Saturday, February 21, 2015

Starbolts #261: Waking Up Liberty


Nice long comic this week, huh? I decided to make it a little longer because I wanted to show both Lady Liberties dispense some advice to Jenna. We have the first one telling Jenna something is up with her grandson, Iron Eagle. She'll be sure to remember that. We then have her mentor, the second Lady Liberty, trying to get her to wake up. She does and then rushes to the lab to get a sweet new armor. The armor, though, isn't going to be permanent. However, I'll probably incorporate some of its design in the regular suit. Like glider wings!

Here's hoping Jenna can turn the tide in the battle!

Next week, I'll have a video up. So, get ready and I will see you next time!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Starbolts #260: Accidentally in Love


This week's comic is a Valentine's Day comic without outright saying it is one because I wanted to try doing it that way. I think it works. I also wanted to show M'anta as he was when he and Jenna were starting to date. He was very awkward around her. He didn't grow into his own until later. He's much like Peter Parker. It's a sharp contrast to how he is in the beginning of this week's comic where he's barking orders and is trying to save Jenna while at the same time deal with that Adam kid.

At the end, we have the first Lady Liberty greeting Jenna. What does she want? We'll find out next week. There may be some trouble brewing before she wakes up. Remember, the Guardians are still posed to attack.  So, things are looking serious for our heroes.

In other news, Sony and Marvel made a deal about Spidey being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! I am so excited for that you have no idea. I can't wait to see what happens. He'll have a cameo and his own movie. So, that will be fun.

Here's hoping both are a success! See you next time!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Starbolts #259: Burning Out the Torch


A lot of stuff happened this week! We find out why the Guardians have been jerks. I was hesitant to use the tried and true mind control trope. But, here it works. There was no other way around making these formally noble supers suddenly become jerks unless they just snapped and became evil for no reason at all. So, in that case I had to use mind control for better or worse. I'm slowly revealing the real names of the Guardians. Sentinel is Terry Starling. Iron Eagle is Roger Stevens. I think you see where I am going with this. If not, I am so sorry. =) The puns were too good to pass up.

In other news, Jenna seems to be back to normal. Or is she? Dunh Dunh Dunnn! Hmm. That sound effect doesn't work well in text form does it? Her costume is in tasteful tatters as my friend, Mark put it. Not much of it left is there?

Back to the Guardians for a moment. They are going to be on the move! But, next week is Valentine's Day! What's going to happen? Find out soon enough!

See you then!