Saturday, March 25, 2023

Starbolts #624: The Tome of the Skymother



    This week tragedy strikes the Starbolts as an old foe returns to get his revenge on their ally, Pal'idin. His name is Halconis and he hasn't been seen in the comic since Starbolts #81 and that was way back in 2010!  I think Mr. Halconis still holds a bit of a grudge after all these years. I had been wondering how to bring that villain back since he was incarcerated on his home world of Dovianni. I figured he was eventually transferred to that Inobe prison and if you've been reading the last few comics, you'd know what happened there. I wonder who else has been freed by the snake and the others. We now know of three prisoners: Ruby, the Leonid who killed Jeb and now Halconis. Only forty-seven more left to be revealed. Are any more prisoners people with an axe to grind against the Starbolts? Maybe. Just maybe.

    For now we have a bit of a mystery. A mystery passenger was mentioned by Cobra before he and Halconis transported to the library. Who is she? Well, I can say that she definitely works well with Ruby and admires what she's been doing to Andrea. Could she be responsible for the second Lady Liberty's emotional outbursts? I'd say so. How? That's anyone's guess at this point. 

    I think after this comic, Garazo and CJ will be joining our heroes in the hunt for Cobra. Their chaotic tour around the galaxy has to end as their list of crimes mount! See ya next time for more drama. Who knows what will happen next. No one is safe from Terra Nova! On the plus side it's good that the Setleth home world is healing!

See ya next time!

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Starbolts #623: Never Dishonor a Leonid


    This week we learned about the final fate of Terra Nova operative, Jeb Arronfeld. I honestly wouldn't shed many tears for him. Not only was he responsible for abusing Firaxil and Crystal when they were children. He also played a role in the kidnapping of Firaxil's parents when their ship crashed landed on his "farm" in Kentucky. See Starbolts #355 and #356 to find out what happened to his accomplice.  I still say Firaxil took it well all things considered. Then again the big guy was not in his right mind at the time.

    His partner in crime got the justice he deserved. Now Jeb shares his fate. However, these weren't the only crimes of Jeb Arronfeld. There are some that are just too icky to even put in the comic and I've put some icky things in there. The man was not shy about his leering at Crystal and lusting after her. Crystal noticed it early on and Ruby even tried to get him to stop. It didn't always work.  Jeb felt that she wasn't really his daughter so it was okay to have the feelings he had despite the fact that Terra Nova had the two pretend to be her parents. Expect this to be brought up when Crystal confronts Ruby. There's definitely more to the story.

    Leonids value honor above all else and Arronfeld paid the price for his ignorance. You never insult a species that prides itself on honor. The way I see it, he made some offhand remark to the cat-like alien and the next day he got stabbed through the heart. That was a painful lesson to learn. At least there was some poetic justice to his death since he did abduct two innocent Inobe dignitaries and faked their deaths.

  Crystal's reaction was honestly the best one I could think of because she's definitely right to have a cold reaction to her death. She has been kind of cold, hasn't she? Hmm....Perhaps she should talk to her sister about that. Where could Sara be? Hopefully, Firaxil is right in that she'll appear when everyone least expects it. Time will tell! More action is coming your way next week!

See ya next time!

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Starbolts #622: A Mother's Love



    The Starbolts are off on their hunt for the Xazes! Will they be able to find the Agents of S.T.A.R. and stop Smythe and Ruby? Let's hope so. They don't know that Elisabeth is also with them. So, they assume this is a two person operation. I think they're going to be surprised that Ruby has an army of prisoners at her command AND Elisabeth King as well. Yeah, there's gonna be some trouble.

    I do like how the talk Crystal and Yeena had turned out. Crystal was bound to be upset at last week's revelation where it turned out the woman who raised her was none other than her real mom's archenemy, Masque. That's a tough one to deal with since she grew up idolizing her own mother and to be raised by Masque is just something she just can't deal with. However, she will deal with it in her own way. It's a guarantee that sparks are going to fly. I don't think it'll be a happy conversation!

    With Yeena being a telepath, she can sense peoples' emotional state. This makes it easy for people to talk to her. Many of the Starbolts confide in her and she often shares her wisdom with the group. It's good that the team has someone to confide in. Lord knows they need someone like her right about now!

   Crystal definitely has some strong feelings about how she was raised by that terrorist organization. It might just come to a head and now that our heroine has limitless magical abilities, who knows what she'll do. One thing's for sure, she has every right to be angry. What she does with that feeling is up to her. Either way, I think Ruby better be careful what buttons she pushes.....

 See ya next time!

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Starbolts #621: Jailhouse Rock



    I guess you could say things have gone from bad to worse for our heroes now that Smythe and his cohorts have initiated a jailbreak and freed Ruby Arronfeld and several of her fellow inmates. Don't feel too bad about her husband, Jeb. Chances are he looked at a surly alien the wrong way and ended up dead in the exercise yard. It happened quick and it happened not long after their arrival at the Inobe pen. Can't say he'll be missed!

 I picked some random aliens for the transporter effect. I dunno if we'll actually see them when the Starbolts finally catch up to the Gaea. We'll see. Suffice it to say the relationship with the Inobe are a little shaky but not as bad as Danar is making it out to be. He tends to over-exaggerate and Crystal rightfully put him in his place.

    As far as her parents go, it seems something is sapping Stan's magical energy and that's why he can't teleport out of there. Something may also be heightening Andrea's emotions. It's hard to say right now. But, all will be revealed in time.

    Crystal's still dealing with the revelation from last comic so I don't think she's up for dealing with Danar at the moment. That's why she lashed out. It was definitely called for because Danar is a jerk.  She'll have some time to breathe next comic and have a talk with a friend. 

Stay tuned as this story marches on!

See ya next time!