Saturday, March 26, 2022

Starbolts #574: Night Terrors




    The Starbolts may have defeated Demonstorm but it looks like this latest adventure left an impact on the team's heart, Marcus. What are they going to do about Demonstorm influencing their friends' thoughts? How will they find out. It looks like he wasn't as defeated as they thought he was. They're going to have to do something. What are his plans for Marcus? Has Takashi also been affected? These are all great questions and the answers will all be revealed in time. Stay tuned! This Demonstorm arc isn't quite finished, yet!

    Crystal did her best to be the supporting girlfriend she always is. Marcus always helped her and she likes to pay it forward. Chances are she will do whatever it takes to get her boyfriend back to normal. But, what will she do to get it done? How is Demonstorm playing with Marcus's fears?  

    At least M'anta seems to be on the mend. He's in good hands with his doting wife, Jenna. The tank he's in has more stuff on the site that I didn't get a chance to show. There's a bed and a monitor for his vitals. Why wasn't he sleeping in it? Not sure. Maybe it wasn't comfortable?  And like the floor is? I dunno if it's as solid as you might think. I'll have to iron out the details of this "healing tank" M'anta is in. I don't know why but I really like how the stairs came out. I also imagine a little platform and that's how she slid in. I probably should have included a ladder or something.  Not only is Jenna wearing a special breathing apparatus designed by her father, Richard. She is also wearing special contact lenses which allow her to see underwater quite comfortably. Pretty cool, right?

      Demonstorm's influence is still being felt despite his defeat. Let's hope the team can help Marcus!

 See ya next time!

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Starbolts #573: The Final Fate of Demonstorm




   Ding dong Demonstorm is gone! FINALLY after all this time and all these adventures Demonstorm has finally been vanquished! Or has he? He's trapped inside of a box which is a doorway to a pocket universe. In that pocket universe, Centurion powers do not work. Is there a way out? That remains to be seen. This may or may not be the end of Demonstorm. After all he did come back after being stabbed by M'anta way back in Starbolts #200. Wow. That really was a long, long time ago! Time flies when you're having fun!

    This final  confrontation  with Demonstorm also sees Tanis redeeming himself in the wake of his actions since his return. Will he be reinstated as a Starbolt? Possibly. Right now he's still got his own issues to work out.

    Speaking of issues, there will be a few comics focusing on the fallout of the adventure the Starbolts had in the impossible palace. Are they okay after their ordeal? Some may be in worse shape than others. We'll see. Right now the Starbolts should revel in their amazing victory. However, there is always a chance he might return. You can't keep a good villain down!

See ya next time! 

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Starbolts #572: The Coming of Centurion Omega




    What can I say about this week's comic? How about "Yikes!" Or "Oh, no. What are they going to do now?!" Well, fear not my friends because Tanis is on the way to save the day! The next comic looks like it's going to be his chance to shine and redeem himself in the eyes of the Starbolts and perhaps even himself. Will he step up and confront his father?

    Speaking of Demonstorm, I think it can be safe to assume he may have reached the second form in this boss battle. Let's hope the Starbolts can defeat him! 

    Meanwhile, what is up with Marcus? He's been kind of cold toward his girlfriend ever since he snapped out of Demonstorm's vision. Did something happen to him? Time will tell because we are definitely going to tackle that issue in the the next few comics. Stay tuned for that. I won't spoil anything. But, we shall see what's going on in the speedster's brain very soon.

    As for M'anta, I think he'll be fine once he has a dip in a pool or something. He was already dehydrated from flying over the lava pit. Fighting Demonstorm just worsened his condition. We shall see if he'll be fighting fit in no time. 

    See ya next week and we'll see if Tanis can finally stop his father before anyone else falls!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Starbolts #571: The Secret of Demonstorm




    Wow! It looks like the boss battle is about to heat up! We've got a crazy reveal for Demonstorm. It appears that he definitely has the Centurion force at his command. The question is what is he going to do with it? Well, he's going to have a fighting mad Inobe to deal with before he can do anything. His Centurion abilities combined with his primal magic make him more dangerous than ever. What if he were to access the third magic form known as void magic? Yikes. he'd be unstoppable!

    At least he had access to void magic for a time. If you recall, Ethan Knight said that Medea's books were based on void magic. This meant that Medea herself was a void witch. I doubt she was going to say that out loud. One of her books is now in Cece's possession. Perhaps she can find a way to undo all of these problems with the heart of Illibrata and everything. We can only hope because I don't think Demonstorm's former wife is in any position to be helping ANYONE right now!!

    Firaxil is temporarily in his "Hulk" form. This is going to be an amazing battle! He promised himself that he'd never let Sara see this form. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Tune in next time to see how the fight goes and trust me it is going to be AMAZING!

See ya next time!