Saturday, January 9, 2021

Starbolts #513: Breaking Down the Asteroid



    And welcome to the first Starbolts comic of 2021! This year starts off with a bang as we continue exploring the origin of Angela's phenomenal cosmic powers. Sam and I have also been showcasing each Agent and this week we see just how powerful Gregorio Arlandero is. His power level is easily up there with the likes of the Richard Rider Nova or even the Hal Jordan Green Lantern. Greg here is legendary and we'll be exploring just how he got his powers and other events of his life next week when he and Angela visit Lu-Tem.

    Too bad Richie and Tenera can't go and visit. It's a rank based privilege and the two of them aren't quite there yet. Gregorio has the rank of Centurion Prime. That means he can go to the temple and see if his daughter can break the seal. Will it work? Well, time will tell. Still, it is good to explore the Starbolts universe outside of Earth for a bit. We need to know more about Earth's mightiest heroes and why they ARE Earth's mightiest.

See ya next time for some cosmic backstory!

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