Since the story can be a little confusing here is an official timeline of events critical to the universe that the Starbolts and related teams exist in. The timeline is interspersed with real world events.

Ancient past:

14 billion years ago:

The universe was created in an explosion known as the Big Bang.

4 billion years ago:

A mysterious alien civilization develops faster than light space travel and began exploring their galaxy (now known as the Milky Way) Their journeys and expeditions across the galaxy reveals them to be alone in the void. Knowing that existence is finite, they seed the primordial oceans of countless worlds throughout the galaxy with their DNA so that life will continue in their image. Assured of their legacy and tiring of wandering the void alone, they eventually evolve to a higher plane of being, leaving the seeds planted in their galactic garden to eventually create life.

3.5 billion years ago:

Life began on Earth and many other planets.

1 billion years ago:

After observing their great work for ages, the ancient ones leave our galaxy and explore the universe.

65 million years ago:

The dinosaurs and several other animals and plant life became extinct in a catastrophic event killing most life on Earth. Life would manage to recover.

1.8 million years ago:

Homo sapiens aka modern humans emerged as the dominant species on Earth.

The ancient aliens returned after attaining god-like abilities. They begin observing the development of the worlds they seeded so very long ago. Many become the gods of each planet they started to watch over and treated the lifeforms as their children. They even took the forms of the dominant species of each planet.

200,000 years ago:

The Dovianni started believing in the “Skymother”, a god-like being.

The Setleth begin developing in an impressive rate. Their technology became second to none as they began exploring the stars.

The Aquans started believing in their Gods after they were seen by many people.

6500 BC:

The dawn of human civilization.

3000 BC:

Several ancient aliens tinker with the very fabric of human DNA. This eventually would give rise to people with special abilities known as metahumans.

Several metahumans began destroying early civilizations and were stopped by the Gods who created them. However, the metahuman gene was still in Terran DNA and would remain dormant for millennia.

2630 BC:

Pyramids were built in Egypt.

1200 BC:

 The Dovianni began exploring space, only to be met with hostile aliens around every corner. This led to them referring to space as “the vile, windless dark.”

 8th Century BC:

The Greeks began worshiping Apollo and the other Greek deities.

 350 BC:

The Dovianni abandoned scientific advancement in favor of a more mystical view of the galaxy and decided to remain on their world.

Modern history:

500 AD:

The Roman Empire fell.


 Aquans successfully venture into space for the first time and began exploring their solar system.


The age of exploration begins on Earth.


Aquans invent faster than light space travel.

The Renaissance occurred in Europe.


Aquans make first contact with the nascent Leonid Empire.


Idrak El Bashir was in a caravan traveling near Mount Damavand in what is now Iran. She was chosen to be an avatar for the ice bird known as Roc. Zarantha challenged the young woman for the claim and banished her to another dimension called “The Outlands”.


Xelerg is born to the royal family of Demonsk.


At the age of fourteen, Xelerg dethrones his father and becomes ruler of Demonsk. He then calls himself Lord Demonstorm.


Thirteen British colonies declared its independence and later became the United States.


A force from outside our galaxy invaded and forced the ancient god-like beings to fight in a brutal war. Unfortunately, this led many worlds unprotected from what was to come.


A mysterious insectoid race called the Mosqukatara began conquering several worlds in the quadrant. Among those worlds were Dovianni and Setleth.

In a last ditch effort to save their race, The Dovianni send out one hundred eggs into “the vile windless dark”. One of those eggs contain the future Agent of S.T.A.R., Ariel.


The Mosqukatara conquered Aquarius. They kept the Leonids busy and in the end were too late to save the Aquans.


 Metahumans began reappearing on Earth and gave birth to the Golden Age of superheroes. The first hero was called Savior.


One of the last members of the Aquan royal family, Criam J’arrsti was born.


Soldier Steve Lavarre becomes the first Iron Eagle. Peggy Tennant becomes Spitfire.
The worlds’ first superteam, the Guardians were formed when a terrorist organization called Terra Nova emerged on the scene and allied itself with Germany in World War II. A villain known as the Jade Skull led their first incarnation.


Stan Whitefox was born.

A fleet of Leonid ships attempted to save Aquarius and were summarily destroyed.


 Andrea Lavarre was born to Steven Lavarre and Peggy Tennant.


 After years of service, the Guardians were forced to disband by the US government as they began investigating superheroes and supervillains.


 The Department of Metahuman Affairs was founded to keep tabs on the US’s metahuman population. Their founders were Steve Lavarre and Peggy Tennant.


Steve Lavarre and Peggy Tennant were found dead in a suspicious car accident. Their friend, Carter Danvers, took on their mantle and became Lady Liberty.
By this time, superheroes and supervillains were becoming rare sights as the metahuman gene started to become dormant.


Sirak J’arrsti was born. His father Criam saved the baby from the breeding pens shortly after his birth. Sadly, his mother was killed in the rescue attempt.


Humanity landed on the moon.
Andrea Lavarre became the second Lady Liberty after the first Lady Liberty, Carter Danvers, crashes her plane into the south Pacific.
The Agents of S.T.A.R. are formed by Stan Whitefox and Andrea Lavarre. They later marry.
Terra Nova returns under the guise of a new organization called D.I.S.C.O.R.D.


Jack Whitefox was born.


The Agents recover an escape pod carrying a baby girl with bird-like wings after it crashed in Russia. Agent Benjamin Harris and his wife adopt her and name her Ariel.


Jaime Arlandero is born to Agents Gregorio and Gloria Arlandero. With his birth, Dr. Harris noted that the metahuman gene may be resurfacing.


Young Jack Whitefox was selected to take part in a program called “Liberty’s Children”. They were to become a new breed of super soldier by using the same serum that gave the first Lady Liberty her abilities
The Occupation of Aquarius ended when Criam J’arrsti killed the Mosqukatara queen in charge of Aquarius. Other resistance forces around the planet managed to drive the aliens off of their world. Aquarius was once again freed! However, the freedom came with a price. Criam J’arrsti was mortally wounded. His son Sirak would become king.
Princess Aquita Merana J’arrsti was born. Her generation would become known as the “Free Generation”, the first Aquans born after the decades’ long occupation.
Aquarius began rebuilding itself with the help of the Leonids and several other races. There is talk of a galactic alliance being formed.
Mateo Arlandero was born and Dr. Harris confirms that the metahuman gene was making a dramatic return.


Twins M’anta and Shrall J’arrsti are born.
Jenna Dastara was born to Agents Richard and Elaine Dastara.

Marcus Johnson was born to Agents Avery and Rebecca Johnson.

Kevin Stanton was born to Agent Charlotte Stanton and her husband, Arnold.


Soldier Six was officially formed after years of training. They began fighting alongside the Agents of S.T.A.R.


Agent Henry Peter Gladstone of the Department of Metahuman Affairs stole top secret documents regarding the children of the Agents of S.T.A.R. and gave them to Terra Nova scientist, Clive Marshall.

Later, Marshall convinces his bosses to start their own antithesis to the Starbolts Program using children born from their agents.


Richard Smythe aka Cobra steals two embryos belonging to Stan and Andrea Whitefox and betrays Soldier Six. The babies were then handed over to Terra Nova operative, Henry Gladstone and later implanted into Ruby Arronfeld and Elisabeth King.
Arnold Stevens murdered his wife, Agent Charlotte Stanton. An anonymous call led Soldier Six to their home. Their son, Kevin, went to live with Richard and Elaine Dastara.


Crystal Arronfeld was born to Terra Nova Agents Jed and Judy Arronfeld. Sara Edwards was born in Worcester, Massachusetts to Clive Marshall and Elisabeth King. Both babies begin frequent examinations under Terra Nova's supervision.
A young Garazo is tasked with killing a sangrale in order to become a true warrior in his culture’s eye.
A distant Alpha Quadrant world called Inobus became uninhabitable thanks to intense radiation from their sun. They were forced to flee their world and explore the stars. A child named Firaxil was born to Inobe diplomats Dendra and Nisson Odanta.


Tanis was born to Demonstorm and Medea of Demonsk. As a baby, he fell through a portal and was raised on Earth unaware of his origins.


The Aquan Gods Aquita, Xazes and Delclina visit the Aquan royal children and give them their special powers.

The Whitefoxes decide to put the children of the Agents of S.T.A.R. into a training initiative called the Starbolts Program.


Cobra betrays Soldier Six for the second time and kills everyone on the team except Jack. Jack shoots his former best friend and leaves him for dead.

A life bomb explodes on D.I.S.C.O.R.D. Island, killing all life on it and severely injuring Jack. A young Ariel was responsible for saving the Agent.

Jack was put on ice as cybernetics were gradually put into his body.

After the death of Soldier Six, the Whitefoxes decide to shelve the Starbolts program until further notice.

Young Sara is tossed into Clive's walk-in freezer and is found by the nanny. She is later revived by doctors. However, the event caused her metahuman abilities to develop early. She and Crystal are then separated as Clive begins his experiments on her. Crystal is sent to live in Kentucky with the Arronfelds.


Jamie Arlandero became the Agent known as Warrior.

Ricardo Arlandero is born.


A family of Inobe land near Bowling Green, Kentucky. The parents are killed by a Mr. Wilson. The Arronfelds help the Wilsons hide the bodies and the ship they came in on in a cave near the Wilson’s farm. The Inobe child who traveled with his parents loses all memory of them and is adopted by the Arronfelds. They then name the boy Dennis and had Terra Nova forge adoption records.

Later that year, Clive Marshall visits the Arronfelds to check on their daughter's progress. He was astounded to find that their second child was in fact an alien and writes up a report. He also detected metahuman potential in Crystal and makes plans to use her and every other metahuman girl he could find.


 Robkas D’Vane was sent on a diplomatic mission. He goes missing and is presumed dead.

Rick Baxter assaults young Jenna. This incident ignites her pyrokinetic powers and causes her to burn down a hallway in her high school. Richard Dastara asks Whitefox to help the girl.  He agrees and the Starbolts program is re-commissioned to help the children of the Agents of S.T.A.R. and any other metahuman.


King Sirak takes his family on an expedition to explore nearby solar systems. They’re attacked by several Mosqukatara ships just outside Earth’s solar system. Sirak and Yeena rush their three children to an escape pod.

The Starbolts program is put into full swing with the children of the Agents of S.T.A.R. becoming teenaged superheroes. On the eve of their initiation, the pod containing the Aquan royal children crashes into the pool at Richard Dastara’s mansion.

The Mosqukatara attack Earth.

Official first contact between humanity and Aquans. King Sirak would give his famous “You are not alone” speech in front of the United Nations General Assembly.

Sirak asks Manta to wear the armor he wore when he fought the Mosqukatara. He wanted the armor’s heroic legacy to continue.

Aquita and Mateo start dating.


The Agent known as Pegasus was killed by Terra Nova operatives. But, not before he passed on valuable information about a metahuman in Kentucky.

Demonstorm appears and tries to take over Earth for the first time.

Terra Nova recruits a team of teenage metahumans and has them fight the Starbolts.

Angela joins the Starbolts.

Jenna and M’anta start dating.


Crystal Arronfeld first exhibits metahuman abilities and was assaulted by her boyfriend, Cody Dillinger. Her parents call Terra Nova and plan to sell her to the organization as part of their deal with them. The plan is thwarted by the Starbolts and she and her brother, Dennis join the team.

 Sara and Crystal are adopted by the Whitefoxes out of necessity. Since Dennis has no records in the United States or anywhere else, he is placed under their guardianship.

 The Starbolts rescue a young metahuman named Sara Edwards. 

A new team of Guardians debuts.

Takashi Shimonoseki and Kaori Harada join the Starbolts at the request of Whitefox’s mentor, Ganetsu.

 Jack Whitefox emerges from the deep freeze with cybernetics. He’s shocked by the world around him and later joins the Starbolts.

 Cody Dillinger was killed in a prison riot.


Terra Nova operative Rick Baxter assassinates Sirak as he gave a speech.

Aquita announces she is pregnant with Mateo’s child.

Aquita and Mateo get married on Aquarius.

Pegasus is rebuilt and reborn as Norad.

Rick Baxter dies. He is impaled on the statue of the Aquan god of justice.

Shrall leaves the Starbolts to help his mother govern Aquarius. He also helps to organize Xemplara, his own team of heroes on Aquarius.


Sirak Arlandero is born.

The Guardians disappear under strange circumstances.

Jenna becomes the third Lady Liberty after Andrea is shot.

Tenera Danar, the daughter of Aquan Prime Minister Tess Danar becomes a Centurion. She later joins Xemplara.


As a college student, Tanis was abducted by Demonstorm, told of his origins and was mutated. He takes the name Dragonfly.

Demonstorm kidnaps Angela and tries to take over Earth with his army.

Sara Whitefox was seemingly killed by Princess. This was actually a clone. She spends the next two years as a captive of Clive Marshall.

Norad “evolves” thanks to passive nanobots from Demonsk. He becomes a shapeshifting android.

Tanis joins the Starbolts.

M’anta and Jenna get married.

Anya Petrov prevents Terra Nova from interfering with the wedding ceremony.

Terra Nova is absorbed by a secretly returning D.I.S.C.O.R.D.

The Mosqukatara return to invade Aquarius and Earth.

Mosqukatara kill Zachary Benton’s family.

The Mosqukatara are stopped and an alliance is formed between Earth, Aquarius and Leonid IV.

Queen Yeena gives her life to save her son.

Shrall is made king of Aquarius and marries Tayalla, a royal guard.

Dovianni and Setleth are freed from Mosqukatara control.

The Mosqukatara homeworld explodes.


Robkas D’Vane returns and gets cosmic powers thanks to the Praetorians. He goes to Earth to confront is ex, Aquita and is shocked to learn she is married to Mateo.

Zachary Benton becomes a mercenary.

In light of the Mosqukatara invasion and the attack by Demonstorm, the nations of Earth begin to work toward unification.

Vecto D’Vane attempts a military coup starting at the Aquan colony Aqu-Nur.

Aquita was placed under mind control and the Starbolts rescue her.

Soldier Six seemingly comes back from the dead. It’s revealed that they are clones. However, one Soldier Six member is revealed to be the original. Cobra was resurrected by Demonstorm in a form that’s neither living nor dead.

Demonstorm creates the Legion, which is a team made up of various Starbolts villains and orchestrates a tournament to see which team is superior. He also attempts to alter reality to the point where he would become Earth’s greatest hero.

Reality is altered and Manta works to fix it with the help of a cosmic being called “The Professor”.

Tanis leaves the Starbolts.

The New Starbolts Program begins. Veteran Agents Avian and Warrior begin teaching teenage superheroes. The first to join are Britannia (Donna Tate), Centurion (Ricardo Arlandero), Carra, Adam and Kenji.


Tanis returns to the team.

The Mosqukatata start undergoing their bizarre transformation.

Robkas assembles the dark avatars of the Gods. He later travels through time in order to prevent Mateo from meeting Aquita.

Zarantha takes control of the Guardians and forces them into a war with the Starbolts.

Velocity shows up and the team mistakes her for their deceased friend, Sara.

A Nazi named Jade Skull takes over the body of the Guardians' leader, Iron Eagle and forces him to commit unspeakable atrocities.

Agents Embassy was destroyed and the team takes residence in the Watchtower.

The Guardians were seemingly killed leaving Iron Eagle, Apollo and Velocity the only members left alive.

Dennis was transformed into a brutish, ape like monster with enhanced strength thanks to Jade Skull.

The team takes a much needed vacation on Aquarius only to get involved in a returning Robkas and dark Avatars. The team had to fight Grunn and his monster, Kyodon.

A new goddess of fire avatar was created. Her name is Xelia Pyrus.

Crystal and Marcus begin dating.

Crystal is forced to fight Jenna in mock combat in order to attract the attention of the Legion.

Crystal learns the truth about her parents and their treatment of Dennis.

Marcus and Crystal go on the lam as the world thought she betrayed the Starbolts.

The mercenary known as Nautilus makes his presence known.

The Legion takes over the Watchtower. With them is a robot version of Clive Marshall. That version was destroyed by Dennis.

Cobra is restored to his own cloned body.

Dennis discovers the truth about his past and calls himself by his birth name, Firaxil Odanta. He kills one of the men responsible for his parents' murder. Firaxil leaves to go find his people.

Idrak El Bashir returns to Earth after her exile and joins Nightstrike.

Crystal is freed from Zarantha's lingering control over her and the witch is put to sleep by Nightstrike.

Firaxil calls for help and the team finds themselves involved in an Inobe civil war.

Firaxil undergoes a medical procedure which changes him back into a normal Inobe. This doesn't last long as he is made into a Centurion.

The Mosqukatara return and decimate an Inobe colony.

Firaxil begins to hear his dead girlfriend's voice in his head.

The Inobe civil war ends.

Clive Marshall plans his next move. After two years of being held captive by Clive Marshall, Sara Whitefox returns to the Starbolts.

Sara and Crystal find out that they were the blood children of Stan and Andrea Whitefox all along. Sara announces she is pregnant with Firaxil's baby.


 The original Lady Liberty and Yeena of Aquarius return after being considered dead.

Sara and Firaxil get married.

Jack. Sara and Crystal visit the spirit world and talk to their grandparents and learn about what killed them.

Angela leaves the Starbolts to train with the Centurions in order to get a handle on her powers after visiting Demonsk with Tanis.

Rudo escapes Demonsk and makes his way to Earth.

Firaxil visits New Inobus and inducts a deputy.

Jenna’s powers are under control and she adopted the name “Phoenix”.

King Shrall and Queen Tayalla welcome their son, Criam to the family.

Aquita confronts Robkas and is startled by his black aura.

The nanobots reveal that they are dying and plot to take over Norad. The Agent known as Pegasus is revealed to be living as a hologram in the bowels of the Department of Metahuman Affairs.

The former Terra Nova operative, Syntax, was revealed to be the memory engrams of a Las Vegas showgirl placed into a metallic shell. Her name was revealed to be Holly and she was placed into a new android body along with Norad.

Jack and Anya go to Singapore to find her former partner, Dimitri. Dimitri forged an alliance with his grandparents’ killer and eventually Jack killed him with his grandfather’s shield.

It is revealed that Sara and Crystal are void witches and begin training with Cece who recently got her memories back. Crystal’s powers were revealed to be manifestations of her trauma given sentience. She learned to control those abilities.

The Order of Korun see the void witches as a threat and seek to assess how much of a threat Crystal and Sara pose to reality.

Rudo returns and it was revealed he was actually Demonstorm.

Demonstorm attempts to alter the minds of TK, Crystal, Firaxil and Marcus. Only Marcus suffered long term effects. Demonstorm tried to take over his brain and the Starbolts had to visit Demonsk in order to request the aid of Medea.

Medea returns to Earth after fixing Tanis’s appearance and she fixes Marcus.

Angela returns to the Starbolts. Medea and Cece fix the problem with Angela’s powers.

Jack was seen practicing with his grandfather’s shield.

Plans for Pegasus’s resurrection began.

Former Legion members, Valentine and Punchline join the Starbolts.

Crystal and Marcus perfect the tethering process during their vacation.

Firaxil and Sara’s child Dendra was born!



Sirak Arlandero goes back in time to stop Robkas from changing the past.

The future Starbolts go to the past to prevent the "Professor" from messing with the timeline and help the Starbolts preserve tragic events in their history.

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