Saturday, November 16, 2019

Starbolts #458: Like Mother, Like Father


There you have it. Sara and Crystal Whitefox have been confirmed to be sisters and the daughters of Earth's mightiest heroes, the second Lady Liberty and her husband Stan Whitefox! There's a little bit of genetic genealogy this week. Parents share about 3,000+ centimorgans of DNA with their offspring. Full siblings share  2,000 or more with each other. It's a little complicated. If you'd like to learn more, please check out Dr. Bettinger's shared cM project. It's pretty cool stuff!

On the comic side of things, I talked things over with Sam when I thought about making Sara and Crystal blood children of the Whitefoxes. We felt it was the best thing to do considering their past. We just had to make it believable. So, we concocted a plan where Andrea's embryos were stolen from a lab and implanted into metahuman hosts.

In the next few comics, we're going to be getting more in depth reactions from Sara, Crystal and Jack. Though, I have a feeling Stan and Andrea are going to want to have words with the mastermind behind this plot. That man being Clive Marshall. Stan and Andrea aren't too happy with the mad scientist....for obvious reasons.

Sara, of course took the more pragmatic approach to everything. She needed to see things for herself and since she is a scientist well....that makes sense. Crystal was more passionate as seen in the panels on the holodeck. She called up a recreation of the hell she lived in and trashed it with her own claws. I think I could have made more damage. However, the point has been made.

At least now the girls are confirmed Whitefoxes. That means I'll be updating their bios and the timeline on the site. No big deal. Look for more fallout from this revelation, soon!

See ya next time!

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