Saturday, March 31, 2012

Starbolts #150: Holding Out For A Hero (Part 2)

For some reason when I see the shiruken with the axe I hear "The Touch" by Stan Bush in my head. It doesn't help that I actually have the song playing as I type this. An alternate title for the comic could have been "More than Meets the Eye" However, I think I used that title before when I had Norad transform a lot. So, I decided to go with another 1980s thing. Holding out for a hero is a great song by Bonnie Tyler. You may have heard it in the Shrek movies and even in the Short Circuit films. It's very apt for this scenario. Anyway, this storyline is over. What awaits Earth's newest heroes in the future? We'll see, true believers. We shall see. Sufficed to say that the next few comics will be a great deal more lighthearted. After all, things did get real for a while there, didn't it? Question. Will the 'Bolts keep the robot? Well, it's Agents of S.T.A.R. property anyway. So, why not? Jack just stole it back from the bad guys. The question of how it got into D.I.S.C.O.R.D.'s hands will be answered next week. In the mean time, thanks again for reading the comic and enjoying the storylines. I love writing and producing the comic. I thank you all for reading. Take care! P.S. Thanks go out to the author of the Megatron/Optimus Prime sprites. I found them online and altered them. Sadly, there was no name attached. So, thanks!

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  1. Once again, congrats on 150 issues of awesomeness. This was a really good arc! Keep up the good work!