Saturday, January 23, 2016

Starbolts #296: Gods and Monsters


I can think of a few things running through the minds of a few people in this comic.

The Praetorians?

"WOOOT! He's gone! PARTY!!!!!!!!!!"

Shrall and Manta?

"Gods, why do we have to be stuck with this guy again?

Well, Robkas is back and I have some big plans for him. Will he really be redeemed? You'll have to read and find out. Redemption's not going to come easy and he's done some irredeemable things in his day. The Starbolts have a long memory so I don't think they'll be keen on trusting him. He isn't joining them or anything. It's more that he is going to be around. A lot. Since he is powerless now, he shouldn't be a problem.

Or will he? MWAHAHAHA!

Tune in next time to find out and look for a new video soon!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Starbolts #295: Monsters and Mayhem


Jaro, the first rule of super-villain team ups is to not insult the guys you're working with! At least not right away! You insult them and they'll be less inclined to help you with your goals. Well, War'll teach ya that soon enough. The other two dark avatars are also held at this facility. I feel really bad for the gold shirts that were killed. Hopefully, their deaths will be avenged. 

As for Xelia, I gave her new fire wings to replace the old ones. I'm still iffy on how to best show them. But, it's a start. They may change again. Third time might be the charm. I'm trying to go for a Moltres from Pokemon look with her. None of the sprites I found were a good guide to help me figure a good look for her. I may figure something out.

So now Jaro has access to the three dark avatars. Who knows who else will show up. Who knows indeed. =)

In other news, I am planning a vid for the end of the month as always. It will most likely be Secret Wars #9 as that finally came out! Is it good? Is it bad? We'll see. There are plenty of ads in the comic. That's for sure. At least it'll scan easier.

Anyway, enjoy the comic! See ya next time!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Starbolts #294: The Fire Within


It's the first official comic of the year and we start with the avatar of Heliosa, the goddess of fire. As you can see she has fiery wings. I may edit them a little bit. We'll see. My creative consultant, Mark and I wanted to give her a different colored fire than the one Jenna normally uses. She has regular fire and Xelia here uses hot blue fire. Blue fire is hotter than regular fire. Yikes.

When she gets a costume (And you know she will), Xelia will probably get some kind of toga or something.  I can't see her wearing spandex or anything. Still, she's gonna melt somebody in the next comic and it ain't gonna be the Starbolts. It's good to be back to continue this storyline. Sucks that Mateo and Marcus are hurt. Angela is, too. We just don't see her on panel at the moment.

This is a tough battle. But, I know the 'Bolts will win the day! But, I think they'll be happy to have help from Xelia. She needs a codename, by the way. I need to think of one. By the way, that yellow building is a temple for Heliosa and it's a giant solar energy conductor. Aquarius has a lot of buildings that we think would be contradictions. For example, a temple that doubles as a place where science happens.

Enjoy the comic and I'll see ya next time!