Sunday, April 26, 2020

Starbolts #477: The Parental Directive


This week, the Agents have assembled to fight the foe no single superhero could withstand. They are the mentors and parents of several members of the Starbolts. Do they have what it takes to defeat The Professor's forces? Time will tell. However, there are still a few mysteries. Why were the drones so focused on trying to kill Angela? What is her part in all of this? Throughout this entire storyline, Angela has been a focal point. We'll find out the answer a lot sooner than you might think!

As for the Agents themselves, I had some fun putting the sprites together. The first Lady Liberty is actually using the Mark 16 armor Jenna and Sara used. The Arlanderos' father was a Centurion and that will be an important issue in the not too distant future. Many of the Agents actually passed down their powers to their children. Sara got Stan's teleportation ability. Marcus got superspeed from his mother.  It's very interesting how it all came together. The Starbolts owe a lot to their parents. Let's see if they can finish the job.

It should be clear that many of the parents appeared with their corresponding child except for Takashi, Kaori and Norad. Norad was created by Kevin and Takashi and Kaori were adopted by Ganetsu, the man in green in the last panel. We have quite a roster of heroes. Here's hoping they can defeat the Professor's forces.


(And yes. The team is basically like the Avengers but with some differences.)

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Starbolts #476: Heroines in Peril


Earth's mightiest heroes, the Agents of S.T.A.R. have all assembled! Who are they? I only show a small number of them in panels 39 and 40. They are:

* Stan Whitefox
* Andrea Lavarre
* Richard Dastara
* Elaine Dastara
* Avery Johnson
* Rebecca Johnson
* Gregorio Arlandero
* Gloria Arlandero
* Nisson Odanta
* Dendra Odanta
* Ganetsu
* Benjamin Harris
* Phil Smith
* Maria Cooper
* Garazo

Sirak and Yeena were also members of the team. Now the queen is back and brought with her the original Lady Liberty. I forgot to mention that honorary members of the team are Jaime Arlandero and Ariel. Missing from the line-up is Kevin's mother as she was brutally murdered by her husband.

 Judging by what happened to Sara, Shrall and Anya, the Starbolts are going to need all the help they can get. The elder team will do whatever it takes to protect their children. After all, they are Earth's mightiest.

This week's comic has a lot of links to past comics. We've got references to:

Starbolts #52: The Aquan Front
Starbolts #429: Liberty's Daughter
Starbolts #430: Call of the Whitefox
Starbolts #445: The Final Fate of Terra Nova
Starbolts #447: The Legacy of the Shield

I think that was the most throwbacks I have ever included in a comic! Well, can you blame me for being a stickler for continuity? Enjoy the comic this week because next week our heroes begin a fight for their lives alongside their Agents mentors. See you next time!

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Starbolts #475: A Dangerous Time


This week's time travel adventure takes place during Starbolts #17, a comic that's over ten years old! In comic terms, the event was only two years ago. Looking back at that one and coming here shows just how much the comic changed. Everything changes in ten years. Styles change and even character designs do. I wasn't a fan of those old character designs. It's a good thing I got some new ones. It is cool to look back every once in a while, though. 

So, we're finally done with the individual time periods. Now M'anta and Crystal can complete their missions without interference from the Professor's minions. If you remember, M'anta has to save his mother, Queen Yeena. And Crystal has to save the first Lady Liberty. That should be a fun comic to do. Ideas are buzzing around my head and I will probably work on the comic soon.

Now, what about this week? Well, we had a cameo from Shenra. Shenra, if you recall eventually gets kidnapped by Gladstone and spends two years as a prisoner of Terra Nova. Eventually she is freed and now is hanging out with Shrall since she has no way of getting back to Demonsk.

Pretty heavy stuff is in store for her. But, we can't dwell on that. Yeena and the first Lady Liberty are about to be saved! Then the Professor will finally make himself known! Get ready for a huge brawl!!

See you next time!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Starbolts #474: Time's Up (Part 2)


As of this comic, we just have one more time zone left to fix. After that, we'll be catching up with Manta and Crystal and then we'll have our epic showdown with the Professor and his so-called "Cult of Tukala". There we will see his true strength. It's going to take every Starbolt working together to defeat his army. We've only been dealing with the grunts. His really strong forces are with him and they are biding their time.

I hope everyone has been enjoying these trips through time. The comics are serving as a backstory for our heroes as well as a time travel adventure. This week we've gone over the death of the Aquan trio's father, Sirak. As you can see, he knew Aquita was pregnant with his namesake and gave Mateo his blessing. Poor guy never lived to see his grandson. =(

Rick Baxter eventually meets his end, too. Rick encounters M'anta and Jenna and he attacks in a fit of jealous rage. The man falls off of the roof attempting to kill our hero and impales himself on the statue of the Aquan God of Justice, Xazes. How's that for symbolism? =)

Hope everyone's been enjoying these trips through time! A few more adventures remain! Stay tuned!!