Saturday, February 27, 2021

Starbolts #520: Visiting Scenic Demonsk



    Welcome back to scenic Demonsk where the hellish landscape has been replaced by lush forests and the people have been forced to be happy as if their lives depend on it. Because it totally does. Well, it looks like a lot has changed in Demonsk since we last saw it in Starbolts #200. Demonstorm himself appears to be gone and someone who claims to be his son is now in charge. Who is he? We'll find out more about him and what he did to his people next time.

    The mood of the people drew inspiration from the '90s film "Demolition Man" where Sylvester Stallone's character wakes up in a seemingly utopian future where people are far too chipper for their own good. It's a decent action movie and it's got a nice moral to it. Check it out wherever movies are available. Or look it up on YouTube.     

    Back to the comic. It looks like all may be lost for Angela. I hope whoever this guy is can help. Is he friend or foe? Tune in next week and find out!

    See ya next time!

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Starbolts #519: To the Other Side



    This week Angela and Tanis are on their way to Demonsk to find out more about the ceremony that nearly killed our favorite Latina superheroine. What will she uncover in the wasteland ruled by a cruel tyrant? Hopefully, she'll find the answers she's been looking for as we return once again to Demonsk! It's been a long time since we've been there! We haven't been there since Starbolts #200!

    Some comic notes to think about. In my head, I'm thinking that they had a portal set up to try and get Shenra back home if she ever needed/wanted to return to Demonsk. That's why a basic portal was set up. That and to keep tabs on Demonstorm. You always have to be prepared when dealing with him. He may return. One never knows!

    Another note to talk about is the Centurions'  inaction during the Aquan Occupation. They were aware of it and didn't act. Gregorio was a young Centurion during its final years. Would he have made a difference? Oh, yeah. But, the Corps decided he was needed elsewhere. Thankfully, the Aquans do not hold a grudge! And they managed to overthrow the bugs eventually. Perhaps the Corps has the uncanny ability of foresight?

    Now than that's out of the way, I wonder if Kevin is really as okay with this trip to Demonsk as Angela told everyone. Time will tell. Tune in next week as we once again go to the other side!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Starbolts #518: A Romantic Interlude



    If you've guessed that Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth" is Crystal and Marcus's song, then you'd be correct! It's a good song and when Crystal was little she'd listen to the singer all the time just to spite Ruby and Jeb and the song's lyrics really suit Crystal to a tee. She was afraid to love before and now she isn't. She's got her rock and nothing is going to stop her.

    So, it's been about a year since Starbolts #303 when Crystal and Marcus kissed for the first time and what a year it's been. That comic came out when I was just thinking about elevating Crystal to main character status and I'm glad I did because there was a lot of story potential with her. Since she was elevated, Firaxil (then Dennis), Sara and Jack have all gotten great character moments.

    Crystal has gone through a lot and her character has become a LOT better in my opinion. And that's good because you want your characters to grow and change. Everyone changes for good or bad. But, in the end everyone needs a rock to keep them steady.

     What's next for the happy couple? Well, we'll just have to wait and see because next time we go back and see what Angela is up to. See ya next time!

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Starbolts #517: Breaking the Dimensional Barrier


    Two years ago (comic time), some serious drama occurred within the Starbolts. Jack and Crystal lost their sister. Dennis (Now Firaxil) lost Sara. And of course Angela had a brush with death at the hands of Demonstorm. This comic calls back to Starbolts #17 through Starbolts #26. In the real world, this was way back in 2009. It's fun to revisit these stories and upgrade the sprites to today's standards. You'll notice Tanis is wearing his old costume but with a modern twist. Demonstorm himself also looks different from how he looked back in those days.

    The question on everyone's minds should be "What will Angela find in Demonsk?" Will she find the answers she is looking for? Will the people of Demonsk even help her? Only time will tell.

    And yes it looks like Tanis and Crystal aren't going to be friendly any time soon. She blames him for what happened to Marcus. I don't think that's going to be forgiven quite so easily. We shall see.

See ya next time!