Sunday, July 10, 2022

Starbolts #589: Angelic Return




    Angela is officially back home after training with the Centurions. Now the question on everyone's mind should be whether or not her powers will be sapped by whatever plan Cece and Medea cooked up. What does their plan have to do with the nanobots, too? These are all logical questions and Sam and I will be answering them as we march headlong into the countdown to issue #600! Other characters might be returning by that point. One never knows.  

    Check out Starbolts #523 if you want to see Medea's original explanation about how the heart of Illibrata and everything works. Will she lose her powers as a result of this procedure? That's up in the are. What do you think will happen?

    Either way, Kevin is clearly happy to see Angela again. I'm sure he's wrestling with a few issues. He'll be there for her through everything. Count on it!

See you next time when we fix Angela and save the universe at the same time! See ya then!

Oh and we should probably check in on Marcus and Crystal at some point. Mexican food sounds good right about now!

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