Saturday, December 31, 2022

Starbolts #612: Year-End Retrospectives



    Happy New Year, everyone! Welcome to the Starbolts year-end extravaganza! I thought that I would create a jumping on point for new readers of the comic this week instead of just recapping the Starbolts greatest hits in 2022. At over 600 comics it'd be hard to figure out the origin of the Starbolts and their mentor team, the Agents of S.T.A.R. so I thought I'd have Richard "Cobalt" Dastara reflect on his past and the role he played in the formation of the Starbolts.

    The Agents are their world's mightiest heroes and the Starbolts have a lot to live up. However, in the coming year you will see them break out of that mold and carve out their own legacy. Will they be bigger than the Agents? It's possible. New threats are looming in the shadows like our friend Cobra in the last panel.

    New readers can now see just how the team was formed and get a feel of what the Starbolts are all about. They are the next generation of heroes trying to find a place in the world while dealing with alien invaders like the Mosqukatara, extradimensional despots like Demonstorm or beings from beyond time and space like the Professor. If you toss in Terra Nova, the Starbolts have had their hands full and have vanquished most of them. However, more threats are out there and soon we will be dealing with them. Will the Starbolts be ready? You bet they will.

 Eagle-eyed readers may notice some interesting developments in that Starbolts group spread in panels thirty-five and thirty-six. Angela has a new costume reflecting the Centurions and Valentina and Simon are hanging out with them. Interesting developments, indeed. Could they be joining the Starbolts? One never knows. The future is uncertain. But, our heroes will face that uncertainty head-on. Look out for more Starbolts action coming your way in 2023!

See ya next time!

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