Saturday, May 29, 2021

Starbolts #533: The New Prince



    The new prince is finally here and his name is Criam J'arrsti. Longtime readers will remember that Criam was the name of Aquita, Shrall and M'anta's grandfather. The elder Criam was the one who liberated Aquarius from the Mosqukatara. You can read about his heroic sacrifice all those years ago here. Now he carries on the name for a new generation. Will he be king? It's hard to say. He WILL be meeting his cousin, Sirak, next week though!

    Speaking of next week. Expect Aquita to FINALLY confront Robkas over his latest ramblings. It's a safe bet she's just going to give him the cold shoulder as he usually does. And of course Kahlia is no prize herself. Seriously. She hit on Marcus on live television. Oh and to make it worse Crystal probably saw it. She knows Marcus would NEVER stray. However, she does have just cause to beat up that lady. Kahlia clearly has issues and she and Robkas were made for each other!

    I'm also planning on doing a long awaited scene with Aquita and her mother. I really want to make one before they head back to Earth. Stay tuned for that and of course future comics!

See ya next week!

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Starbolts #532: When Similarities Attract



    Only a complete and utter douche like Robkas would have a political announcement at the same time a royal birth is taking place. But, it gets worse. They're in the same building. I want it known that the Starbolts are right to chastise Robkas due to his crimes. He has been a constant thorn in their sides since his return ages ago. The man has some serious issues and the Starbolts don't tolerate him. Why should they? He kidnapped Aquita, brainwashed her, took part in several attempts to take over either Earth or Aquarius and countless other crimes.

    Then there's his girlfriend. It looks like Kahlia Motres is cut from the same cloth. M'anta asked Firaxil to do a quick check on her file before he arrived at the beach. It didn't take long as he used his Centurion helmet. The helmet includes an uplink to any criminal database depending on what world the Centurion is on and Kahlia appears on the list. She did some time. But, is she really reformed?

Who knows? I wonder if Robkas and her even have a future. They do seem to deserve each other.

Either way, next comic sees the birth of the new prince! Stay tuned!

See ya nest week!

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Starbolts #531: Unexpected Arrivals



    This week's comic brings us two unexpected arrivals for the Starbolts. First off we have Angela and Kevin having a long awaited and much needed reunion. Things were tense for a while since she went to Demonsk without his input. That put a little strain on their relationship. Thankfully, they worked things out and are getting back on track. As for that little cave they went to,'s an underwater cave. I think they'll have privacy there. Much needed privacy. The cave was discovered by Aquita and she and Mateo have made it into a love nest. How did she find out about it? Good question. I doubt the princess would have told her.

    It looks like Robkas is back in town with a new girlfriend. Her name is Kahlia. We'll be hearing more about her in the next few comics. What is Robkas's endgame here? He wants to be senator, right? Is he using her to get the job? OR is she using him? It's hard to say. Basically, Kahlia is an Aquan version of Crystal with zero inhibitions. He should be careful. Then again, perhaps he's also in on it.

    I really liked how that sunrise panel came out. It took a few tries. But, I think it works. See ya next time for more of what Robkas is up to now that he's back. What does this mean for our heroes? Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Starbolts #530: Flight of the Phoenix



    This week's comic got a little steamy didn't it? Well, it makes sense given our fiery heroine and her husband have good cause to celebrate. Jenna is now fixed and the two are very happy about the results. There's a reason for that.

    Aquans thrive on physical and telepathic contact with their mates as they mate for life. It had been about a year since Jenna's transformation and in that time M'anta couldn't touch her or touch her for very long. A kiss would only be brief because of the temperature of her skin. Physical contact was out of the question and sleeping next to her was like sleeping next to a heater.

    They tried being intimate telepathically and while that worked to some degree, she was missing the physical closeness with her husband. He also missed being physical, too.

    The scene gives new depth to their relationship and by extension Mateo and Aquita's since they are a mixed couple too. The only difference there is that Mateo is a human male. 

    Still, I wanted this comic to show a new depth to M'anta and Jenna's relationship. Their love was tested by the whole "Jenna becoming a living inferno" scenario. Now that she's back to normal. Who knows what will happen? Time will tell.

    Meanwhile, it looks like Shrall and Tayalla's baby is about to make his or her debut next week! The original Starbolts and Firaxil are off to Aquarius to witness the birth! It should make for a fun few comics. 

See ya next time!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Starbolts #529: Rise of the Phoenix



    Jenna has risen like a phoenix from the ashes and so that will be her new code name. It suits her and that bird-like costume is purely a coincidence. I think I'll make minor alterations as time goes by. Perhaps I'll include a bird-like image on the chest.  The white spot is where her mouth would go. It's not a full helmet. It's a decent design. I'll probably change it a little. Phoenix is also a cool code name, too.  I was struggling to think what I could use for a name and then I thought Phoenix was cool. Sure a member of the X-Men has used it. But, here's the thing. Jenna hasn't been replaced by a cosmic entity nor is she going to go crazy and destroy stuff. Her phoenix is more like the bird of legend and less like the X-Men character.

    M'anta and Jenna definitely had a happy reunion here and we'll be sure to catch up with them next week. We'll need some closure on that front and maybe we'll see the suit in action! No maybes about it. I want to see those wings! That should be cool! I also liked writing that bit with Richard and M'anta. Richard is basically a surrogate dad to him now that his father Sirak is gone. So he's been helping the poor guy out when he's troubled. Sure he's eccentric sometimes but he cares and that's the important thing!

    Though, part of me is sad that we never got to see Bruce Springsteen play for Crystal. HAHAHA! Nah, I think she's fine either way.

See ya next time!