Saturday, August 10, 2013

Starbolts #200: Through the Looking Glass

Back in 2008, I started work on a comic based on stories I wrote over at SPP and in stories I wrote for myself when I was a kid. Over time, the story evolved and became a sprite based webcomic because unfortunately I cannot draw very well. So, here we are at my 200th official comic and I look back the progress I made and say to myself I did pretty good despite having to work with sprites of my own design and such.

That isn't to say I didn't have help. FAR from it. I've had a LOT of help over the years. Namely from people like JewWario who gave me a sprite template to use, Spike's Girl and Mark who listen to my story ideas and edit if needed and most importantly, I thank the fans who have supported me through this crazy journey.

I like writing about superheroes and anyone who knows me knows that it is a passion of mine. It is. I've always liked writing and showing it visually like this, I think, better allows me to show what's happening. Prose is good. I love books. Some of my good friends are writers. But, there's just something about sequential art that has always appealed to me.

It's fun to write and work on this stuff. It takes a lot of work to make a comic. Not just this 60 panel comic you just read. There's planning, plotting, drawing and figuring out just what you want to do. It's hard work and yeah, you could say it's a labor of love.

So, here we are at Starbolts #200. A lot of stuff happened and I guarantee you that the next 200 will be just as exciting and fun. They are fun to make and I hope I've made them exciting and fun for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks again, readers of the Starbolts and of course thanks go out to everyone who has helped. From tgwtg who has hosted the comic in their blogs since 2008 to you for reading this.

Take care, everyone and I'll be back with a new adventure on the horizon.

See ya in the funny papers!

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