Saturday, August 28, 2021

Starbolts #546: No More Super-soldiers



    It's finally come down to this. The monster responsible for the deaths of the first Iron Eagle and Spitfire is loose and has come to finish what he started. If he has his way, he would go after Sara, Sara's unborn child, Crystal, Andrea and the first Lady Liberty. Helping him on his quest, of course, is Dimitri. Dimitri is not quite right in the head at the moment. You can thank the Russian variant of the super-soldier serum he ingested for that.

    The American variant gave Jack and his sisters some of their fantastic abilities. The sisters received high endurance and resistance to injury as well as Jack. The three of them also "blossomed" early as puberty was a trigger for the serum as I explained in the comic. It should be noted that when Sara and Crystal eventually joined the Starbolts, no one noticed any super-soldier-like tendencies until the great reveal that they were the twin daughters of Stan and Andrea Whitefox.

    Of course Clive Marshall was giddy at the prospect of getting two super-soldiers in the employ of Terra Nova. That's why he experimented on the both of them. He wasn't about to miss his chance to really examine what made the girls tick. At least he's in jail now along with the rest of Terra Nova's inner circle. There's still much the Starbolts have to clean in the wake of Terra Nova's dissolution. That green guy is definitely one of them as he did kill the three Whitefoxes' grandparents.

    Jack is now face to face with their killer. It's up to him to stop him before he kills again.

    Now that we know what all three Whitefoxes inherited from their mother. What have they inherited from their father, the world's greatest sorcerer? Stay tuned and find out!

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Starbolts #545: MIssion: Singapore



    As the Starbolts track down the nanobots, Jack has a mission of his own to undertake. It seems that Anya's former partner, Dimitri Smirnov, finally went crazy due to the super-soldier serum coursing through his blood. Time for some backstory!

     The original serum courses through the blood of Jack, Sara and Crystal thanks to their mother, Andrea. However, the three of them all have varying levels of super-soldier-like skills because each offspring has different amounts of the serum inside of them. Jack has the most and as a result is a true super-soldier. Sara and Crystal being twins allowed for only great agility, endurance and the like. They can match their brother in a fight. But, in the end he has more inside of him. 

    Anya and Dimitri both received variants of the serum their government created in the wake of Andrea's adventures as the second Lady Liberty. Her serum changed her and she passed it down to her children. In Anya and Dimitri's case, they were both test subjects the Russian government wanted to use in order to create their own brand of super-soldier that was unlike the American variant. There was one small problem. The Russian variant drove men completely insane while women were left untouched. Why that happened is anyone's guess.

    Now we're back to today's comic and Dimitri has released the creature responsible for killing Iron Eagle and Spitfire as seen in the flashback from Starbolts #507. You can bet that Jack won't be happy about this creature bring allowed back into the world. Maybe he SHOULD have taken a Centurion wrecking ball as backup. I mean you can't go wrong with a cosmic powered sledgehammer, right? You might call it "overkill". I call it "leveling the playing field". This creature is bad news. Very bad news. We'll see just how bad he is as we march on to Starbolts #450.

    One side note before we go. I looked up the skyline of Singapore and those buildings are fancy. I wondered how I would copy the style....and the neon. It's like the city is in the future. That would have definitely pushed the boundaries of what I was capable of. Still, what I came up with was good. 

We'll see how the rest of this spy movie unfolds next week! See ya then!

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Starbolts #544: Loading Norad.exe


    This week Norad has been saved and something quite different has emerged in his old body now that Pegasus and the nanobots have successfully merged programs. You can probably debate over what happened after Norad went into his new body. My best guess is that the two entities came to a mutual understanding and decided to merge. The One and Pegasus no longer exist in the conventional sense. What was left behind is something completely different and now the Starbolts are left behind to try and find a cure for the nanobots while it's off seeing the world.

    I don't think the Starbolts will take the nanobot's departure lightly and will attempt to find where it went off to. I mean since it has a life threatening ailment wouldn't it make sense for it to say behind with those who would want to treat it? Who can say? It's not very logical.

    Next time we're going to be switching gears to a story about Jack and Anya as we head into Starbolts #550! Stay tuned!

See ya next time!

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Starbolts #543: Android Connections


    It took a little luck and ingenuity but Pegasus managed to reach his son. Looks like the Starbolts all have fathers who would win "good dad" awards. You could say that Pegasus learned from the greats and was just emulating them and you might be right about that. But, I'd like to think that Pegasus put his own spin on things. He presented Norad with a logic conundrum. How do you bond with an emotional being and still remain emotionless? That's a flaw in the nanobots logic.

    We're going to see how this all plays out next comic. I really like how the first bit with Sara and Holly turned out. Sara may not have been the best person to talk to about relationships and the like. I disagree. Perhaps her experience gives her a different look at how bonds are made. Her sister, Crystal, would have given her a similar answer as their backgrounds are remarkably similar. Holly has a lot to learn about what it means to be human and I think the Starbolts will help their new friend out.

     As far as Norad goes, he seems to be back on the right track. He's got a new albeit temporary coat of paint. His father arrived to save the day and now they have to deal with "The One". We'll see how this plays out next time!

See ya then!