Saturday, July 21, 2012

Starbolts #162: Race to the Finish!


Today, I have some news! Other than the newest comic, I have updated my Deviantart account. On it, you'll find all my old comics and eventually I hope to have ALL of them on there. That could take some doing. I have the first fifty or so comics up. Here's the deviantart page:

 Back to the comic, as you can see Manta has finally escaped Earth. I really like how the shuttlecraft came out so I will most likely keep the design. What I did was I looked at a model I made out of legos years ago and turned it into this sprited shuttlecraft. Perhaps I will share the picture some day. Not sure.

A little note on Crystal. In past stories, she was written as a bit promiscuous and had a bit of an attitude problem. That's what alternate Crystal refers to here. It's funny, isn't it? Dark Crystal ends up having more sense than regular Crystal ever did. Now that I cleaned up her sprite, I'll probably be using her more. Oh and Princess? Lady doesn't stand a chance against Jenna. In ANY reality! 

Next time, I'll be doing a video. What will it be about? Well, a comic of course! In fact, it will be a very OLD comic. That's all I'll say as I venture back into the Marvel Universe. OOPS! There's hint number two! I better stop before I give it all away! See you all next time!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Starbolts #161: Manta Busts Loose

You can't tell me Robkas didn't deserve that punch! If the segment was any longer and he'd have broken into song. Trust me, I'm the writer. I'd have had him break into a musical number about love, loss and other such things. Would it have won a Grammy? Probably not. Would it have been sickeningly sweet? You bet it would! The guy's crazy for Aquita even in an alternate reality.

Either way, the plot's moving along at an even keel. More action is coming now that Manta busted out of that tank. There's a legit reason as to why the telepathic thing worked on Crystal and not on Jenna. I'll go into that soon. Speaking of that, I actually had a discussion about the morality of Manta using that tactic. Should Manta have used his telepathy to make everyone remember? Don't know. Who can say? He can't use it on everyone at once. So, he's gonna go get help.

In the mean time, I've learned that Fantastic Four and Daredevil are getting new cinematic reboots. What does that mean? Well, it means that the movies aren't at Marvel Studios for one. We shall see how it goes. I may vlog about it. Not sure.

That about does it for this week! See ya!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Starbolts #160: Darkness Before Dawn

My, my. What a mess! Let's see. We have Manta in a tank he can't get out of since the red thing is blocking his only way out. We have him telepathically messing with Jenna. I initially wasn't too sure about that, by the way. When I first wrote it, it sounded creepy. So, I changed it. One can only guess what she saw. I think it's kind of obvious.

I was going to add more Legion vs Dark Starbolts in the last panel. But, nah. Would have taken away from the battle's scope. The others ARE there. Just not on screen. So, Dark Angela's kind of creepy. We'll be seeing more of that and the others soon.

Enjoy the comic!