Sunday, June 28, 2020

Starbolts #486: Saving Private Angelo


In no time at all Team Magic saved the future Angelo from a very gruesome death. His mother sensed his presence and soon the two will be reunited! However, we have something special planned before that as we're coming up on the 4th of July. Stay tuned for something really cool and really in canon.

Back to this week's comic, though. Looks like the future look for the Centurions is cooler than the one they have now. I wonder what made them change their minds. Hard to say. But, the look really is cool. I might have Richie adopt the look. We'll see.

This arc is rapidly coming to a close and next week I'll be taking a break from the action with a special 4th of July comic. I hope everyone enjoys it! Stay tuned!

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Starbolts #485: Back to the Future


This week's comic has a little downtime before Team Magic heads to the future to save the future Angelo from certain death on the planet Illibrata. If you recall, that's why the future Angela went off the deep end and started killing her friends and family. If Angelo is saved, then she will be in a better place. We hope.

I also put some character moments in the comic to show a few developments. It seems that Stan played a bit of a matchmaker between two immortals since we last saw Idrak and Ethan together. Not a bad pairing, right? I didn't think so!

We also saw Kaori and her girlfriend, Selena talking and of course Marcus talking to Jack about what happened on D.I.S.C.O.R.D. island. A little character development goes a long way. But, for now Team Magic is on their way to an unknown future. What awaits them there? Fine out next week!

See ya then!

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Starbolts #484: Group Therapy



Looks like being trapped in a void is a good place to hash out your differences. Hang on a second. What did the future Angela mean by the death of her first child? Hmm. We'll be looking at that a bit more closely. Firaxil is a little concerned about what that might mean. What could it be? Who is the father? What's going on? We'll see soon enough. Stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, the Power Rangers managed to get Angelo's helmet. They just need Angelo. I do like the scene where present day Sara lays into future Firaxil with all the advice he used to give her. Turnabout is fair play. Sam helped with that scene and it turned out beautifully.

Not much else to talk about this week. Stay tuned because we're going to get some more revelations soon. Dendra is right. Sara DOES have a ton of secrets doesn't she?

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Starbolts #483: Comfort and Joy


This week's comic has much needed downtime for a few of our heroes. I think that in order to change the timeline, the present day Angela is going to have to change a few things in order to avoid becoming her dark, future self. Now she and Kevin know that Angelo is their future son. What they do with that information is totally up to them. The future hasn't been written yet from their point of view. Changes are already being made to the timeline. What will happen to Angela now is anyone's guess. The question is how is she going to avoid becoming her darker self? She is going to have a lot of work to do.

Meanwhile Crystal and Marcus are doing their best to relax. The poor guy saw his hero die in front of him. It's going to take him a while to recover. Crystal is doing her best to pay it forward to him for all the times he helped her. I think he'll be okay. It's tough when the heart of the team has to go through some trauma.

Speaking of trauma, it looks like dark Angela went through some. I see a group therapy session in the void. Stay tuned for that! It should be noted that the Centurion powers get immediately nullified upon entry into the void. That's why Firaxil immediately reverted to what he was wearing when he put on the spaceman suit. That would be his tux. Man, that wedding was ages ago wasn't it? We need to get that boy married. Soon.

See ya next time!