Saturday, September 28, 2019

Starbolts #451: The SUPER Nanny


This week marks the start of the closing chapters for the Terra Nova arc. However, this week ALSO begins the start of a new storyline. There are loads of foreshadowing things in this week's comic. I can't very well go through all of them because they would indeed be spoilers. Let's just say things are going to be drama filled. Some good things will happen. Some bad things, too. We'll find out soon enough.

At any rate, Cece is now gainfully employed by the Agents to look after the children of superheroes. Not an easy task. Is she up to the task? I hope so. I know she will be. We still have one more person to help. That will be next week. Who is that? Well, we've met Ellie's mom. What do you say we meet Ellie's dad?

See you next time!

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Starbolts #450: Their Other Mother


The 450th comic ends with a very happy reunion between Sara, Crystal and the woman who raised them from ages 5 months to 5 years. Her name is Cecilia Rivera. I should probably tell everyone that the last video in panels nine and ten was made the night Sara died. That just adds to the "feels factor" doesn't it? Basically, their timeline goes like this:

Ages 0-5: With Cecilia. Parents weren't around much.
Ages 5-15: HELL
Ages 16 to the present: With Stan and Andrea.

Now that Cecilia is back with the girls I wonder how she will react to the lives they had. It was not boring. That's for sure! At least she is on her way home and this part of the Terra Nova saga can come to a close.

I'll be starting a new storyline, soon. I dropped a few subtle hints to what it's gonna be about this week. But, first we still have a few other things to take care of before we get to that story. Stay tuned because that one will be awesome!

See you next time!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Starbolts #449: Loose Threads


We're just one week away from Starbolts #450 as loose ends are beginning to be finally tied up. What could possibly be on the recordings made by the live-in nanny? Feel free to speculate! Guaranteed there will be feels! So many feels. That's all I can say right now without spoiling anything!

Really glad that we wrapped up the Nisson issue quickly. I wasn't about to let it drag. The guy is just a little out of sorts from being in a deep freeze for twenty years. He's a bit lost, confused and shaken up. At least things look to be improving on that front.

But, now we have some more loose ends with Terra Nova. Who is Cecilia Rivera? What is her connection with Sara and Crystal? What's on those tapes? Their records may be clear but they have other priorities at the moment. Stay tuned as we delve a bit more into Sara and Crystal's shared past! See you next time!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Starbolts #448: Meet the In-laws


Meeting the in-laws is always a very awkward and tense situation to deal with. And due to Dendra and Nisson's situation, it's bound to be a wee bit more awkward and tense than anything else. At least Dendra seems to be cool here. Nisson on the other hand is a wee bit more tense than anything else. Either way, next comic will deal with the fallout from this week's little adventure at the dinner table and the announcement at the end of the comic.

I wonder what that announcement is. Everyone is smiling in the last panel. I'll leave you, the reader, to figure out what they are happy about. Sure Sara swore. But, it's a happy swear. Trust me. She is elated. More on that next week and more drama to come regarding Nisson. I hope he comes around soon. Can't have him be this grumpy at the wedding.

Oh and I am trying different special effects for Sara's teleportation effects. I am trying to see what works. This one seems to be okay. But, I think I can do better. Time will tell.

See ya next week!

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Starbolts #447: The Legacy of the Shield


This week's comic has a little bit of history in it doesn't it? Check out Andrea's uniform from when she worked with the first Lady Liberty. Does the design look familiar? It should. Crystal has a design similar to that now. Interesting. It's also interesting to note that Marcus's mother designed BOTH uniforms. She's like the Edna Mode of this universe. Still, we have no capes!

This week also saw Sara meet the future in-laws. That meeting may not go as you might expect. Look for more on that next week. At least we have some vague idea of what's going to happen to the metahumans and Shenra now that they've been freed.

We also got a look at why the Starbolts and the agents have those four pronged stars on their suits. Pretty crafty idea, Andrea. And now we have some solid background for her, Stan and the other Agents. The first Lady Liberty left a legacy for the others to follow and if you ask me, I think the current generation is doing great living up to her legacy.

See ya next time!