Saturday, October 18, 2014

Starbolts #250: Chasing Liberty

Well, M'anta. You could say Jenna for you.  I should probably stop here with the fire related puns shouldn't I? I wish I had more but, you know this girl is on FIRE! Heh...Okay. I'll stop. I'll stop. Sheesh. It's something when even I get annoyed by the silly puns I make. Anyway, this is the 250th comic and it took a long time to get this far. I had a lot of fun making the comic over the years and I still do. This is by no means the end as Starbolts vs Guardians is going to continue for a while. It's just starting to heat up! Pun unintended. I SWEAR!

Anyway, it's been great working on this project for about six years as a sprite comic and many more as prose. I'm not going to slow down, like I said. As for my other projects...

Next week, I'll be working on the next Comic Showcase and I will focus on the sensational Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew. After I planned that video, I had to make a decision. I was going to focus on X-Factor and the return of Jean Grey. BUT! I found I couldn't really talk about it. There wasn't much material to be had. I may cover it sooner or later, though. In its place, I will be covering the Secret Wars.  That, to me had a bigger impact on the Marvel Universe than say Jean returning.  Sorry if you wanted to see Jean's return. I'll probably do that next Marvel history retrospective. I may need to double up then since there aren't many Golden Age books I can look at next time.

That's all the news for this week, everyone! Enjoy the comic and keep reading because things are heating up as the Starbolts gear up for war! See you next time!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Starbolts #249: Light the Fires


Not a lot of character moments this week, I know. There's just a lot of action, action and more action. Don't worry. Next week will probably have more action. Er...character bits. Yeah. Then again, we do see some here. We see Angela reacting to her mysterious power drain that sort of foreshadows what's happening to Jenna in the last few panels. We also see Jack hurrying to save his friends. Don't worry. The other Starbolts are actually on their way as we'll see next week.

Now we know what plans the Jade Skull has for Jenna. He wants to increase her power to its full potential. My editor, Laura, hopes she won't go Dark Phoenix on everyone. Probably not. I'm thinking more "Human Torch" than anything. The question is will it last? What will the implications be of the tinkering with her genes? What did Jade Skull mean by "the lie". We'll find out soon enough!

Next comic may be issue 250. But, the story doesn't end here!  Enjoy the ride!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Starbolts #248: Brave and the Bold


Happy October, everyone! We're kicking off this month with some high action for the Starbolts as Jack is alone against the Guardians. That may be the title for next week's strip. We shall see. But, I do detect a hint of distrust on the part of Velocity. Check her tone. I don't think she's happy with her boss's attitude. Perhaps Iron Eagle's own attitude will be his undoing? We shall see. Stay tuned and find out!

I spent more than a couple minutes trying to figure out the best way to make the maintenance tube. So, I was thinking of making it like Star Trek's Jefferie's Tubes. Makes sense. I mean the bridge does kinda look like the Enterprise-D bridge. I am such a Trekkie. And there's no shame in that.

The Daredevil #1 review is up and I hope you check it out. It took a while to make and next vid will be about Spider-Woman. I kind of wish I had a Howard the Duck comic to review. That would make for a fun review. If I do another retrospective, I will probably see if I can find a reprint.

Anyway, check out the vid and enjoy this week's comic! See you next time!