Sunday, September 27, 2020

Starbolts #499: Land of the Free


The road to Starbolts #500 continues as Crystal is named the next Lady Liberty. The old order may have changed. But, some things remain the same.  However, the road just got a little bumpier as Xander Smith just called for Crystal's head. Uh oh! What is this guy's problem? We'll find out next time in our 60 panel 500th comic extravaganza! Do stay tuned!

Was there ever any doubt that Crystal would eventually pick up her mother's mantle? The signs were all there. There was no way Sara was going to pick it up. She's good with being "the woman in the chair" and part of Team Science. 

Crystal is going to have to contend with some opposition next time. Stay tuned for that because it's going to get a little wild. Her trial by fire is about to begin!

See ya next time!

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Starbolts #498: Star-Spangled Banner Waves



On the road to Starbolts #500, we check in on Iron Eagle who hasn't been seen since Velocity was revealed to be a clone of Sara. As you can see, he has fallen into a state of depression and his only hope rests in the hands of his friend, Andrea. The poor guy lost the love of his life, his friends, his dignity, the trust of the superhero community and so much more.

This had all been building to a head since Starbolts #240 for Iron Eagle. That storyline saw him do some serious damage while under the control of the Nazi scientist, Jade Skull.  By Starbolts #401, he lost another friend. Things just got too much for him. At least now he can get the help he so desperately needs!

So, it looks like two out of three Whitefox kids aren't going to take the mantle of Lady Liberty/Iron Eagle. That just leaves Crystal. Will she take it? We'll find out next week! See ya then!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Starbolts #497: The Perilous Fight



The road to Starbolts #500 continues! We start off with a news report from a guy who will play an important role in that epic event. He really seems to have an ax to grind doesn't he? Xander seems to hate the Starbolts and if he gives off a conspiracy theorist vibe, that's the point. This guy is a jerk and the 'bolts know it.

I really like how the scene with Carter and Crystal came out. The two have a lot to talk about because she is a link to her grandparents. Crystal wants to learn everything there is about her relatives now since she finally knows who she is. Sara also wants to find out. I am sure the two will definitely learn a lot from Carter.

Next week we are going to check on the current Iron Eagle. That's going to be fun. Stay tuned for that as we press on toward Starbolts #500!

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Starbolts #496: Twilight's Last Gleaming



The march to Starbolts #500 continues with this comic focusing on Andrea talking to Yeena about her future plans. But, before that we had the team of mother and son taking down a team of poachers. By the way, Aquans can speak telepathically to whales, dolphins and other aquatic mammals.  It's a cool thing they can do. It makes total sense! I wanted to show Yeena in action one last time and what better way to do that than by showing her take down some poachers! Pretty cool, huh?

 I wanted to show Andrea and Yeena talking because they were longtime friends and I hadn't had a scene with just the two of them reconnecting like the old days. They were friends and teammates after all. Now we see them as friends again and picking up where they left off.

After that, we had Firaxil and Sara returning from their quick "honeymoon". They weren't going to stay away too long. Eagle-eyed viewers will see some familiar furniture in their baby's room. We have the screen from the Arlanderos' house and the teddy bear Sara had at the Marshalls' house, too. Not a bad start, right?

We're still on our way to #500! Not much further to go! See ya next time!