Saturday, June 14, 2014

Starbolts #237: The Amazing Dragonfly

 Dragonfly, Dragonfly. Does whatever a dragonfly can. Can he buzz? In your ear!
You'd better look before he disappears! Hey there...there goes the dragonfly!

I could probably do the whole 1960s Spider-Man theme with Dragonfly who now has superhuman strength and the ability to stick to walls. I could. But, I won't. =) He's fast becoming the team's Spidey. Just needs more confidence, I think.

I wanted this comic to show how Tanis was doing since he came back a while ago. He's been training, getting used to his new powers and finding new abilities. He's been kind of iffy regarding how the others feel about him. Kevin tried to include him early on in the comic. But, he stayed behind. In my mind, I had Kevin talk to Garazo about training the kid up some and make him realize his full potential.

Garazo, of course, takes it one step beyond like he always does. We're probably going to see more of Tanis soon. Right now, I wanted to give him the spotlight because I haven't used him much and well, it was a good idea to catch up with the bug.

See you next time!

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