Sunday, January 12, 2020

Starbolts #462: The Whitefox Wedding Itinerary


Superhero weddings never turn out the way you expect them to don't they? Who crashed Sara and Firaxil's wedding? What just happened? We'll find out soon enough. Everything was going smoothly until someone or something arrived! Who could it be? Well, there was a hint in the New Years' Eve comic about some timey wimey things going on. Could Sirak's older self have returned? Maybe. Then again this temporal incursion was a lot brighter and more dynamic than usual. Perhaps he brought some friends with him!

Eagle-eyed readers of this week's comic may have noticed the lack of Southern accent for Crystal and it's really for the best. She had been practicing for years and I think now it has finally sunk in. That and she doesn't want to be reminded of anything related to Kentucky for the rest of her life. Can't say I blame her. The same thing with Sara. They're ditching their accents and moving on. It's a new year (for us anyway).

It's a new year, everyone. The new story has just begun and it's gonna be EPIC! Stay tuned!

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