Here we have quick biographies of the Starbolts themselves, their allies and other heroes in the universe.

Before the Starbolts Program was initiated, there was a team called Soldier Six and it was an attempt by the US government to create its own group of super-soldiers to combat the nation's enemies. The project was called "Liberty's Children" as the DNA from the second woman to be called Lady Liberty was used to create the ultimate soldier by enhancing their strength, speed, agility and more. Stan Whitefox, director of S.T.A.R (Superhero Tactical Armed Reinforcements)., was told to enhance five orphaned children and his only son, Jack. Eventually, all but Jack perished on a mission to stop the organization known as D.I.S.C.O.R.D, the Dedicated International Society for Crimes of wRath and Destruction. This didn't deter Whitefox's goal to train heroes as the Starbolts program was in full swing.

The Agents themselves fought terrorism worldwide (mostly D.I.S.C.O.R.D.) and once their children were born, they found that they possessed metahuman abilities not seen since the so-called "Golden Age of heroes". Seeking to train their children at a later date, the Agents looked after them until such a time when they could learn about their powers and become a new generation of heroes.


 Name: Manta
Real name: Prince M'anta J'arrsti
Powers: bio electricity, flight, natural Aquan abilities (telepathy, breathe underwater)

M'anta is the co-leader of the Starbolts team with his wife, Jenna Dastara aka Lady Liberty III. He's also a member of the Aquan royal family and wears the armor his father Sirak wore when he and his father Criam liberated their home-world from the insectoiat Mosqukatara. Now, M'anta wears the very same armor to bring peace to Earth and to honor his father's memory. Armed with fantastic bio-electric powers bestowed upon him by the Aquan God of the sky, Delclina, M'anta strives to better the world he calls his second home and to live up to his father's legacy.

He's loyal to his friends and family. He has a sharp wit and a strong sense of responsibility. He's connected to Jenna on a deep, profound telepathic connection and will do what it takes to help others.

Name: Jack Whitefox
Code Name: Hunter
Powers: Enhanced strength, agility, speed, stamina, intelligence. Bionic eye, arm, legs.

Jack is the only child of Stan Whitefox and the second Lady Liberty, Andrea Lavarre. At a young age he was part of a program known as Liberty's Children, which was an attempt by the US government to create super-soldiers to combat terrorism worldwide. His mother's DNA was used to enhance his strength, speed and other abilities. He was also artificially aged.

Over time, Jack became leader of the 1980s Soldier Six team which were composed of other children in the Liberty's Children program. After an incredibly disastrous mission, the teen was brutally injured, leaving him without an arm, legs and a decent size chunk of his abdomen. As a result of his injuries, he was put into suspended animation and the Agents of S.T.A.R. later outfitted him with cybernetics derived from Norad's original schematics. Recently, he was revived and found a world very different from the world he lived in. That didn't change his goal, however. He still remained dedicated to Agents and their cause.

He is a no nonsense secret agent who is fiercely loyal to his friends and country. And though he can be all business sometimes, he still tries to find a place for himself in the strange world he now finds himself in.

Name: Lady Liberty III
Real name: Jenna Dastara
Powers: pyrokinesis and flight via a suit of armor.

Jenna was just a normal high school student in Dastara City until Rick Baxter, the classmate who assaulted her came to confront her after an incident. That event triggered her pyrokinetic powers and she nearly burnt down the school. Afterward, her father Richard Dastara called an old friend and teammate named Stan Whitefox to help the young girl with her powers. She and several other sons and daughters of the Agents of S.T.A.R.  would then become the Starbolts. She became the field leader of the team with her boyfriend, M'anta, whom she had met before the team's first mission.

Recently, she had closure with her past dealings with Baxter and is now a strong, competent young woman with a heart of gold and an attitude to match her fiery abilities. She's a survivor and will fight for the rights of women everywhere. She is a compassionate leader who through tragedy became the iron willed woman she is today.

Name: Quetzal
Real name: Mateo Arlandero
Powers: Winged flight and small force field generation.

When Mateo was born, he had tiny bird like wings growing from his back. The event didn't change how his parents felt as they were both Agents of S.T.A.R.. His older brother, Jaime, was already exhibiting a degree of super-strength and was in an early version of the Starbolts Program. By the time he was sixteen, Mateo's wings were fully grown and he couldn't hide them any longer. He also started generating a small localized force field around himself. This ability requires immense concentration to pull off.

Mateo's family suggested that he should be trained in how to fly and control his powers. His brother introduced him to his girlfriend, Ariel, and she instructed the youth in how to fly. Mateo naturally was a bit of a wiseass and has a sense of honor and duty to family. He's protective of his fellow teammate Angela, who is his sister. He was attracted to his future wife Aquita at first sight and after a while began to date and now the two are expecting a child. He's a good friend and a strong fighter. He also has a bit of a temper when his family and friends are threatened.

Name: Aquita
Real name: Princess Aquita J'arrsti
Powers: natural Aquan abilities, sonic scream.

Princess Aquita J'arrsti was the first daughter born to two of the leaders of the Aquan rebellion: Sirak J'arrsti and Yeena Galteya, who became the king and queen of their world after Sirak's father, Criam died. The princess, like her brothers doesn't act like royalty and prefer to be treated as equals. Aquita's a smart, compassionate older sister to her brothers. She's loyal to family and is an accomplished singer.

Aquita loves to sing and has been singing since she was a tadling (child) growing inside her mother. Her voice is crystal clear and one day she found it could be used as a sonic scream. When she and her brothers crashed into Jenna's pool years later, she met her future husband, Mateo and immediately was attracted to the youth's wings and personality. She read his mind and somehow knew there was a connection between the two. Despite her father's death, Aquita will always remember him as Mateo and Aquita's son shares the same name. She is also the avatar of the Aquan Goddess of the sea who also shares the name, Aquita.

Name: Bluestreak
Real name: Marcus Johnson
Powers: superspreed

Born in Dastara City and raised near Boston, Massachusetts. The teen who would become the fastest man alive was on his high school cross country team when a sudden rush of adrenaline caused him to exceed 100 mph. Days passed and Stan Whitefox recruited the wiseass, impatient youth to a new team he was forming knowing that despite that, his parents instilled in him a sense of honor and justice. His parents also knew that their teammate and friend would be very helpful to the boy. Now, he is able to approach the speed of sound, scale walls and is an accomplished fighter, despite his sense of humor and eagerness for attention.

That was just how Marcus dealt with issues. He's sensitive down to his core and tries hard to prove himself to be a worthy member of the team. His friends mean a lot to him and Marcus brings a ray of light to the team with his limitless energy.

Name: Archer
Real name: Kevin Stanton
Powers: psionic bow and arrow

Kevin Stanton was born blind and his father Arnold could not stand having a child with a disability so he murdered his wife and former Agent of S.T.A.R., Shelby Dastara. He was only five years old when his father took his mother's life and was adopted by his Richard and his wife, Elaine. Jenna and Kevin became like brother and sister and were raised together. When Kevin was taken to Agents Embassy, he was outfitted with an early version of his ocular implants. Upon seeing Jenna for the first time, he smiled.

Kevin, though very smart has always been a bit insecure about his handicap. But, that didn't stop him from professing his love for Mateo's sister, Angela. When Jenna accidentally burned the school, Kevin too began to exhibit strange psionic powers. Whitefox took the youths in and began training them in the use of their powers.

Once Richard’s friend Stan arrived on the scene of Jenna’s accident, the youths were taken to the Agents of S.T.A.R. headquarters and Kevin, who was already a smart boy despite his handicap, was fitted with a pair of ruby red ocular implants and smiled when he saw his cousin Jenna in color for the first time. Kevin, though very smart has always been a bit insecure about his handicap.

Name:Angel (Formally Truth, Comet and Gabriella)
Real name: Angela Arlandero
Powers: flight, creation of a golden angelic form with black hair. Fires energy blasts and can force the truth out of someone.

The third child of the Arlandero clan was also born with superpowers. However, Angela's powers were soon found to be defensive in nature. She was able to generate force fields for a time. She joined her brother's team when Mateo saw what she was able to do while he was on a visit to their home in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She trained under the names Comet and later Gabriella.

Angela was always the peacemaker of the team and had an attraction to Kevin after a few months of being with the Starbolts. Soon, the team found itself fighting an unspeakable evil named Demonstorm and her powers for an as yet unknown reason evolved to the point where she became the embodiment of truth. Before Sirak was killed, Angela found out through the use of her powers that Kevin was secretly in love with Angela and tried desperately to bring it out into the open. Eventually, her plan succeeded and they are now dating.

Name: Xemplar
Real name: King Shrall J'arrsti
Appearance: exact twin of M'anta
Powers: He had the ability to mimic others' powers. Couldn't mimic Angela's or anyone whose powers are magical. Now? Has a suit of armor that generates energy blades.

Shrall was the joker son of King Sirak and Queen Yeena's children. He's always had a good heart and a razor wit. It's no wonder that when he joined the Starbolts with his brother and sister that he became fast friends with Bluestreak. He often mimicked his powers the most and on occasion his brother's powers through touch.

After his father died, the Aquan gods sent forth Tayalla, a guardsman to prepare him for taking the throne once he was ready. He did a noble act in giving up his powers so he could rule and prove to his father that he has what it takes to be the avatar of Xazes, the Aquan god of justice. He became king of the Aquan people and despite that, he is still a Starbolt at heart.

Name:Lady Liberty (Formally Diamond Lil and Wraith and Wildcat)
Real name: Crystal Arronfeld (Later Crystal Whitefox)
Powers: She is a void witch. She can make the improbable happen by harnessing the power of the third branch of magic in the universe.


Born in Bowling Green, Kentucky to a seemingly old fashioned farming couple who treated her and her adoptive brother ,Dennis, very unfairly for most of their lives. Their mother would constantly criticize her naturally gorgeous looks and abused her verbally. She was also very upset when her own parents tried to sell her and her brother to a terrorist organization called Terra Nova, where the metahumans would become weapons to use against other metahumans and the general populace. As it turned out, her parents were secretly members of the organization called Terra Nova. They intended to hand her and Dennis over to their personal friend, Clive Marshall.

 Thankfully, the Starbolts put a stop to that plan when they arrived. As a result of all this, she became very extroverted, flirtatious and insubordinate to authority.  In recent years, she calmed down and has expressed interest in shedding the person people think she is in regards to her outward appearance and what she has done in the past.

Recently she atoned for her past misdeeds and began a romantic relationship with her longtime friend, Marcus. It was also revealed that she was the biological daughter of Starbolts' mentors Stan and Andrea Whitefox.

Name: Titanus, later Centurion
Real name: Dennis Arronfeld. (Later Whitefox and even later, Firaxil Odanta)
Powers: He used to be able to create a black and gold bio-armor, which increased his size
to six feet and grant him superstrength and invulnerability. Now he has the abilities that come with being a Centurion (Flight, superspeed, energy blasts and a degree of superstrength.)

Dennis Arronfeld was adopted into abusive Arronfeld household. The youth tried to make peace and was really gentle despite his natural strong appearance, which was a prelude to his forming of a tough biological armor. After he joined the team, he was protective of his sister and tried to get her to calm down time after time. As a member of the team, Dennis provides needed muscle and at heart, he's a very peaceful man. He's a gentle giant but when duty calls he is as fierce as they come.

His life would be changed forever when a Nazi scientist named The Jade Skull altered what he thought was his metahuman abilities. Dennis’s strength increased a thousand-fold and became more prone to anger. This is a dramatic contrast to the way he was before his transformation. Other metahumans were subjected to the machine and were restored to normal without a problem. Dennis was not and this led credence to the belief that there was more to the man than meets the eye.

Eventually he discovered the truth about his heritage. He was in fact an Inobe, a race of shapeshifters from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. It turned out that his adoptive parents, who were members of the terrorist organization called Terra Nova, had killed his real parents. Torn between two worlds, Firaxil elected to stay on Earth to stay with the only true family he had ever known.


Name: Sola
Real Name: Sara Samantha Edwards (Later Sara Whitefox and Carter Whitefox-Odanta.)
Appearance: Shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, scar on her neck
Powers: Old powers: Absorbs photonic solar energy and redirects it as a combination of heat and light. Can’t be controlled as of yet. New powers: She is a void witch like her twin sister, Crystal and is able to harness the powers of the third branch of magic known as the void. She can literally make anything happen.

Sara was kidnapped by Terra Nova shortly after her birth. They are a corrupt organization fascinated by the existence of metahumans. Sara spent many years of her life in their ‘care’ and was the focus point of many of their twisted experiments. Usually they were administrated by her own birth father, Dr. Clive Marshall. They abused her power to convert solar waves and she quickly grew to fear her abilities and her inability to control them. For a time Sara believed that there was no existence beyond the cage she had grown up in – at least no existence that she would ever be part of. Sara was frequently abused by the scientists who raised her, both physically and mentally, and was often forced to do things that she would forever regret just to find a little peace.

Sara was accidentally rescued by the Starbolts after her file was found on the Terra Nova mainframe. She was finally able to begin the life that she’d never imagined existed. Sara was made an honorary Starbolt so that she could learn to control her powers. Sara grew quickly in the few months after her rescue and became a highly independent woman.

Apart from being adopted by the Whitefoxes, Sara experienced something she never imagined she would: love. Dennis Arronfeld saved her life after she went into shock during the rescue and his ability to withstand her powers meant that he was often present during her training sessions. Over time, she developed strong feelings for Dennis, feelings she eventually discovered to be love. At first she wasn’t sure how to react to the discovery, but with a little help from her friends she was finally able to show Dennis how she felt during their first unofficial date.

Sadly, their happiness was short-lived as she was killed by the supervillain, Princess during one of Demonstorm’s attempts to take over Earth. Since then Dennis and the other Starbolts have been mourning his loss. They were especially confused later when a heroine named Velocity appeared and looked just like their old friend. It turned out she was a clone.

Clive had held her captive for two years and eventually she was released and reunited with the Starbolts. Later, it was revealed that she was the daughter of Stan and Andrea Whitefox. She married Firaxil and had one daughter with him.
Eventually, her broken soul was mended and Sara took the name Carter as her parents always wanted to call her by that name.

Name: Garoukingu and Majo
 Real names: Takashi Shimonoseki and Kaori Harada.
Powers: Kaori: mystic abilities Tk: can turn into a guardian of Kyoto, the wolf like Garoukingu, a beast that somehow is robotic in appearance. As Garoukingu, he's basically a giant metallic wolf. He can concentrate to become a metallic werewolf, too.


Both youths were born in Kyoto, Japan and were infused with the mystic energies of the city on the day of their birth. They came to live with Kenji Ganetsu, the man who trained Stan Whitefox in the mystic arts, after their parents died. Takashi came to learn the samurai code and took it as his own. He lives by the code of honor and is also talented with machinery, like his friend Kevin.

Kaori was atypical shounen anime/Super Sentai fan growing up in Kyoto and always needing the latest gadget or the latest dvd/tape. She's energetic and reliable. She and TK were called upon to join the Starbolts when the prophecy foretold of they being needed. Ganetsu had made the prophecy and allowed the two to join saying that they'd be necessary to become part of the next generation of heroes. Ganetsu exclaimed that the world cried out for new heroes and upon meeting with Whitefox, they were allowed to join the team.

Name: Norad
Code Name: N/A
Powers: Nanite powered shapeshifting.

Norad began life as an invention of Agent Benjamin Harris known simply as Pegasus, an orange robot capable of performing many tasks. Tragically, Pegasus was destroyed by Terra Nova and had to be rebuilt. Eventually, Kevin and TK rebuilt Pegasus into a being known as Norad. Now, the android was capable of doing more than Pegasus was ever able to. He was able to allow people to ride in him for example.

During an adventure in Demonstorm's dimension, he found nanites who then latched onto the robot and caused him to evolve into a nanite powered living machine who can change form at will. At his core, Norad is still an android that is curious about the world around him.

Name: Tanis
Code name: Dragonfly
Powers: Flight on bug-like wings. Superspeed. 360 degree vision. Ability to stick to surfaces.

Born the son of Demonstorm and his wife, Medea. Tanis was bred to be the heir to the throne of his father's realm. While still an infant, Tanis fell through a portal to Earth and was raised by human parents. Once he reached the age of 19, he was confronted by Demonstorm and was told to take his place as prince of Demonsk. He refused and helped the Starbolts to defeat his father. Afterward, he joined the team and has enjoyed a sort of rivalry with fellow speedster, Marcus.


Name: Pal'idin
Real name: None.

Pal'idin is from a planet called Dovianni, where bird-like people live under strict moral codes and where mysticism is favored over technological approaches to life. Pal'idin himself is a High Falcyon amongst his people. This rank is equivalent to that of a general. After a rocky introduction to the Starbolts, the fierce and noble warrior remains a staunch ally to the team.

Name: The GREAT Garazo
Real name: None.

Hailing from a planet called Leonid IV, home to a proud race of feline like-people, Garazo is a proud warrior who has sworn allegiance to the Starbolts and help if they need it Garazo, like Pal'idin, had a rocky introduction to the Starbolts. At first glance, Garazo can appear to be loud, drunk and very passionate. At second glance, one can see he's that AND more. He's a good friend and will share his sangrale with you. Watch out for that.

Name: Centurion
Real name: Tenera Danar
Powers: Phenomenal Cosmic powers!

Tenera Danar was a simple Aquan police officer when she was chosen by the Centurion Guard to be endowed with fantastic cosmic powers. The Centurions needed someone to help maintain order in a chaotic galaxy. They are an intergalactic police force and choose those who best meet their qualifications. Under the guidance of King Shrall, Centurion learned to use her fantastic powers to help the Starbolts and anywhere in the cosmos that needs protection.

 Name: Hammer and Sickle
Real name: Dimitri Smirnoff (Hammer) and Anya Petrov (Sickle)

Hammer and Sickle are the latest in a long line of Russian super-soldiers calling themselves the "Red Stars". Hammer being the more violent of the two has always been a lone wolf type. He works with Sickle when the mood strikes him.

Sickle, however prefers to work with the heroes of Earth as a special agent. Stan Whitefox himself picked her to work with the Starbolts and the Agents in secret. However, circumstances arose and she was revealed to the team. Taking her in, the Starbolts consider her a good friend to the team. Will she join the Starbolts? Time will tell.

Name: Setleth

What can one say about the fourth wall breaking lizard-like people known as the Setleth? Their main ambition is commerce and business. They like to sell things despite them being less effective than anything. This could be attributed to the fact that they, like the Dovianni, were enslaved by the Mosqukatara. Once liberated, they began to invent stuff and sell their wares to the other members of the galactic alliance.

Some have even helped the Starbolts in their missions. The results of course varied. However, one Setleh does help Shrall's group, Xemplara. His name is Crimson Justice!

Agents of S.T.A.R.

Real name: Ariel Harris
Powers: Winged Flight

Ariel Harris was born on Dovianni to two servants of the Skymother and was sent into space along with ninety-nine other hatchlings when their world was taken over by the Mosqukatara. The pod carrying Ariel made its way to Earth and was discovered by Agent Benjamin Harris and the other Agents of S.T.A.R. Taking the baby home, Ariel was raised in the Agents care.

As she grew, she formed a relationship with Pegasus, the team's resident robot and the eldest son of Agent Gregorio Arlandero, Jaime. As a teenager, she started training with the Agents and while not a member of Soldier Six, she did socialize with them and was saddened by their loss. In fact, in her first mission, she was the one to fish Jack out of the water when Soldier Six was destroyed.

Eventually, Avian grew as a hero in her own right and served as a trainer for the Starbolts and New Starbolts when the need arose.

Name: Warrior
Real name: Jaime Arlandero
Powers: Superstrength and agility.

Jaime Arlandero is the first-born son of Gregorio and Gloria Arlandero. Born with superhuman powers, Jaime was initiated into the nascent Starbolts program. While not a member, he and Avian helped to pave the way for the future Starbolts. Growing up with Ariel made him feel at ease with his own abilities and eventually they formed a romantic relationship.

As time went on, it was discovered that his siblings all exhibited metahuman abilities and were placed in the Starbolts program. Being a member of the older guard, Jaime and Avian helped to train the youngsters in their powers while having their own adventures.

Name: Dr. Benjamin Harris
Code Name: Locust

Dr. Benjamin Harris is an old friend of Stan Whitefox, the director of S.T.A.R. and an inventor. He invented a suit of armor that allowed him to generate holographic copies of itself. He also created Pegasus, who would later become the Starbolt known as Norad. He was brought onto the team as an inventor and scientist.

Eventually, Harris became the father figure to Ariel when her ship landed on Earth. Doing the best he could to raise the youth, he continued to help the team and still does through scientific and medical work.

Name: Stan Whitefox and Andrea Lavarre-Whitefox
Codenames: Whitefox and Lady Liberty II
Powers: Whitefox: None. Lady Liberty II: Superstrength

Stan Whitefox, the director of S.T.A.R. was born to Native American parents who insisted that he study the mystical ways of their people. Not content to be a Navajo Shaman, Whitefox grew up resenting the mystical ways of life and embraced what he felt was a more practical way of serving humanity. He joined the United States army and served with distinction until he saw the rise of an organization known as D.I.S.C.O.R.D.

While at the academy, he met two people who would become important parts of his life: Richard Dastara and Andrea Lavarre. Andrea was selected to become part of a program to duplicate the accident which created the original Lady Liberty. She was a woman who had served the country in the second world war as one of the first metahuman heroes. The serum worked and eventually she became the second heroine to become Lady Liberty.

Using his military training, Whitefox took it upon himself to create an organization dedicated to stopping terrorism over land, sea and air. He recruited the people best suited to fight terrorism. Lady Liberty was already making a name for herself and she became one of the staunch supporters of the organization. Richard Dastara and his wife later became financial backers.

Over time, the children of the Agents came to be and the Starbolts program was initiated. The program itself was initiated after Whitefox saw the return of the metahuman genome and when Soldier Six seemingly lost their lives.

The Whitefoxes took in the children of their teammates and trained them along with other metahuman children. Eventually, they retired and the Starbolt known as Manta became the world's top cop. However, it doesn't mean that the Agents still do not help every now and then.

In addition to their son, Jack, the pair took care of three other wayward youths. Soon after Crystal and Dennis were liberated from the Arronfeld household they were adopted. There was some resistance and eventually Crystal took on their name. They tried and succeeded in undoing the years of psychological trauma the pair endured. Not long after they took it upon themselves to raise the teenagers, a third child was taken in by the family. Her name was Sara Samantha Edwards.

Sara was abused by Clive Marshall for many years and eventually became an asset to the Starbolts team. Sadly, she was seemingly killed by Princess.

Despite her death, the Whitefoxes still remained resolved in their mission to train and help metahumans, aliens and regular humans alike become something beneficial to the world. 


Nightstrike is an organization sanctioned by the ancient Order of Korun and have some of the world's most powerful mystics. They protect the city of Saint Anne, a hub for all things mystical and odd.

Ethan Knight:

Ethan Knight is an immortal mystic and student of the Order of Korun. He and his organization protect Earth from the likes of the Midnight Covenant.


Lurk aka Tal'inn Bandjora is a demon bounty hunter with the ability to turn back and forth from a human guise. He is also an accomplished detective.


Dragonblaze aka Michael Tan is a metahuman capable of generating mystical fire and molding it into any shape.

The Ethereal:

Selena Reyes is a mystic in training. Her family has also studied with Ethan Knight for centuries and is the latest in a long line of mystics.


Jarrod Vaughn is a man with superhuman strength and invulnerability.


 Miranda Deckard was an ordinary girl until she was kidnapped by mysterious aliens and placed in a strange bodysuit.

 New Starbolts:

The New Starbolts program is an organization created by Ariel and Jaime Arlandero. Their mission is to continue the Starbolts program so that a new generation of teenagers with strange abilities can learn how to better control their powers.  So far, the roster includes:

Ricardo Arlandero is the youngest child of the Arlandero family. He recently became a member of the galaxy-spanning police force known as the Centurions.

Carra is the daughter of the Great Garazo and is as formidable in battle as her father.

Donna Tate aka Britannia is a British-born metahuman with superhuman strength and speed.

Adam Parker aka Copycat is a metahuman with the ability to copy the powers and abilities of other metahumans. He was once under the control of the Jade Skull and recently joined the team.

Deceased heroes:

Name: King Sirak and Queen Yeena J'arrsti
Powers: Typical Aquan abilities.

King Sirak and Queen Yeena were the rulers of a planet known as Aquarius and served their homeworld during a very dark time in their history. When both Sirak and Yeena were young, the planet was overrun by the insectoid race known as the Mosqukatara. Sirak's father Criam was the last king the planet had before they invaded and he struggled to liberate their world.

By the closing days, Criam gave his life when he killed the queen of the Mosqukatara. Distraught, Yeena came to her husband and told him that she was with child (Aquita). Their children were born in the wake of Aquarius's reconstruction nad it was later found out that the Aquan Gods named the children their avatars and gave them superpowers. The Gods felt that "A distant shore will need the childrens' services".

Knowing this, the king and queen raised the children to be compassionate people and once they had arrived on Earth, they encouraged the trio to stake out their own path and become heroes in their own right.

Sadly, King Sirak lost his life when an assassin killed him during a concert Aquita was putting on. His last thought was that he knew Aquita was pregnant with Mateo's child and smiled knowing that a part of him was going to live on. Some time later, Yeena lost her life defending Shrall against the returning Mosqukatara. She sacrificed herself so that her son and her planet would not have to deal with the bugs again.