Saturday, March 17, 2012

Starbolts #150: Holding Out For A Hero (Part 1)

One Hundred and fifty Starbolts comics. That’s a lot of comics. I’m not going to argue with anyone and say that isn’t daunting. You all know as well as I do that comics are a business where there are multiple #1 issues, reboots, crossovers and events happening every year it seems. Every comic is someone’s first as the great Stan Lee once said. Thankfully, mine are archived. I know I’ve probably reached 150 a long time ago. However, this is in canon. All the Point 5s and such do not count.
Writing the comic has always been fun and posting it online for everyone to read has been great, too. I started the story in prose form and while that did well, I really wanted to just make a comic out of my story. I had sprites as I cannot draw very well. I used them and just went from there. I posted the first comic in late 2008 in the TGWTG blogs and since then I am pleased that it’s been very well received there.

Along the way, many people helped me out with the comic. My collaborator, Mark and I have bounced ideas back and forth on various storylines. I’ve talked to many people about the comic and layout. To spotlight any one person would be too little and to spotlight everyone would be name dropping. Instead, I will just say thank you to everyone who has helped me along this strange, strange journey.

You have all given me the guidance, the confidence and inspiration I needed to keep going. I know this all sounds incredibly sappy. Hey, I’m making a speech here on my 150th issue. I’m ALLOWED to be sappy! I digress. My friends have all helped me to make everything possible. By extension, they’ve also guided me through my animation projects and of course Comic Showcase. Their advice is always welcome even to this day.
If someone were to ask me in 2007 that I’d be part of a community that would accept my story and help in the way they do now, I’d say flat out that they were dreaming. Back then, I used to be trolled because people didn’t like certain aspects of the story. I still continued to write. It was just weird how close minded some people could be when it comes to superheroes. Oh well. Thankfully, this isn’t true now.

Comics are a passion of mine. I don’t do this for fame, glory or anything. I do this because it’s fun and because I have a story to tell. My stories were inspired by the comics I grew up with and in some cases cartoons from the 1980s and even Star Trek. Everything I’ve ever been exposed to as a kid has really generated into this story where young heroes take up the heroic mantles of their parents and stake out their own destiny.

Will there be more issues of Starbolts? Of course! There’s always stories to tell. There’s always adventures to be had. I’d like to once again thank the fans and of course everyone who has helped me. ThatGuyWithTheGlasses’s blog system has been the home of the Starbolts since 2008 and they’re not going anywhere. They will always be around to safeguard her shores. Plus, I'll be posting here.

Enjoy this week’s comic and I will see YOU in the funny pages! Stay tuned for part 2!

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