Saturday, May 30, 2020

Starbolts #482: What is Ilibrata?


So, as it turns out the Chief was actually Sara from the future! Amazing, right? Actually, the hints were all there if you knew where to look. Remember how she was:

1. Friendly with Crystal before her time jump.
2. Was REALLY not looking forward to sending Mateo and Angelo into her sister's dark past.
3.  Her conversation with Norad in her own past almost gave it away.

Those hints and others peppered throughout the arc almost gave everything away didn't it? Well, at least we know Sara's fate in the future as well as the fate of Firaxil, Crystal and Angela. However, the Starbolts will be changing Angela's fate very, very soon. If this works.

What exactly is Ilibrata anyway? Well, it turns out it is a planet. Sam and I were thinking that the world is like a combination of DC's Oa and Marvel's Xandar. Both planets are the home of the Green Lantern Corps and the Nova Corps respectively. Both worlds yield the key to some serious cosmic power. I tried to make Ilibrata as funky as possible with rings around it and a cloudy atmosphere.

The sky on that world would be amazing. Everywhere you look, you'd see the rings. Would be a breathtaking sight. Will we visit this planet? Well, Nightstrike and Stan are going. So...yes. Yes, we are going. When? Soon!

See ya next time!

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