Saturday, May 26, 2018

Starbolts #392: The Chase Begins


Looks like Firaxil is back to where his adventure started. Back in the interrogation room of an enemy starship. This time his sister and Sabina are with him. Chances are pretty good that his stay at "Hotel Bad Inobe" is going to be a mercifully short one. We have eight comics until the shattering conclusion of this storyline. Then we move on to another one and I think you all might know what is to come.

Do the bad guys really think negative memories of Sara are going to effect him? I don't know. We'll see just what those memories are next week.

There's also a few things you might have noticed. I added a timeline of events crucial to the Starbolts universe and I edited a few character biographies. I figured it was about time. =D I mean why not? You need a solid basis for things.

 On another note, I had planned to do a video for this weekend, but, I think I am going to focus on this storyline for a while. Been having a lot of fun working on the comic and I think a break might do me some good.

So look forward to next week's comic! See ya then!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Starbolts #391: To Catch a Centurion


Good lord. Someone needs to shut the Arronfelds up once and for all. I think the Inobe will do just that. I haven't decided whether or not to send them to Rura Penthe, a prison planet or Chiron Beta Prime.  Crystal knows that this is for the best and it's a good thing Andrea is going. She's in full mama bear mode. Nothing is going to stop her and it certainly won't be these two low level Terra Nova agents who still hang on the belief that their organization is viable. It isn't. It was absorbed into D.I.S.C.O.R.D. a long time ago. But, you can't really expect them to care now can you?

Meanwhile we have the bad Inobe captain wanting Firaxil. What could he possibly want with him? Why is he so obsessed with him? That guy is a loon and he will be dealt with sooner or later. Right now they have a little problem with Manta's crew. I had the Starbolts man the key positions on the ship because the Alliance folks weren't on duty.  Shrall is also on New Inobus overseeing everything.  Should be a crazy few issues as we march on toward Starbolts #400! Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Starbolts #390: Family Ties


This week Crystal had to make a difficult choice.  In order for there to be any relations between the Alliance and the Inobe, the Arronfelds MUST be turned over to them.  It wouldn't be an easy choice even for someone who doesn't like her parents to begin with. She'd be turning them over to another culture. The Arronfelds have already committed crimes on Earth. After all they were low level members of Terra Nova. They had a daughter who was supposed to be indoctrinated into that terrorist organization, too.  It's a tough choice.

I wanted this comic to also show much of a mama bear Andrea can be. We'll be seeing more of that in the future. Poor girl needed Marcus hugs at the end. This comic shows a lot of  development between the two characters as we begin our march to #400. Firaxil and Crystal will finally get the closure they need and will move on from this mess. What will happen next? Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Starbolts #389: The Agony of Memory


This was a hard comic to work on. First off we have Firaxil still reeling over the voices in his head. Sabina tells him to move on and he talks to Aquita. However, what he and the others don't know is that Sara is being tortured by Clive! A while back a robot version of Clive joined the Legion in attacking the Starbolts. That was a robot. This is the real deal.

Clive has always had a sick obsession with Sara in the prose version of the story. He held her captive for twenty years until she escaped and joined the Starbolts. Three years later she was captured and everyone presumed she has been dead for two years. Obviously that's not the case. Sara is alive and well.

Now, what could this mean for Velocity? Remember her? She was stated to look a lot like Sara. She has a connection to this mess. Trust me. And we're going to find out who the girl in the bikini is, too. Next storyline. This one will wrap up in #400. Then we're going to dive into the next one. I think you might have an idea of what that one will be about!

Stay tuned!