Saturday, May 30, 2015

Starbolts #270: The Great Escape


The countdown to the special double-sized  two hundred and seventy-fifth issue is on! What will happen, then? Well, I plan on releasing it on the 4th of July. So, you can imagine what will go down. This also means I'll have to release two comics in a week. I think I can manage that. So, keep those peepers open! In the middle of all that, I'll have a comic review for you all to check out!

As far as this issue goes, it was fun making Neptune. I used a Nasa photograph as a guide. Out of all the outer planets, it was the easiest to make.  Jupiter would have been cool, too. But, I digress. Manta, Aquita and Ariel are heading back to Earth! The storyline will be ending soon and then I think I'll have a few fun comics and of course the annual jumping on point for new readers.

A lot is coming this summer! Should be a wild ride! See you all next time!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Starbolts #269: Twisted Sense of Liberty

Hail! Poor guy gets thrown down a LONG hallway. Sucks to be him doesn't it? At least we finally find out what Gladstone's issue is. But, there are still a couple lingering questions here. What does this have to do with Sara? Is there a connection with Iron Eagle? It's getting close to the climax and I'm sure Jenna can piece everything together and save her friends. Still...why doesn't Sara have a file? This is most perplexing. Yes, I know the reason why. Telling you would be spoiling it. =D

In other news, I did a video with Kira Kennedy. You can see it here or at I suggest checking it out because I reviewed Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and it's basically my first movie review. I've been wanting to do movie reviews ever since I started helping Film Brain and I can tell you they put a lot of work into it. As for my own reviews, a new one will be arriving soon. Just have some technical issues to beat out before I can start editing. In the mean time, enjoy the comic! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Starbolts #268: Titanic Explosion


Let me tell you a little story. There was a guy named Dennis who was in love with a lady named Sara. They were both Starbolts and they had a bit of unrequited love. Sara later died in Dennis's arms in the very early goings of this comic. Like years and years ago. It's in my backlog somewhere. Along comes this new Sara and Dennis has changed into this hulking behemoth. He'll get his brains back soon. He's just kind of out of it. Okay. He's VERY out of it. Still, Sara 2 here isn't making things easier is she? At least we don't have to worry about any other metahumans being transformed against their will.

Another thing to note is that Jenna's powers are now back! Yay! Plus it seems like Manta is not so "gone" as we think if he's been talking to Sara 2.0 and Ethan Knight. So, there's that.

Comic is up a lot later than usual as I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron yestrday and didn't have time to really work on the comic. The movie is good. Though, I do have a thing or two to say about it. I might make a vlog. I might not. We'll see.

I also finished up work on my crossover with Kira Kennedy. Look for that soon and a new Comic Showcase. Busy Cferra is indeed busy!

Take care!