Saturday, July 24, 2021

Starbolts #541: The Fallen Agent



    Looks like Pegasus was the one who locked our heroes in the mausoleum! It turns out that the android is still technically alive. He's just confined to the room because of the virus Terra Nova injected him with all those years ago and he's basically a sentient hologram now. We'll see how long that lasts!

    This week we also learn quite a few things. The first thing we learned was how Pegasus knew about Crystal shortly before she was rescued. She was also referred to as "Ahyoka" a number of times. My best guess is that the android knew what Stan and Andrea were going to call their twin girls. Next week he'll be calling Sara "Carter" for sure. I should probably say Pegasus knew something was in Kentucky worth investigating. Either way, he paved the way for the rescue of Crystal, Sara and by extension Firaxil. His death most likely occurred within the first year of the Starbolts' existence. We'll learn about that next week, too.

    Speaking of next week that's going to be quite the reunion. The Agents meet the "ghost" of their fallen comrade just before he sacrifices himself for the greater good. It's a shame that Charlotte isn't able to be there. I reckon Charlotte and Pegasus were pretty close as they played chess together and talked about humanity. It's a safe bet that he did not take her death well. You can see what happened in Starbolts #469!

    We also learned that Phil Smith investigated Kentucky. He went to Bowling Green, found Crystal and reported it to the boss. This then allowed for Marcus and Mateo to find and rescue her and Firaxil. I figured that bit of a plot needed to be elaborated on. So now more of her story makes logical sense!

   It should be noted that the "she" Pegasus talked about in the last panel was Charlotte. Charlotte was very much involved with the children of the Agents as she retired shortly after Kevin was born. Those two were pretty close and I'd hate to say it but I think her husband was jealous of the connection she had with the android. He couldn't deal with that.

We're definitely learning so much about the Agents this year! Stay tuned for more!

See ya next time!

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