Saturday, January 28, 2023

Starbolts #616: Pass the Necklace



     It looks like things have definitely gotten a little off track now that the Starbolts have inadvertently activated the holographic representation of the Agent known as Pegasus. The last time he was seen was in Starbolts #612 where he got a crash course in Starbolts history thanks to his creator, Richard Dastara. While Pegasus's heart seems to be in the right place, he may be operating under the assumption that the Starbolts are still teenagers. Remember, his first body was destroyed shortly after discovering the whereabouts of Crystal Whitefox. That was a little over ten years ago in comic time. Because of this, he still thinks of them as teenagers. He's going to be getting a very rude awakening soon.

    Speaking of Crystal, I enjoyed writing that bit of dialog between her and Scarlett. Crystal still feels a bit of rage when it comes to Richard Smythe. After all he DID kidnap her and Sara and that led to the two being implanted and raised by two terrorists. We all know what happened next. At least they were found. 

    Crystal enjoys learning about the childhood she clearly missed as it gives her more of a connection to Marcus, Mateo, Kevin and Jenna. She doesn't feel like an outsider that way and feels more like part of the group. You'd think that would've upset her. But, honestly she'd take anything of a past she wishes she had and make it part of her present. Her sister on the other hand? Sara would swear at Clive's very existence and now that she's a void witch she would use her powers against him to torture the mad scientist in VERY gruesome ways. Ironically, Crystal is the level-headed one here.

 So, now the Starbolts have missing parents to look for as well as Smythe. Are the two things connected? Hmmm.....It's a possibility. You'll just have to wait and see!

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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Starbolts #615: A Ghostly Present



    This week the plot thickens and gets into high gear. Who sent Jack that necklace? More importantly how did it get to Earth since D.I.S.C.O.R.D. island both exploded AND was transported to another dimension! The island itself is now in the Outlands as last seen in Starbolts #455. So, how did it get back here? Was Scarlett wearing it when she died? These are all good questions and they will be answering them when the time comes. For now, let's just be glad that help has finally arrived for our ghostly friends.

    Speaking of ghosts. It's clear that Scarlett has taken a shine to Crystal. She is fiercely protective of her and her twin. After all she was supposed to be their godmother and likely would have accepted the role if Snake hadn't faked their deaths AND killed her in cold blood. If you thought Andrea was protective of her girls, you haven't seen anything yet. Expect a scene with Crystal and Scarlett soon. They have much to discuss.

    In the meantime, the ghosts of Soldier Six need the help of their successors. Will they succeed or will they be too late? This storyline is just getting started!

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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Starbolts #614: The Soul Cleaver


     This week Sara finally learns about the weapon that ripped her soul apart. What exactly is a "soul cleaver"? What did it do to her? More importantly....Where is it now?! With Terra Nova gone for good, you can bet that the knife is in nefarious hands. There's no good use for a soul cleaver. So, the person who has it now has GOT to be bad. We'll find out about the new user sooner or later. For now let's take a step back and look at how far Sara has come now.

    She finally learned about the weapon. This means she can begin the healing process and eventually become a powerhouse in her own right. Crystal is part of the way there. But, just picture how awesome it would be to have two fully functional void witches in the Starbolts roster along with a newly minted Iron Eagle. You might see something like that for the fourth of July this year! Just imagine the grandchildren of Iron Eagle taking their place as heroes in their own right. The three of them have had long and dangerous journeys to get to this point. I think they'll be ready for whoever has that glowing blue knife.

 We also learned a fair bit about what happened to Andrea after Carter "passed away". Andrea was more or less raised by her grandmother and she taught her most of what she knew. Was she flippant? Oh, yes. That attitude is hereditary! We might get more snippets of the original Crystal's backstory sooner or later. Keep an eye out for that. Looks like 2023 is going to be quite the epic year. Stay tuned!

 Oh, I should probably note that Velocity is the clone in stasis. She was on her way to being planted in the Guardians team for Zarantha's little plot.

See ya next time! 

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Starbolts #613: Talking with Myself



    The new year starts off with a bang as Sara encounters a great-grandmother who shares the same name as her twin sister. I think Crystal will be happy to learn this because Clive was the one who named her all those years ago. Clive called her "Crystalline skeletal mutate zero zero one" when she was born and that was later shortened to Crystal. Charming, right? Yes. Sufficed it to say Crystal will be MUCH happier knowing that her name and her middle name are from two ancestors. For those keeping score it's "Crystal" and "Ahyoka". 

   Now, what about Sara? Well, she's going to have to take a trip down memory lane isn't she? I've already referenced her trial in Starbolts #416 and the basement scene in Starbolts #421.She has a long road of recovery ahead of her and I am confident she will emerge from all of this a whole new person with a complete soul and everything. How do I know? The power of advanced plot points! It's handy to have. I can't say how it will be accomplished. But, have patience because it is going to be a wild ride. And don't worry. I haven't forgotten the snake at the academy.

   As far as the original Crystal goes, here's her info. She was born in Ireland in the late 1890s and dabbled in the mystic arts. She's the mother of the fame heroine Spitfire aka Peggy Tennant. She helped to raise Andrea along with Carter, the first Lady Liberty, when her parents were killed. She lived just long enough to see Andrea marry Stan in the 1970s. The rest as they say is history.

More on her story will be discussed soon. For now, let's see how she will help her great-granddaughter piece together her soul.

See ya next time!