Saturday, April 7, 2012

Starbolts #151: A Man Out of Time

Here we have the true epilogue to the last storyline. Jack for the lack of a better word is feeling quite upset. That is until Anya came around. I think she'll be good for him. Mark and I always thought she'd steal him away to do some crazy missions or something like that. Now she is a reserve Starbolt along with Shrall and Garazo. This means that when there's trouble the 'bolts can't handle by themselves, they'll call in the reserves.

I've been hinting at Anya/Jack for some time now. We'll see how this relationship goes, yes?

In other news, I have the first two issues of Avengers vs X-Men. I'll definitely review the entire series once I get the whole storyline. The story ends in September. So, we have quite some time before we actually get to that crossover. In the mean time, I'll review other things. I can't wait to go over Avengers VS X-Men. It's actually good. Then again, it's only two issues in at the time of this writing. Who knows what turns it'll take? Who knows what twists will take place? All I can say so far is...Damn, Cyke. You're a jerk!

See you next time!

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