Sunday, October 30, 2022

Starbolts #605: The Haunted Mansion




    I decided to take a different approach with this year's Halloween comic. Instead of using the usual ghosts from Soldier Six, I thought I would use a different horror in the form of a demon. Sure the lesser demon was dealt with rather quickly. But, if you think about it, the doubts Firaxil and Marcus have could also be their own inner demons. Thankfully, both were dealt with by their mentor/father-in-law, Stan. He's been the Starbolts' mentor since they were teens and it looks like they will always need his guidance. 

    The pictures in the hallway have a bit of an Easter egg in them. I included a picture of Charlotte, the fallen member of the Agents of S.T.A.R.. I originally was going to have her be the ghost in this week's comic and I was going to have her interact with the hologram of Pegasus. The problem was that I didn't know how to best end it. That and I kind of wondered why she'd be at the mansion. There were just too many questions. So, Sam and I did an extensive rewrite of this week's comic and I think it turned out good. 

    I do like how Marcus is well on his way to proposing to Crystal and I liked his banter with Firaxil. Look for more of that soon. I like having the two team up! It's fun! I hope everyone has a great Halloween! 

See ya next time and Happy Halloween....WHATEVER YOU ARE! MWAHAHAHA!

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Starbolts #604: Instant Replays




    This week's comic has Valentina reacting to the recently discovered footage of her being intimate with Sara/Sola. Naturally, she was a little freaked out because of the implications involved and now some secrets have been revealed. The first, of course, being that she was initially attracted to Crystal many years ago. Don't bother digging into the archives to find evidence of that because those feelings fell by the wayside over time! Though, you could argue that she was trying to keep her safe from Tornado in Starbolts #308 when Crystal infiltrated the Legion's headquarters and in Starbolts #348 and Starbolts #349 when she finally saw the light.

    Val has a very complicated relationship with the daughters of Stan and Andrea. That's for sure. Crystal is obviously accepting of her, her sister and everyone. Look at who she has has friends! The Starbolts are a very diverse group of people. They learned from the best and I think Stan and Andrea themselves would be accepting of everything.

    We probably won't see Sara talking to her parents about everything as next week we have our annual Halloween comic. Rest assured, they will be talking about the situation! It'd be very awkward indeed! The video will not get leaked and I think several security measures would be put in place.

    At least the worst is over. Now it's time to get ready for our Halloween comic! See ya next time!


Sunday, October 16, 2022

Starbolts #603: Interview with a Whitefox




    It looks like Holly just discovered something a little uhh....spicy in the files of Terra Nova this week! I get the feeling this newly discovered footage will push Val into talking to Sara sooner rather than later. I don't think they're going to be able to put this off for much longer! I think you might agree! They are going to have to confront their past relationship even if that relationship was technically with Sara's Sola personality. Would that even be a consenting relationship in that case? I think that's up for philosophers to decide. Or at least Angela. She can sort through that mess!

    At any rate, it looks like Valentina got herself a job working as a paralegal for the academy. This will mean big things for her and her life will ultimately turn around. Next, I suppose Simon will have to find some work. He could work as a techie. However, with his ability to duplicate himself he would put all of the techies the Academy has out of a job. He'll find something, I'm sure.

    It does look like three former members of the Legion are doing well for themselves now. We have Simon, Val and Holly in one place. Perhaps they can advocate for Granite's freedom? I'm sure they can. Who knows? Perhaps there's even footage Holly found that could exonerate him and not just footage of Sola and Val. There's probably footage of the other members of the Legion, too! Some footage might help their case. Some might not. We will have to see.

See ya next time!

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Starbolts #602: Northern Charms

 Trigger warning: There is a discussion of sexual abuse in this week's comic. If you or someone you know is a victim of abuse, please contact someone for help. Viewer discretion is advised.



    In a way this week's comic is a sequel to Starbolts #302: Southern Charms.  In that comic, we saw the beginning of Marcus and Crystal's romantic relationship. In this week's comic, we go back in time to when their friendship began. Their friendship ultimately turned into romance once they admitted their feelings toward one another. We've gone full circle and explored how everything started for our heroes. Of course the road to get to this point in the present was treacherous. 

    Crystal had a lot of issues to overcome between now and then and in the ten years she's known Marcus she has gotten therapy for the myriad of issues plaguing her. Her ideals about relationships were forged by a man who took advantage of a thirteen year old and abused her for three years. The type of issues that come from that kind of abuse does not go away overnight. Marcus knew that and that's why he was playing it cool in this week's comic. He knew that if he acted the wrong way, she'd have fallen deeper into her beliefs about men.

    The flashback in this week's comic take place a few hours after Crystal and Firaxil (Then known as Dennis) were rescued by the Starbolts. You can see the incident in Starbolts #304 and in Starbolts #472. For a long time that one moment haunted Crystal and it didn't quite click that she was abused until a few weeks later when she was in therapy. At this point in time, she was still operating under the misguided belief that she and Cody were still together and that he loved her. That was about to change.

    Aquita and Harris showed the teenager how he abused her using alien technology. That's when things started to click. However, she still had other issues to overcome and that was going to take a long time to get past. It's only recently that the nightmares she endured have ended. At least our heroine has grown and she's now with a man who treats her right. Like Andrea said. It's about time!

See ya next time! And who knows. Perhaps one day we'll get a comic where we see a continuation of Sara and Firaxil's first meeting.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Starbolts #601: The Newest Starbolt




    Congratulations are definitely in order this week as we meet the child who will one day become the pink time ranger, Dendra as seen in Starbolts #462 to  #494. Speaking of #494, we saw little Sirak with his future girlfriend in that comic. So,  this week he's meeting her again for the first time. I think that's how time travel works. Someone might have to help me out because I have a headache. I wonder if I somehow created a temporal paradox. At least it was a cute moment!

    It looks like the scars Sara had are all healing and in future comics we may see her mental scars heal as well. Look out for that because I've been assured by Sam that nothing will ever be the same again! In a good way. In a VERY good way. No further details, yet. Let's just say it's a long time coming for our heroine.

    Crystal and Marcus also want to share what happened to them at the ranch. Look forward to those conversations soon. But, first I think she would want to share her news with her mother! Check out that comic next week and prepare for feels!

See ya next time!