just a manifestation of Crystal's fears. Her fears combined with Demonstorm almost did him in. But, he prevailed and now it's time for the two to bond. 

 See ya next time for the romantic payoff!

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Starbolts #581: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun




    There is a lot going on this week! First we learn that it'll take more than just sexy times to cure Marcus of his Demonstorm infestation. Marcus and Crystal will have to partake in a mystical bonding ritual which should solve his problems. It'll also bring the two closer together in terms of their relationship. It'll be well worth it. Crystal just needs some training and she'll be back in two shakes to help Marcus with his problem.

    Marcus should be well taken care of with Mateo, Aquita and Sirak helping him out. He just got another boost of oxytocin. I think he should be okay for now. But, he can't keep this up forever. Crystal will have to act fast if she is to save Marcus. And you know that woman is driven to save her boyfriend. Whatever it takes. 

    Now we come to Tanis shaking the box Demonstorm's stored in. I have to say it is cathartic. The whole scene is also a way for Medea to bond with her son. I feel like Medea was never really given a chance to bond with Tanis because of how his father treated him. Technically speaking he's only a few years old even though he has the appearance of a young adult. Demonstorm and Braun artificially aged him after all. Tanis finally has the chance to vent out his frustration. I think there's a chance for both victims of Demonstorm to bond now that the tyrant is out of their lives. We'll see on that front.

    It is nice to see Medea and Cece being catty with one another. They are two sides of the same coin and I think Cece might be taken aback by Medea's strategies. Medea wants to atone for all of Demonstorm's misdeeds and I think Cece will understand that in time.

So much stuff happened this week and we got more in store for next week!

See ya next time!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Starbolts #580: The Danger Zone




    This is the week we learn more about Medea and I think it makes the Starbolts' old villain a great deal more sympathetic. Think about it. She was forced into a loveless marriage by a man who probably killed her sisters, her fellow void witches. She half-hardheartedly took part in various conquests. She never set out to be evil. So, she was forced into all those things by a man who would rather conquer a planet than be focused on other pursuits. It's really no wonder she acts the way she does. I get the feeling she'll stay in that gray area. We shall see.

    So far she's opened up her backstory to Crystal and I think that might score points with her. In fact, now that she knows that she also talked to her spells, she might feel a bit differently. 

    Time is really of the essence now that Demonstorm's voice is getting a wee bit louder in Marcus's head. Will sex really be the cure-all here? I'm thinking "No." There's going to be something more to it than that. Just sit tight. Medea has a plan!

    I hope everyone's been liking the '80s song titles. It's building up to something. I mean Marcus and Crystal's song IS an '80s song, soo....I think you can guess where I'm going with this.