Saturday, April 22, 2017

Starbolts #347: Rude Awakening


It looks like someone is definitely gonna get it in the next comic. I can see it now.

Tornado: Babe, you're okay!
Crystal: *STABS Tornado.*

I think that would be the rated R version of what will happen. Right now she has more important things on her mind. She has to free her friends from the pods somehow. Meanwhile the others are fighting the Legion just outside the cargo bay. Crystal doesn't know that of course.

Speaking of Crystal, I'll explain her fantasy a bit. The way I see it is that all she wanted in life was a life with the first person who actually saw her. That was Marcus way back when. That's her greatest wish. She was able to break free of the fantasy because that's what she now has in the real world. She has Marcus, friends and two people who might as well be her real parents. The spell didn't work on someone who is already content with their life. Did she have drama? Yes. She's working through it. I didn't have time to show it, but, in her fantasy Dennis wouldn't have been mutated.

What ended up tipping her off was the sight of her dad in an Agents uniform. That wouldn't sit right with her. In the end, Zarantha miscalculated what Crystal really wanted in life. The others, though, may have trouble waking up. Though, this begs the question. What is Marcus dreaming of? We'll find out soon enough. They were sharing the same fantasy up to a certain point. Where? Who can say?

See ya next time!

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