Sunday, July 24, 2022

Starbolts #591: One Door Opens, Another Closes




    Looks like people are splitting off again. Kevin and Angela will be going to Illibrata and we will definitely be following their adventures there as we race to Starbolts #600. What awaits them on Illibrata and will the heart be grateful Angela no longer possesses its phenomenal cosmic powers? I hope so! It looks like those two have taken the next step in their relationship. Things are going well for them. It's nice to see our couples move on in their relationships. A couple more milestones for the couples may be on the horizon. Stay tuned!

    Tanis is also set to return to Aquarius. Do you think Angela and Kevin will give him a ride home? It's possible. One never knows. He might just end up taking the bus. At least he's finally made peace with his mother, Medea and that's really all he asked for. Note how he called her "Mom" instead of "Mother"? Baby steps, Tanis. Baby steps. He'll be okay, I am sure.

    Now, I bet you are wondering who that mysterious woman at the end is. She's been popping up a lot in recent comics. She seems to have a connection with our heroes. Is she friend or foe? Or neither? What could Medea want with her and why are they forming a coven? Patience, true believers. All will be revealed in time. Keep the faith and keep reading!

See ya next time!

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