Saturday, March 19, 2016

Starbolts #302: Southern Charms


This week I thought I would have a little bit of closure for Marcus. Remember how just before Jaro caused a problem on Aquarius our speedy friend here was going after everything with a pulse. This also led to Gee-Nome conducting an experiment and well upset our speedy friend a little bit. That's okay. He's got a southern belle who wants to make him feel all right. I'm not sure if this will go anywhere. Call this testing the waters as it were. Not everyone has to be in a relationship of course. But, we shall see what happens. I'll think on it.

Crystal, like Norad, is a minor character. She's been around since the start. But, I haven't developed her much. Perhaps it is time to change that. Gonna update the minors a bit. Her story will be told. As will others. Should be an interesting ride! 

In other news, I will probably have a vid for next week. What will I be reviewing? It's a surprise! Stay tuned!

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