Saturday, August 23, 2014

Starbolts #244: Where Iron Eagles Dare


Well, look who thinks he's clever Kevin. Well, he doesn't think he's clever. He IS clever. I wrote the script thinking "Yeah. Him going to the brig isn't going to solve anything." I left it in because I kind of want to write their reaction to his antics. Heh.  Should be an interesting fight. Especially now that Andrea wants to get involved.

Speaking of the Starbolts, you notice I didn't put all of them in the last few panels. Quite a bit of them are still recovering. Mateo's angry as Aquita is one of the injured. So, the team's a bit short-handed at the moment. We'll see how this plays out soon!

Next week, though, I plan on making a video about a certain star-spangled man with a plan. See ya then!

Oh, and yeah. I've heard about the New Warriors being cancelled. Again. It's annoying. The team, like others have said, never seems to find an audience. I think the problem is that the classic team fans need to be thrown a bone. This article I found explains it more than I can:

It's a good read. Check it out. I'm not gonna sulk, though. Just annoyed, like I said. See ya next week!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Starbolts #243: The Stowaways


Today I reveal more members of the Guardians. Zarantha, Psiwing, Sentinel and a green muscled guy called Omega. Yeah, I wasn't going to call him "Kluh" or something. We'll get more from him and their friends, soon. Poor Zarantha, though. She didn't even notice Kevin finalizing the command code switch. Whoops.

The Guardians will of course now have to deal with a ship that can't go into space. At best, they can only go around the planet. Weapons will also have to be disabled, too. Hmm. How are they going to do that? The bridge? Possible.

I tried making Engineering look like the TNG Engineering set. The best I could do was add a "pool table" like control area. It works, though. Next week we are sure to see more fun times. But, we should probably check in on Marcus and Britannia. They're the ones who sent out the others before they got attacked and are tending to the wounded inside the Embassy.

But, wait! Where are Jack and Anya? Don't worry. They'll be here. Imagine Jack's reaction to be one of complete shock and disbelief.

Anyway, enjoy the comic this week! I'll be back with another one soon and after that I'll be bringing a Captain America #1 review! Take care!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Starbolts #242: Grand Theft Starship


Well, we've certainly got some nuggets of information about the Guardians this week. Iron Eagle wants what the Starbolts have: Fame and adulation of the masses. They want to be hailed as Earth's mightiest. However, there's a problem since...well...they kinda just stole a spaceship. A spaceship, by the way, that has been redesigned. I redid the bridge this week to make it look like a combination of the Enterprise bridge from Star Trek: The Next Generation and a bit from the original series. Those were my main inspirations for the redesigns. Obviously, the monitors are offline in the two panel spread. But, I will fix that in time.

I didn't change the Guardian itself much. It's still a huge ship and in the last panel you can see the Embassy. I think I did a pretty good job on this one. Took time and I am pleased.

Now Kevin and Angela are stuck on the Guardian. What are they going to do? How will they react to the ship being taken? Well, we're gonna find out next time! Oh and poor Marcus. Ranted at by Donna. Can't say he didn't deserve that! =)

See you then!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Starbolts #241: The Fastest Alive


Well, it's obvious what the lesson is for this week is. That is: Don't talk to strange women in alleyways even if they are superheroes. Wow. Next week, I am certain someone will give him a stern talking to. Most likely, it will be Britannia. Ginger and full of sass. Yeah. She's perfect for setting Marcus here on the right path.

In the mean time, Manta, Jenna and Norad were knocked out by Iron Eagle. What exactly is going on? Well, *I* know what's going on. I was just wondering if you guys knew. Any guesses are of course welcome.

This week, I have also introduced a third member of the Guardians. That is Apollo, Greek sun god and master archer. This time, he's just bringing the heat because he felt like it. I need to finish his bow and arrow sprites.

I also wanted to give Velocity a different speed signature than Marcus. So, I came up with this Tron-like beam of light to differentiate the two speedsters from each other. It works well. =)

In other news, I have my Guardians of the Galaxy #1 review up. Check it out:

I also got a letter from Channel Awesome recently saying that I didn't get picked up and that's okay. I'm still going to do what I am doing. They encouraged me to reapply some other time and I will.   Not much has changed as the world's still spinning. I still like doing my comics and my videos. I still help out Film Brain with his shows and the Last Angry Geek with his Facebook group and you know there are other avenues to explore. So, I am fine! Besides, who knows what the future may bring?

See you all next time!