Sunday, July 21, 2019

Starbolts #441: The Raid on King Pharmaceutical


The raid on King Pharmaceutical has begun with a bang. No jokes from Crystal this time. She's all business as she leads an Aquan ninja, a soldier, a space cop, a samurai and an empath into battle. Crystal is determined to put Terra Nova out of business by any means necessary. However, it looks like there may be a wrench or two in the works.

First: Elisabeth is ready for Crystal aka Whisper. She is going to do whatever it takes to stop her and possibly even recapture her. Not a pleasant thought. Oh and take note of that shield in her office. That shield has some important significance. I won't say how or why just yet. Feel free to guess!

Second: Then there's Tanis. That boy has a one track mind doesn't he. He wants to save Damselfly aka Shenra. But, it looks like she can save herself. That and it seems that the two are not going to have a good relationship going forward. What's gonna happen?

Stay tuned! The battle has just begun!

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