Sunday, November 13, 2022

Starbolts #607: The Children's Legacy




    Looks like Jack is well on his way to becoming the next Iron Eagle. However, something, or rather, someone is lurking in the shadows. The man in the last panel is Richard Smythe aka Cobra and he was last seen way back in Starbolts #455!  How did he get from Australia to America? Is it really him or is it just a hologram? Could he be using some top secret Terra Nova technology that somehow cloaks him? These are all great questions and I'll definitely be answering them. For now we must wonder what he wants and you know full well that Jack is not going to be happy to see him again.

    Let's recap the Snake's crimes.

1. When he was a member of Soldier Six, he took Sara and Crystal away from the lab before the embryos were to be implanted into Elaine Dastara. They were instead implanted into members of Terra Nova.

2. He went along with Terra Nova's plant to lure Soldier Six to an island in the South Pacific and one by one he killed various members of the team. When faced with Jack, he set off a bomb destroying the island and seemingly killing him in the process. He was brought back to life by Demonstorm and eventually placed in a cloned body.

The list goes on and on. Sufficed it to say Richard is a bad monkey.

You almost have to feel sorry for Richard. He's going to have to deal with three Starbolts very, very soon. Two of them are void witches who rightfully blame him for the trauma they endured and one of them is a fighting mad former friend with an axe to grind. To think the seeds were planted for him taking the mantle exactly one hundred comics ago!

Jack is going to be one hell of an Iron Eagle and Terra Nova's worst nightmare will be realized!

See ya next time!

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Starbolts #606: Dude Date




    There's nothing quite like having two guys talk about life, the universe and everything and then proceeding to beat each other up in a Street Fighter-like game, right? The friendship Firaxil and Marcus have go back to when they were teens and they are still best friends to this day. Firaxil wanted to know why Marcus suddenly felt better about everything and he gave him the details. Marcus and Crystal tethered and no it's not just a sex thing. The tethering allowed them to see their love as I've explained in other comics. Here's hoping Firaxil and Sara do it as well. It might alleviate the doubts our Inobe friend might have about his wife.

    As far as Marcus and Crystal goes, the sexy times are usually on her terms given her history. He's also not the type to force himself on her. More on that next time as we move to the ladies talking about everything. Sara and Crystal are long overdue for their own "dude date" don't ya think? 

See ya next time!