Saturday, January 24, 2015

Starbolts #258: Fighting Fire with Fire


Well, obviously I have a comic up this week. Next week, though, I will take you back to the '90s with X-Men #1. I scripted the review last week. I scanned the pages and I'm ready to dance in front of the camera! Yeah, that doesn't sound right. But, it works doesn't it? I've also heard about the Secret Wars Marvel "reboot".

I don't really see it as a reboot. Time will tell. I remain on the fence about it and have already picked out the comics I'll talk about once the retrospective is over. I really like doing these looks at good comics of the past. Some people think comics in the '90s weren't that good and while some DID suck, some were actually pretty good.

Anyway, back to the comic. Adam is a bit of a jerk. Then again, he is a teenager who has heard all kinds of bad stuff about the Starbolts. Like some teens, he takes what people his age say as gospel. SO! This is...uh...gonna be the shortest fight of all time. I also wonder how much longer Jenna is gonna stay stuck in human torch mode. Not much longer, I hope! Hehe. Not going to spoil it, either!

In other news, my friend MarzGurl premiered "Farewell, Famikamen Rider" at Magfest yesterday. I hope people saw it. If you haven't, don't fret. I have been assured that the movie WILL be online at some point for all to enjoy. I've heard very good things and I know she and her husband, Josh made Justin proud. We still miss him!

Until next time!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Starbolts #257: YOU COPYCAT!


A lot is happening this week. Adam is a metahuman on a serious power-trip. He's like someone getting their first hint of power. I just hope that the old adage "Absolute power corrupts" does not apply to this kid down the road. He's just a wee bit misguided. Yeah. Let's go with that one, shall we? We shall.

Then there's Sara. She's not a clone. Not an android. What else could she be? She's a riddle wrapped in an enigma!

Plans are going well for the X-Men #1 video. Trying to decide if I want to do it next week or for the week after. I guess next Saturday'll be a surprise then! I think it'll be a comic. We'll see. It depends on how I want to do the opening bit for the '90s part of the retrospective.

See ya next time!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Starbolts #256: Crafting the Ultimate Metahuman


I honestly don't know who I want to smack more in this comic. Do I smack "Iron Eagle" for being a Nazi crazy person? Do I smack Adam for being a self-absorbed teenager? So many choices this week. I don't know where to start. I did have a good time writing this week's comic as I usually do. I wanted to focus on the baddies since I was pretty sure I didn't focus on the Nazi here. Man, when the real Iron Eagle comes back...and you know he will...I don't think he can bounce back from having a Nazi brain inside his body. How do you come back from that?

Adam's new powers will be explained in the next comic as he goes toe to toe with the Starbolts. It will be interesting. His powers will definitely make him the ultimate metahuman! So, stay tuned and see what he can do.

In other news, I am planning my X-Men #1 review. Should be fun.  Look for that later this month! See you all next time!

Oh and I have added a link to RT Gomer Productions on the side as I am a member of that site. Check them out. They have good stuff!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Starbolts #255: Derailing Subplot Ahoy!


Here we are at the first comic of 2015! I thought it'd be best to recap where I left off with the story originally so people can catch up. Now we have a lot of things going on. Let's recap:

1. Jenna and her power situation.
2. Sara back from the dead somehow.
3. Adam, the reluctant metahuman.

It's a lot to take in. I'll try not to make it a clustered mess of a storyline. Needless to say these three things are actually all connected. Wait and see how. Just wait and see.

As for the rest of the year, I can promise more action, adventure and whatever else from the Starbolts! Plus more videos. I am also looking to move from blogspot to wordpress. Gonna be tricky. But, it will be worth it in the long run.

Until next time!