Sunday, June 16, 2019

Starbolts #437: Sinister Temptation


Tanis, what are the Starbolts going to do with you? I want it understood that Tanis knew what he was doing when he went after Damselfly. That dust wasn't hypnotic or anything. As I'll explain in the next comic it's more like an aphrodisiac. The female of the species produces dust from her wings to attract a mate. And....that's what she did. Sufficed it to say that the Starbolts are going to be angry at Tanis over this for a very long time.

In any event, the Starbolts lost the first round with the so-called Sinister Six. I know that name's taken. I just thought I'd call 'em that. They'll have to regroup and recover while four members of the team will be out of commission for a while. Don't worry. Firaxil and Sara will be back next comic. Crystal is probably going to ask her a few questions. Namely....why did Mr. Mental call her Whisper? Hmmm....So many questions.

Enjoy the comic! Man, I wouldn't want to be in Tanis's shoes right now.

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