Saturday, January 29, 2022

Starbolts #566: Shattered Glass




    This week we visit the greatest fears of Crystal, Takashi and Firaxil. Crystal didn't have any trouble seeing through the illusion. She had her fill with Zarantha poking around her brain many, many comics ago. It all came to a head back in Starbolts #373. Since then Crystal has been training with Aquita to block out mental tampering. It's always good to have a telepath on standby just in case things go south. She's going to have to help Marcus now that he's free of his illusion. I think she'd be up to the task.

    As far as Takashi goes, he may have had a thing for Kaori. That kind of went by the wayside as they were both adopted and raised by the same man, Ganetsu. Does he still harbor those feelings for Kaori? It remains to be seen. For now they just love each other like a brother and sister would even though there is no blood between them. And I would think he'd be happy for Kaori since she found love with Selena. Demonstorm was just trying to mess with his head.

    Now we come to Firaxil. He wasn't having any part of this illusion was he? We'll find out why next time. He was not particularly thrilled seeing his home wrecked and his wife near death. But, something made him realize it was just an illusion. We'll see why soon enough. 

    Our heroes have a serious beef with Demonstorm. They're mad and he'd better watch out for these four Starbolts.

See ya next time!


Saturday, January 22, 2022

Starbolts #565: The Infinite Palace




    The Starbolts have arrived in town and are ready to face Demonstorm. One group has already succumbed to one of his tricks. How will Marcus and the others escape from their own fears? Hard to say. But, you can bet Crystal is not happy with having her mind messed with. Marcus certainly isn't. He doesn't take kindly to having his mind messed with, either and is going to fight every step of the way. Demonstorm's illusion is already starting to crack and that's a good thing. On the outside he may be a joker. But, he's actually very smart and is a hero. Demonstorm underestimates him and that may be the key to his own undoing.

    I do like that we have a "Scooby Doo" reference with Crystal's group. Crystal would clearly be Daphne. Marcus is Shaggy. Firaxil is Fred. That just leaves Sara as Velma. There are probably stories out there on the Internet where Shaggy ends up with Daphne and Fred ends up with Velma. You never know and I'm not going to look for them!

   It's probably best to just leave those aside. Next week we'll be seeing more fears and what M'anta's team is up to. As for Demonstorm himself, he is there. He just likes to play tricks on our heroes.

See ya next time!


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Starbolts #564: Demonstorm Lives!



     Well, now. Demonstorm is back and he still has his twisted idea of what a hero should be. If you remember from the Starbolts "tournament" comics which ran from Starbolts #153 to Starbolts #200, Demonstorm had this crazy idea that he should be the hero. The thing is though at heart he is an evil, evil tyrant with none of the morality which makes a person a hero. He goes about it all wrong and now thousands are dead because of his misguided beliefs. Charming, isn't he?

    M'anta expressed some guilt of course when killing Lord Demonstorm. He has a heart. Of course he would feel guilty over taking a life even if it's his enemy. Now that he's back, he feels less guilty. This may be a problem. We'll see what happens when he confronts him once again.

    Crystal is right, though. Evil comes in many forms. Tanis doesn't have the monopoly of sucky "father" figures. The "men" who raised Sara and Crystal were far, far removed from their actual birth father, Stan. The girls wish they were raised by him and their mother. They don't wish what they went through on anyone. I think Tanis understands that now. We're going to see how this all will play out very soon.

    This is also the second time Jack has his grandfather's shield. Is he trying to be the next Iron Eagle? We'll see. First things first. The Starbolts have an interdimensional tyrant to stop! Good luck, team! You're gonna need it!

See ya next time!

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Starbolts #563: Next Steps


    A new year has begun for our heroes and it has started with a bang! It certainly didn't take long for the danglers Medea talked about last time to turn up did it? Keep in mind that these are two pretty big danglers. There are others I talked about in the comic and you can be sure they'll be dealt with in the coming year. For now let's take a look at this comic.

    Crystal is ready to hit the ground running in her training. She has never been more focused in her life now that she knows who and what she is. She knows that with her great confidence, comes great responsibility. She just wants to be able to use it the right way. And she will. Her boyfriend, Marcus, of course will support her and help as always. It's just another hurdle for her to face and she will meet it head on!

    Sara is taking a more pragmatic approach as always. She'll be catching up to her sister in no time. She just needs time to carefully analyze the situation. It's funny how both twins are identical in terms of physical appearance (minus the hair and eyes) but they take different approaches to everything. For the longest time, Crystal didn't know who she really was and she wants to explore everything. Sara does, too. But, she is taking the more analytical approach. They are twins. Just sometimes they don't always do the identical thing.

    Now there's Tanis. The book he gave Cece is going to help Angela with her problem. That will get resolved, too. Poor kid, though. He's reacting to the Starbolts craziness and is wondering what is going on. He SHOULD be used to this kind of thing. Problem is he never really embraced things.

    I kind of wish I could have done a comic involving Marcus vs the tracksuit gang. That would have been funny! But, perhaps we'll see them another day. 

    The scene has been set for a new year full of Starbolts adventure. The players are ready. The orchestra is engaged. Now let's see if they can dance.

See ya next time!